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OnePlus Launcher APK Download Latest Version

OnePlus Launcher APK download latest version Android is the vast majority of smartphone systems. Many vendors and manufacturers release their phones with different design and execution programs.

Download OnePlus Launcher APK latest version

OnePlus Launcher You can change the default launcher using the latest APK (110). It has the ability to modify wallpaper, icons and application arrays. This app is very light, so you can keep your device high. Developers can introduce launchers for smartphones into production. However, you may have another cell phone. You do not have to worry about changing your home screen with this app as long as your phone specs are compatible.

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About OnePlus Launcher APK file

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  • Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
  • Version: (110)
  • File size: 7.8 MB
  • Uploaded: January 9, 2018 2:59 GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 8.0+
  • MD5: 7a23c48b822b20eb22e9560aa81c2d4b
  • SHA1: 17666b2bfca1692d7b29dca621280361e5eac7f0

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Review OnePlus Launcher

Launcher is an app with the ability to customize your Home screen and overall appearance on Android. As you know, Android is open source and every vendor has the right to develop different launchers. You can see a phone call to someone else. App and other phone features are similar, although launchers or shapes look different. The launcher only has the ability to change its appearance, such as wallpaper, icon configuration, and some color modifications. The OnePlus Launcher APK for Android differs from other programs due to some properties. Reliability, speed, and customization capabilities. You can change the Home screen as desired. It offers intuitive editing options. When you are finished, double-check that your choice is appropriate and appropriate. Preview is also a feature that displays customizations before they are applied to the Home screen.

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This application also has a feature called Shelf. You can edit widgets such as notes, weather, and recent contacts. In general, you can access your contact history to find all the records related to your contacts or phone calls. In the Shelf, you can store your most recent contact information in a single box. Similar to other categories like recent apps. Do not open the app on a regular basis, but the most recent app will appear on your home screen via the shelf. One interesting feature is the icon. Standard and normal icons are displayed when using the basic launcher. In OnePlus, icons can be modified with some packs.

Advantages :

It’s simple, easy and light. More features. Disadvantages This app is not suitable for the latest version of Android.

How to use OnePlus Launcher App

This launcher automatically replaces older versions. To customize the appearance, hold down the screen until the Setup menu appears. You can choose the default or change the wallpaper in your own gallery. After selecting a picture or picture for your wallpaper, you can see the preview. Check back to see if the picture is good on your home screen. The setting is then completed. Use the icon pack to change the original icon to a more versatile design. If you do not have enough base packs, you can download OnePlus Launcher APK free and more packs. The icon changes automatically. As mentioned above, this application has a feature called shelf. Items, icons, and apps can be organized into the same category. The most common groups are Recent, Contacts, and Settings. Create your own categories and add apps related to this category. As always, you can customize the widget. Just tap and hold to add a new menu. This app is generally similar to other launchers, but it is lighter and more versatile.

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