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Monument Valley APK Free Download

Monument Valley APK free download

In Monument Valley Game, you manipulate impossible buildings and guide the princess of silence through an incredibly beautiful world. Monument Valley is a surreal exploration of fantastic architecture and impossible geometry. Guide a quiet princess through a mysterious monument, find hidden paths, spread the illusion, and surpass crowd-crowed people.

Now AIDA’s dream is possible. Forgotten Coast: 8 new adventures and fantasy chapters currently available as an extra purchase. It is one of the best times, the value of such things is immeasurable.

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Nice design … I stayed with me like a dream I did not want to forget … 9/10″ – Polygon Monument Valley faints with serenity … each screen is a work of art Huffington Post. Almost surely brilliant … feast for your senses … 5/5″ – Touch Arcade beautiful Minimalist 3D designs from all over the world, optical illusion and all monuments inspired by palaces and temples are a world of unique, hand-crafted exploration.

Twist and drag to rebuild the world and allow AIDA to explore. It is designed to be easy for everyone to enjoy. Sound audio responds to manipulations around the world to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape. I experienced headphones the best. Sync your games on all your devices.

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