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Monster Legends APK Download Latest Version 6.2

Monster Legends APK download latest version 6.2 another great RPG game is Monster Legends latest APK 6.2 (1802151445). As the name suggests, the game will match the monster characters and will make you interesting in the game.

Download Monster Legends APK latest version

When you play this game, you can fight the ultimate combatants. Fighting will help you build your ability to fight and make you a leader in the game. This game is also interesting as a challenging strategy to do. Enhance your strategy to master unique skills and win in all battles!

Monster Legends APK file information

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  • Developer: Social Point
  • Version: 6.2 (1802151445)
  • File size: 76.7 MB
  • Uploaded: February 20, 2018 8:58 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: b5e1bf9a8fdecb4f45fe1b71e1061e6b
  • SHA1: 4671606f017dcdae3e9d399b09169c97e127bb27

Monster Legends APK reviews

This game is very popular with Android users. Over 60 million players around the world play! Besides, the game is also good as a kind of feature. Below is a cool game feature. The first interesting feature of the game is breeding and collecting. The first feature can collect more than 400 monsters. Of course, all monsters will have big and different features. New monsters are added to the game every week! Then you can breed monsters from other elements to get new monsters with cool elements. On the other hand, there are legendary battle monsters. As its name implies, you will be able to collect those amazing monsters in limited events. Special monsters can also be used to combat special events consisting of dangerous packets and unknown monsters. Monster Legends APK for android in the fighting arena, you can also lead to victory by collecting treasures and rewards. Why is it so exciting to use RPG fighting games strategically in the game? If you use a detailed strategy, you can raise the monster’s level, so it gets stronger every day. On the other hand, you can combine attackers, tanks, and others together to set up a monster team as a new strategy. Then there is a multiplayer battle to boost your combat skills!

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Advantages :

Great mode and technology 3D animation and the best graphics Completion of special characters to face Best sound and items Disadvantages Large internal memory required for download Find the best deals using real money.

How to play Monster Legends APK

In order to become a great player you need to know the most useful tips in the game as well. The first tip that you need to pay more attention to is knowing that your monster and enemy elements have been merged. For example, thunder elements are stronger than water and weaker than Earth. On the other hand, it is also important to form the team correctly. Create a good team and a good team. Do not click the fight button until you are certain your team is capable.

Change log

  1. New Daily Goal: A list of missions to complete each day is provided. Daily goals help the game progress and
  2. provide incredible rewards!
  3. You want it, and you have it: from now on you can use another multiplayer defense team’s monster as a
  4. different combat mode!
  5. Since Elementium is a valuable product, a confirmation popup is displayed before consumption.
  6. This version includes New Year’s improvements and good wishes of Monster Legends Factory!

Older Versions of Monster Legends APK

Monster Legends 6.1.6 (1802121514) Old APK
updated: february 20, 2018
Monster Legends 6.1.5 (1802061257) Old APK
updated: february 14, 2018
Monster Legends 6.1.4 (1801301653) Old APK
updated: february 9, 2018
Monster Legends 6.1.3 (1801231226) Old APK
updated: february 1, 2018

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