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Monster Energy Supercross APK Tips & Tricks

If you are a fan of stunts, racing and pure adrenaline, Monster Energy Supercross Apk for you. With this game available on Android. You can realize the dream of being a super cross star in the middle of the official championship same as like MotoGP Racing 17 Championship Apk, the game has full control over the driver during the race, it does an excellent job of recreating the experience.

Monster Energy Supercross APK Tips & Tricks

If you want to be successful, you need to learn jump, solid curve, acceleration and release. There are several modes to choose from. First, polish your skills in four different race types in single player career mode. If you are confident enough about the technology, you can start challenging other players around the world in multiplayer mode. But the real test of technology is a real-time tournament that takes place during the championship weekend. Do not forget to check Monster Energy Supercross Apk cheats, tips and tricks to ensure victory!

1. Master landing

It is children’s play to jump in the air and do tricks. The real supercross champion knows that that is about that perfect exit. If you land, it may not run at all. The secret to the success of this game is mastering the perfect landing after the jump and turn. Once you master this skill, you can progress faster. Please watch the rear wheel of the bicycle. You have to move at the exact moment when the rear wheel stays in line. This ensures a perfect evaluation for you.

2. Using boost continuously

With Monster Energy Supercross, you can use Boost to boost speed. You must perform a trick to charge the boost. In other words, using cards well can help you a lot. The trick is to keep the boost button pressed while you are there. Running the trick automatically starts the trick. Release the boost button when landing, then immediately press again when it is stable. The goal is to continue using Boost as much as you can to widen the gap between you and the other racers.

3. Unlock your new bike in Monster Energy Supercross Apk

You can buy a new bike at the in-game store. If you are looking for a particular bike, you should use real money. If you do not miss the opportunity with the Gacha system, you can open your new bike in game currency. There are many kinds of wooden boxes that you can buy. The 250SX box gives you the opportunity to unlock the 250SX bike for Pro Riders. The 450SX box, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to get a 450SX bike for pro riders. Check out other available bikes and try your luck in the boxes you want.

4. Prohibition of multiplayer penalties

When playing in a multiplayer game, it is a double-edged sword. You stand to win many coins, but you can easily lose the same amount. So it’s a good idea to leave a lot of practice time when you leave your novice. Wait until you master the boost and landing perfectly. You also need to invest in a good deal on upgrading so your opponent does not fall behind because you have a better ride.

5. Getting upgrade points

The upgrade of this game works a little differently. To get started, you can upgrade different parts of your bike individually. Leveling the engine, exhaust, and suspension improves speed, acceleration, and grip. However, when the maximum is reached, the bike must be leveled. To do so, you need an upgrade point. Since you can not buy coins, you must purchase Monster Energy Supercross Apk in multiplayer races. Stay true to beginner racing as it is the easiest way to collect points.