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NASCAR Rush APK Guide for Android

Most licensed games were designed primarily for hardcore gamers, and 704games, released a pair based on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series, NASCAR Heat Mobile and NASCAR Manager. But NASCAR Rush Apk waiting for one of the casual gamers who do not need or are overwhelmed by more complex and intense mobile game services based on real sports leagues (and even car racing).

NASCAR Rush APK Guide & Cheats 8 Advanced Tips & Tricks

You can test your skill against the game’s AI by racing with Endless mode or Missions or by comparing it with other real human players in the live event. The choice is yours and you can get a lot of prizes in this game! As mentioned earlier, this game is more focused on arcade excitement than the immersive simulation of the current NASCAR season and future NASCAR season. So, do not expect too much finesse when decorating the 704 game sleeve with this new title.

However, given that we spent a lot of time on the game’s beginner’s tips, I admit that depth was underestimated through the NASCAR Rush Apk strategy guide for intermediate to advanced players. Need tips on how to win Endless Races or tips on how to get your cards? We have an urgent need for them.

1. Card collection overview

Contrary to what you might have thought of as a beginner, the cards you collect in the game will not allow you to race with any driver other than the card you selected as your avatar. We have explained that NASCAR Rush’s driver choice will be irrelevant at the end of the day. Because your basic statistics will always be the same regardless of who you choose. So how can you improve your car and drive it for a long time? The answer to this is card collection, so we’ll start this guide by telling you everything you need to know about this important gaming mechanic.

First, there is a Paint scheme card that features the particular driver’s car and, if available, a driver card if available – if not available for smaller or lesser-known drivers, a white helmet and racing The suit appears as a generic driver. The difference between the two is that the driver card has more impact on the car’s performance. You will find that the four levels of automobiles are at a higher level. Fuel consumption, tire wear, top speed, may be body armor, or some or all to wear.

There are also sub-statistics for key statistics such as fuel refill rate, tire change rate, body repair rate, and lane change rate. Paint plan card packs can be purchased in cash at NASCAR Rush Apk store, but you have to pay a lot of gold (about 200 or more) to buy the driver pack. As discussed above, you can earn at least one card per prize box by completing the mission. You can also get a new card while playing Endless Race mode or play a card game covered in this guide.

The cards you collect will make your car better. For example, let’s look at Jimmie Johnson’s driver card. The lane change speed is 3, the tire change speed is 6, and the fuel tank capacity is 3. However, you will need 13 cards – rarely, the higher the driver or floor, the more pieces you need to unlock, and when you buy a pack or acquire a card, it is often not a simple piece or an entire card. Jimmie Johnson Four fragments are provided to unlock the card.

Fragments are used to upgrade statistics on your avatar card, and when you receive an entire card from a card that has already been completely unlocked, it gets a piece instead of a replica. That’s all about the cards we collect mechanics in the game, but NASCAR Rush’s cards are used to improve the car and do not give you a chance to ride in someone else’s car. statistics!

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2. Competition in endless race mode

While NASCAR Rush Apk mission to concentrate most of the time, you can also join the endless race mode, which, as the name implies, is theoretically endless race, as far as possible. However, this is not the same as the mission mode. Once the fuel is exhausted, the tire is completely exhausted or the car is damaged to the maximum, the race is over and a second chance will not be given to continue running! Cash is a major reward, but you can also get fuel, card game tokens and special event tickets. You may end up with a card or a piece of card!

Getting more interesting rewards depends on you being able to ask endless questions. For example, you may be asked to race for 5,000 yards, 6,000 yards, 7,000 yards, and so on. As you get closer to your goals, blocking traffic can be very difficult, as if it seems difficult. This menu also allows you to unlock a new track by paying cash. This track must be at a certain point in the player’s level and can be unlocked by paying the gold medal before raising the level. We strongly recommend that you buy a new card pack because it is best used.

You also have five fires in an endless race. In fact, when you hit the track you are separated from the gas in your car tank – this refill can be done automatically or you can win the card game. However, once the fuel is exhausted, you must wait for supplies to be replenished before you compete again in this game mode.

3. Other tips of NASCAR Rush Apk

Endless races and missions are very similar to how races work, but we have mentioned above that there are two important differences. If there is no end, you can race forever (without stopping at the end of the race) theoretically.When you hit a tire before it crashes, drops fuel, or goes to the pit, it ends without a second chance. In other words, we will look at some guidelines for winning in this game mode and complete the tasks requested per track.

The Endless mission is based on running all the way up to what we have seen without collision, gas dropping or tires. If you reach 4,000 to 5,000 yards, you can get into the pit first, so if your goal is over 7,000 yards, it’s a good idea to poke the fastest chance. Be as careful as possible before you make a hole. Be careful not to lengthen or hit the car because you want to change tires and refuel the gas tank.

Do not give much focus to repairing a damaged car. Unless the hit point of the car drops below 25%. Tires and fuel to participate in the race. NASCAR Rush Apk so there are two things that you need to be most interested in. It is important not to damage the car as much as possible before heading to the pit, but you must be prepared for heavy traffic when moving closer to the target. Because you are very close to the required number of yards, there may be a stack of vehicles ready to meet you.

The yellow arrow should then remain cool before hitting the other vehicle. But after that you should not have a home, and when you travel, the extra street (and money you win) will be decorated on the cake. In most cases, you will receive various rewards to achieve various goals.

You can get cash, tokens, tickets, etc. through endless driving if you have no end but without end, but if you are more likely to hit other cars, you should not risk these calls / resources! Chances are you do not have to chase them off while avoiding health loss because you will organically jump into them.

4. Collect your deposit and upgrade your trailer

At first I was a bit hesitant before clicking on the Trailer tab in the main menu. The reason is that in our stupidity “trailer” refers to the teaser clip of the game. You can actually collect your offline earnings every few hours by referring to your product trailer. You may need to upgrade each time you upgrade because it can be an unexpected source of revenue. NASCAR Rush Apk it’s not so often because upgrades are getting more expensive, and it’s worth noting that it’s just a type of game. One or two times a day.

5. Playing cards

When you compete in Endless Races, you get a token that you can use to play cards. Generally, if there is a chance to play for free, then one token is consumed for each subsequent game. It is very simple. Choose one of the four cards to receive the prize money. Each of the four cards is slightly twisted in the form of a “game over” card that ends the game. I am deprived of all prize money. In other words, the goal is to collect as much cash as possible, and it can be a piece of cash, gold, fuel, or card / card, and you can receive it in a timely manner before it ends with a game over card. Lose everything.

This may be an accidental game, but the best strategy here is to close and collect the items when you reach the fourth or fifth round. You can finish a little earlier if you end up with something more rarer such as a fuel unit or card / card fragments, but the last thing you want is to fold after you get your first prize. Many times you accidentally see a message asking if you would like to receive your prize or worse and end up with a greedy game over card in the late round).

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6. Do you really need to buy gold for real money?

Given the cost of the Driver Card Pack, winning a gold medal at NASCAR Rush can be quite challenging. However, the cost of gold in stores is very cheap. I will consider everything. You get 200 units of “Small Toolbox of Gold” for $ 1.99, and you can also remove ads from NASCAR Rush Apk you can get 500 units of “Red Toolbox of Gold” by paying $ 4.99 or the equivalent in the region, and if you pay $ 9.99 or its equivalent, you get 80 gold Or earn 2,400 units in a month! There are more expensive packages available, but if you want to get the best value from the hard earned money, you should shoot with a monthly subscription.

7. Completion of activities and achievements

The Activity tab can be smaller than most others, but it’s also a good way to get in-game calls after completing three limited tasks. For example, request refueling, repair a tire, repair a car at a certain rate, or drive a certain number of yards. It’s basically what you can do in the race process, this time considering Missions and Endless Races. Continue creating the activity for more calls and click on the tab first. Then you know exactly what to do!

This is also somewhat hidden, but if you click on the trophy icon near the top right of the screen, you will be able to access the achievements that you can play, such as performing near the place. Number of tracks, driving a certain number of miles, and unlocking all drivers at a certain level. You can earn a gold medal to complete each achievement, and although not many, accomplishing more in NASCAR Rush Apk will surely add up over time.

8. Participate in special live events

Finally, the Live Events tab is at the bottom right and you can compete with the actual players and receive special rewards that can be done well in the event. There are no ongoing live events, but you must have a ticket that you can win in Endless mode or a ticket at a gold store to participate in one event. Live events are always in sync with the actual Monster Energy NASCAR race weekend, so use your tickets within a certain period!

I do not want to miss rare things because I did not know the actual NASCAR schedule. A simple Internet search should provide all the necessary information. Events that will be announced in the game but coming soon.