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My Talking Tom 2 Apk Download

Your new best friend is here! Play with Talking Tom, in a great new game and take your life’s adventure! As before, you can adopt a baby Tom and take care of it as a virtual pet to help you grow up happily and healthily. But now there are new mini games, new foods, new clothes and new furniture. And that’s not all! My Talking Tom 2 Apk has fun to play now more than ever. Now you can pick him up and move him, turn him, drop him, throw him away, put it in the bathroom, in the bathroom, on the bed, and on his plane.

Latest version of My Talking Tom 2 Apk for Android

Wait … did we just say that plane? Yes, Tom now owns an airplane and can move the plane to an exciting new world. You’ll find amazing new items to decorate and decorate, as well as new and cool pets.

What? Tom has his own PETS !?

Yes! Tom’s pet is almost as cute and fun as he did. When Tom and his pets interact with each other, they can interact with or smile with their pets. There are 5 pets to unlock. Can you find them all?

Oh, did we mention all the toys yet?

Tom now has a nice toy box like swing, basketball, trampoline, punch bag, and they all want to play together. You may not get too hard or get a small booby …

What is BOOBOO?

Well, Tom needs more care than before. Sometimes he gets a little sick or hurt. Oh, when this poor little guy gets a hiccup or a runny nose, he needs your help to get better. Fortunately, his bathroom has a chamber full of quick and easy treatments! Finally, mini-game fans have loads to choose from, from action games to puzzle games. And for the first time Tom offers a multiplayer mini-game! Can you beat your friends in Space Trails? My Talking Tom 2 Apk a free, family-friendly fun. Download now and join millions of fans around the world!

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