Ocean Legend Game Guide & Tips

Ocean Legend Apk game is a new sea combat game for mobile devices from Oasis Games Limited. There are many activities to do in the game same as like Mobile Legends Game, such as trading, battle with enemies, full mission, increasing ship power, recruiting crew, exploring the ocean, and finding unknown ports.

Ocean Legend Game Guide & Tips for Android

This article covered everything about the game. Ocean Region guides, tips, strategies to play like a pro! As usual, the Ocean Legend game begins with a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game. It provides information on sea legends, combat, missions, trade, and more. If you have not taken the tutorial seriously, do not worry. Here I have added the basics of this game. The main task of this game is to gain profits. You bought things at the harbor and sold them to other expensive ports.

When you start the game, you can use it as an investment because there are a lot of silver coins. In Ocean Legend, investment is one of the major challenges. You can benefit from investing in certain ports (see Investment Guide below). Also, you should take care of your stomach; You can make more boats, improve boats, or convert boats (read the ship instructions below). The more you play, the more you can learn. Let’s start with Ocean Legend game guides, tricks, tips and strategies.

How to trade?

In Ocean Legend game, one of the major missions is the deal. Your goal is to buy goods at low prices and sell at a higher price in other areas. At the end of the tutorial, you can find yourself in the port. The main buildings of the harbor are as follows. Trade sites, pubs, shipyards, governor’s houses and churches. Tap a trading site. In the lower right corner, you have two options. Buy or sell. To purchase an item, tap the purchase option. Then select the item you want to purchase and confirm your order. Your vessel has a limited capacity to hold the goods / cargo.

Now, you have things. Returns to the Port screen. It’s time to sell things. First we have to get out of the harbor. How do I get out of the harbor in the Ocean Legend Android game ? Tap the docking surface, then tap the Explore button -> Explore. Now, you are in the sea at the harbor. It is time to visit the harbor. Tap the mini-map at the top right of the screen to see the port. Barcelona, Genoa and Bastia. Go to this port. To enter a port, tap the “tap to type port” message near the port. Then go to the trading site -> sell -> sell the goods at a higher price.

The base price for each item in the game is 100% (you can see the percentage on the transaction site when you buy the item). The commodity ration is renewed every 30 minutes. To increase your revenue, buy your items at a lower rate (100% / base price) and sell them to a higher rate (100% / base price).

How to create a new and upgraded way to crew

In this section you will learn about the ships of Ocean Legend game Apk you can build a ship, upgrade a ship, and you need to stay in a shipyard. Go to the harbor -> Tap on the shipyard side (on the left) -> Remake -> select ship on the right side; Japanese ships, Arabian ships, and Caribbean sailboats. If you have enough resources, you’ll see the “prominent” option. Tap it to buy a boat.

How do I use my new ship now? Return to the Port screen -> Top right -> Ship icon tab -> Head tab -> From the right you can see all the ships you have -> Select equipment and select ship -> Join -> Focus Set. That’s all. Sea Legend tips and tricks -> You need to level up to improve your ship’s statistics. You need a ship to level up. Complete mission, deal and combat to gain experience. Fit the spaceship wisely. Because the ship will only benefit you / flagship.


You can recruit a crew from the boat. You will receive a bonus if you name an effective slot. For example, if you assign Florez to a controller slot, the negotiation wave SFX and success rate will increase Ocean Legend game how to know the perfect slot? It’s simple. You can see proficient occupations right below the + icon on the bottom left of the screen – tap -> crew -> crew tab -> name. Assault captain, controller and so on. Press the Appointment option to select a slot. You can recruit new crews using silver coins.


You must also maintain ship condition. Consumables, crew and fatigue. The sailing time is determined by the supply status. The crew status determines the speed of the ship. A fatigue state is not good for your health or decides your weekly crew. How to keep? Look for boxes, medical kits, while exploring the ocean. Click on this floating item to collect it.

Sometimes he interacts with a man in trouble and rescues him to save material. To avoid fatigue or reduce fatigue, check out Port -> Pub -> Drink ->. Keep the fatigue state at zero. This status can be found near the spacecraft icon on the top left of the screen.

Investment in Ocean Legend Game

You need to invest in a port because you can benefit from investing in a port. Increases the precedence for a given port. Get commerce reputation. Unlock new items and receive one-time investment compensation. Harbor development. Please enter the port (please read the instructions on how to enter the port), go to the governor’s home -> port investment -> bottom right -> quantity -> confirm.

We recommend that you choose a particular port because there are a limited number of sea legend tricks and tips -> silver coins. If you invest in all ports; You will lose all the coins and it will hurt the deal. Please choose a popular port. Barcelona, Genoa, Cagliari.

Get a reputation and get a bonus

Use your reputation to activate bonuses such as durability, damage and reduction. This feature is unlocked after a certain level. It is called “nobility”. Your avatar (in the upper left corner) -> Go to the nobility -> All information is available. Defeat the pirates and robbers and earn the reputation of battle.

Look at the mini-map and navigate to an unknown port to enter the port and get an exploration reputation. In other words, discover the new port. Invest in the harbor to gain commerce fame.

Level up technology

As you progress the game, new skills will be released. You can use this technique to do more damage to enemy ships. Upgrade this skill to improve your stats and do more damage. Character Information -> Skill -> Level up with one click. Simply complete the mission, invest in the harbor, trade and make money. Level up and unlock new features, ships, items, and more. Ocean Legends Apk is a fantastic game.