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Nova Google Companion APK Download

Nova Google Companion APK download latest version 1.1 you may be wondering about something very special when compared to other types of launchers. A launcher with custom features that can be integrated with Google Now by default. Nova Launcher is known as a third-party launcher specifically designed for Android and is a great way to integrate with Google.

Download Nova Google Companion APK latest version

At this time, it will be impossible to do this. We have our own technology restriction that prohibits other Launchers from integrating with their systems in addition to its launcher. With Nova Google Companion, you can enjoy clear, crisp images without hassle.

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About Nova Google Companion file

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  • Developer: TeslaCoil Software
  • Version: 1.1 (2)
  • File size: 360 KB
  • Uploaded: October 9, 2017 12:30 PM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 6.0+
  • MD5: 90c8d0adf12df122ba99f309739154ec
  • SHA1: 9c285f06b3706b35b94ee226039c912ab376fc59

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Review Nova Google Companion

Latest Nova Google Companion APK download for Android allows you to download the APK and install it without installing it on your Android system. In the end, Nova Launcher is famous for its crisp, clear images. Not to mention the ability to like and control it anyway. Google Now integration adds strength and organized benefits. After the developers released their beta and updated versions, they released a secondary app claimed as an accompaniment (or support) app. You’ll need to install both on your Android device to make sure your app is perfect and working smoothly.

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Previously, you had to install the executable program at an in-system level, but we recommend that you remove these requirements. You must have at least the Android 5.0 operating system to work with the launcher. This allows the launcher to work well. Also, since the developer has fixed some bugs, there should be no further problems with integration and behavior.

Advantages :

The application is easy to use. The visuals are attractive and bright. It is super crisp and clean. The task is as easy as the launcher is integrated from the beginning. Disadvantages You must have a Beta 2 version with Nova Launcher 5.2. You need to install both apps together. Some users still follow the instructions for letters, but they still experience bugs and problems.

How to use Nova Google Companion App

You must download and install tNova Google Companion APK free. Once you go to the Nova settings, do not forget to select Google Now. This will activate the page. After that, you’ll need to go to your home screen, swipe left, and access Google Now. It is available and open to all Nova users, whether you are using the free or paid version. Note that Lollipop and above require a specific operating system, so remember that your app can work perfectly. Some users may need to double-install and the app will function normally. You can download it now to learn more about this application.

Change log

  1. Lollipop support
  2. Improved stability

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