Orbital 1 Game Overview & Tips

Orbital 1 Apk game is a great strategy game for Android, similar to the MicroClash APK game. In Orbit 1 the player confronts other players from around the world. Victory depends on two things. Two Main Guard / Defenders of Captain / Companion, Victory immediately after killing the captain.

Orbital 1 Game Overview & Tips for Android

If both players fail to destroy the opponent’s claim or defender, the game will be tied and will have additional time. In this spare time, defenders play an important role. Destroy the defender and win. Orbital 1 game is an interstitution strategy game and gameplay is really good. The best strategy can easily defeat your opponent. This article covered everything about the game.

Game basic

As usual, Orbit 1 games will begin with a tutorial that will teach you about the basics of the game. How to play orbit 1, place units, upgrade, and provide couriers, cards and more. After the tutorial, the player must manually process all sorts of things. Upgrades, deck management, and more. In this game you select the best units (units, gadgets) in the battle, strategically deploy, protect and defend the captain and defender, and upgrade the unit’s power. Your goal is to destroy the opponent’s claims and defenders as fast as possible. Both players strategically place units on the battlefield to acquire trophies.

Card guide

There are several types of cards.

  • rare
  • common
  • epic
  • Legendary
  • gadget
  • air
  • building
  • floor

The attack style of each unit is different. Some units attack from a long distance and some units begin to attack as they get closer to enemy units.

How to open a new card?

To unlock a new card, obtain a trophy and jump to the next arena. Stadium 1 – 0 Trophy, Drot – 100+ trophies, OKU – More than 500, EIS – 900+, Chemba – 1300+, OXBY – 1700+, Keti – 2100, Champion – More than 3000. Win the battle to win the trophy! There are several ways to get a card. Get a challenge, open a courier or use real money. You need the same unit card to level up the unit. For example, a chaser card is required to upgrade a chaser unit.

Types of courier

Free – low quality rewards, Silver is better than free. Diamonds – silver is better. Glory – Better than diamonds. Mysterious – better than glorious. Epic – Better than mysterious. Myth – Best. Players receive free courier every 4 hours. Another way to get an envoy is to win a battle. Do not forget to wake them up. The process to follow in a race Orbital 1 game is as follows. Make the best deck. Use decks in Practice mode before you challenge and check the deck’s weaknesses. Unit / card upgrade, Completed Quest, Find the best deal.

Make the best deck

One of the important tasks in Orbital 1 Android game is to create powerful decks. Making a powerful deck. Identify information for all units, Compare to each other, Choose the best. Use the best combination. Includes all types of units. Attacks in air units, gadgets, distance / range, fast moving speed.

Do not go directly

After creating the best deck, it’s time to practice. Play in practice mode before attempting challenge mode. Playing in Practice mode will tell you the weakness of your deck. If it is wrong, make some changes and try again! How does it work? It is important to know about the unit. If you do not know about units, you can not use them strategically. Go to the deck section. Click on the unit and check its information and other properties. Is this device fast? loss? HP? etc! Both defenders defend the captain from the front and back.

You have to take care of both sides. Orbital 1 game you can place units on the front or back. Managing both sides is an important task. If the opponent attacks the front defender, place the unit face up and vice versa. First attack? It would be better if you waited for your opponent unit and placed your unit. Look at your card and wait for your opponent to return. For example, if your opponent places a ground unit, you can deploy an air unit or unit that is far away.

When you complete the quest, you can get a courier. Do not waste coins when upgrading unnecessary cards. Go to the store section, Scroll down, Card. If you have a good deal, get the card instead of gold coins. Upgrade your unit by upgrading the unit. Level Up increases the property of the Master and Companion / Defender [HP, damage]. This is Orbit 1 guide and some tips for beginners.