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10 Top New Best Escape Games For Android

Good escape games for Android smartphones and tablets are absorbed but never bored! The best escape game on Android very popular and there are many game genres that smartphone and tablet users can enjoy.

Escape games may not be spring first in mind, but they are all rage, and many people find them fascinating and enjoyable. The general idea of ​​this game is to get out of the room very often and solve various puzzles in certain situations. These are usually first-person games that can be simple or more complex, and some have story lines, but they mainly focus on puzzle elements.

The escape game is exciting, exciting, challenging, thrilling and addictive, and if you have not tried it now, it will be a good time. There are many escaping gaming apps in the Google Play Store, but bad apps can take a lot of time to get rid of good apps.

We have chosen the best escape games on Android through many people, challenging wit and delighting downtime. Because some of these are disposable and others are escape games, download one or more and see what the bothering ones are.

1. The Room Series

Top New Best Escape Games For Android

Made by Fireproof Games, this room is a well-known trilogy of games and is an example of a crack in this genre that includes mystery, suspense and danger. The idea is easy to accept and puzzles are true brainteasers that will keep you up for hours. Amazing graphics add realism and gameplay is smooth and smooth.

We sincerely recommend The Room series, and we do not have to tell them. In the Google Play Store, these three games rank 4.8 or 4.9 out of 5, and millions of players can not be wrong. You can download The Room Series games here. Also see, The Room Two APK

2. SPOTLIGHT: Room Escape

Top New Best Escape Games For Android

This escape game is full of adventure. There is a conspiracy to lose sleep and sleep in an unknown room. You have to use logic to solve what happened, solve clues, find things, and get out of the room.

Intuitive game controls and stunning 3D graphics further enhance the game experience. This app can be downloaded for free, even if it’s available for in-app purchases. You can download SPOTLIGHT: Room Escape game here. You can also try Adventure Escape Allied Spies Game.

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Top New Best Escape Games For Android

Breaking out is a bit different. This time you have to escape from prison! This game provides a sandbox environment that is actually a burden on the brain while trying to do this in a number of ways including violating the rules, fighting, stealing, and making all parts of the plan. For example, you can think about starting a riot or escaping from prison.

However, in order to avoid the suspicions of the bodyguards, keep a false call of being a reformed friend, so make a roll call, hide the stolen artifacts, and make the prison work hard. A new prison escape, “Dct Tapes Forever,” features a villain trying to track down spies, and you can find yourself trapped.

he most recent update added another jail called “Santa’s Exploitation Factory”. Cool, retro graphics add to the appeal of the game, take shape and bid on freedom. You can download Demolisher game here.

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Top New Best Escape Games For Android

The challenge for this game is to avoid a huge marine liner ahead of an inevitable fate. You need to have all the wit about you and have a 50 room puzzle problem that can actually put you to the test, with a sly attitude to quickly avoid the Titanic. If you still need help, there is an integrated hint system that will help you with the game.

Although you can download the app for free, it’s important to be able to play the first chapter for free. Then you’ll need to upgrade to in-app purchases. You can download this game here.


Top New Best Escape Games For Android

We have included this escape game app for Android. This means that the download is free and you can enjoy the game for free without in-app purchases. It is a smart idea to meet, observe and analyze other historical events over time.

The game is easy to navigate, you can search for items and find answers to your puzzles to see what’s behind them. You can download ESCAPE TITANIC game here.

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Top New Best Escape Games For Android

This game has a very high rating on the Play Store, and you can figure out why after you find the grip. If Duncan Price wakes up in the bunker, he will not remember how he got there. Listening to her voice over the radio, she knows that she should be afraid of her safety as well as her safety and run away.

Everything in the Glitch game has really challenging puzzles and great soundtracks. Additional features include auto-save and in-game cameras, so you can record clues.

We hope that it has turned out to be really absorbed and that the next part will be available for too long. you can download ALL THAT REMAINS game here.


Top New Best Escape Games For Android

Based on Unreal Engine 3 technology, this dark, imaginative and fantastic set of games in Hellraid Universe adds to the overall appeal by offering incredible visual effects. The idea is that the wizard is in prison for your soul and the devil is guarding you. Of course, you need to escape, but you have to make the most of your brain, rather than use a weapon.

An exciting puzzle is really stimulating your thoughts, and action-adventure elements and great gameplay will sweep you into excitement. You can download HELLRAID: THE ESCAPE game here.

8. The Lost City

Top New Best Escape Games For Android

The lost city that grandmother told you … eventually it turned out to be true. The city in question is located in a misty rainforest with beautiful scenery, and awakens the power of a long sleep. This legendary city does not appear on any maps, but you find that your grandmother is as good as the crafts you have given to you. The game looks deluxe and you can enjoy the original soundtrack while dealing with puzzles and collecting various items.

Features include integrated hint guides and walkthroughs, a dynamic map that tracks your current location and other locations you’ve visited, and a journal that records clues you encounter. You can download The Lost City game here.

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9. The Cube Escape Series – 9 Titles

Top New Best Escape Games For Android

In this article, developed by Rusty Lake, there are nine games in this series. You can download it all for free and enjoy the game, so you do not need your favorite graphics, but there are many things you can enjoy in each game. The nine titles are Cube Escape – Seasons, The Cave, Theater, Case 23, Birthday, The Lake, Arles, The Mill and Harvey’s Box.

As you might expect, mysterious games involve talking and completing escape quests. If you enjoy the Cube Escape series and want more at Rusty Lake, there are two paid apps available at Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots. You can download The Cube Escape Series here.

10. World’s Hardest Escape game

Top New Best Escape Games For Android

I do not know if this is the world’s most difficult escape, but it’s a lot of fun. But I think it’s challenging enough for you to think hard, and the puzzles look good. It is not that difficult, and it is somewhat complicated. There are 20 locations to explore and 10 hours of gameplay.

Although it does not sound loud, this game is completely free to download and play. Completing the last tricky level was very satisfying. We will think the same thing once you have it. You can download World’s Hardest Escape game here.



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