Mr Juggler APK Tips & Strategies Guide

While Mr Juggler APK can often be associated with clowns, it is certainly not a joke. Focus and lightning fast reflections are required. Mr Juggler is Digital Melody’s new simulator game same as like Jurassic Survival APK, this game you can applies juggling ability to testing. This game allows you to juggle anything from knives to balls and everything in between.

Mr Juggler APK Tips & Strategies Guide for Android

You can also collect more than 25 characters including Viking, Punk Girl, and Circus Ring Master! Funny looks can not fool you. This game juggles at a fast rate of 20 levels. When you think you mastered, you will face 20 levels of extreme difficulty! Even developers can admit that extreme levels can hardly be won. Good strategy and lots of good luck. We can not do anything about good luck, but editing Juggler’s tricks, tips, and tricks can help you pass all levels and improve your score! You can earn points in this game. When you start Mr. Juggler, there is only one ball to juggle at the previous level.

This will be a perfect opportunity to master your earning points. Every time you hit the ball just before you hit the circle, or whenever you get the point you are juggling, you’ll score. This allows your hand to grab it and send it back to the air. Continue the Mr Juggler APK until you complete the level. The timing can be challenging at first, so practice early until you are sure of the eavesdropping. Do not move until you are accustomed to the current number because you need to juggle more items as you progress through the levels. Otherwise, things will be much harder for you and more frustrating.

1. Do not confuse speed

When you start juggling multiple items, you may occasionally appear to move at different speeds. Do not let their movement distract you. Everything that juggles always moves at the same speed. In other words, you do not have to worry about one ball suddenly reaching your circle before you are ready. Even if the speed of an item changes, it changes all at the same time. The most difficult thing here is the number of times you need to tap. Speed only makes you mistake.

2. To collect more stars, the method is as follows

If you play through levels, you can earn stars, but if you want to get quickly, you might want to provide ads. Go to the Star Store and tap the star button. You will receive 20 stars after watching a short video ad. You can do this repeatedly until there are not enough videos to watch. When you do this, make sure that you are connected to the Internet so that the game can access ads on the server.

3. Watch the star in the Mr Juggler APK

There are occasions when you visit a free star shop, except for ads that are always available in stores. Star chests generally contain about 60 stars, so if you’re lucky, try it out. But before you get too excited, please agree to watch other ads first. This can double the number of stars in your chest. It is a whopping 120 stars in one heart!

4. Unlock the new character

There are lots of stars in your pocket so you can shop. Star stores sell 100 stars at random. Mr Juggler APK follows the Gacha system and never knows which one to get. All characters play the same way and have no effect on the game itself. It’s just a way to keep things interesting, so unlock everything or bookmark it.


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