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MoBu 2 Race with Friends Apk Tips & Tricks

Even jungle animals know how to make fun! MoBu 2 Race with Friends Apk a successor to Panteon, one of the most original games on Android and the iOS platform same as like Need for Speed Shift APK, if you are not familiar with this series, you are a lazy ape named MoBu. He originally received the magic power to reach out in the game, and he used it to help all the bananas that could catch his hand.

MoBu 2 Race with Friends Apk Tips & Tricks for Android

This time you will compete with your friends. The game returns to compete with other apes to win. There are five environments that can compete, and each environment has obstacles to prevent swing. Do not worry, you can always check out MoBu 2 race with friends tips, tricks and tricks to win more races!

1. Adventure Mode Exercise

This game has two modes: Adventure and Arena. As you can probably guess, Adventure is the game’s single-player mode. Here you can play through the process and get bananas without consuming bananas. Earn stars to complete each course, including the three highest stars possible. Complete each step as soon as possible to get more stars. Practicing in adventure mode will help you master the mechanics of the game before confronting other players in the game. Once you get comfortable with three stars at each level, you can try out the PVP mode.

2. Survival obstacle in the arena

The stadium can be a little tricky because the other player throws things at you, Mario Kart style. You must be careful to be able to survive whatever they use to you. If you see the bats heading towards you, you can swipe them quickly to swing them. Otherwise, you should tap as soon as possible MoBu 2 Race with Friends Apk you can grab a tree by cutting a line. If you start a double vision, focus on the opaque image because it is a real person. Other images simply confuse you.

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3. How to keep moving

Make a habit of using quick tabs while swiping up when the monkey moves. This will help keep you in control at a consistent rate as you progress through the race. Longer wiretaps allow you to move forward faster, but are actually more dangerous. When a bat or stalactite pops out, a quick tap and swipe up will give you enough time to react. A big swing means you can not change your position before hitting an obstacle.

4. Go up the league in MoBu 2 Race with Friends Apk

Level Up is the only way to access the upper league in MoBu 2 – Race with your friends. Beginning leagues are unlocked at level 8. Pro leagues are unlocked at level 15. Level up gives you access to legendary and fantastic leagues. In order to level up, you must continue winning in adventure mode or in arena mode. Higher leagues are much harder than starting leagues, but they offer better awards. To get some serious bananas, keep an eye on the top leagues.

5. Hold your crystal

If you are familiar with mobile game premium calling systems, you probably know that you should not waste this money. MoBu 2 – To compete with your friends, the premium currency is called Crystals. Because they are very hard to come by without spending real money, you should consider living with them. They are mainly used to unlock clothes.

Choose the clothes you really like because it takes some time to make enough crystal for your clothes. Crystals can also be used to buy more bananas. Bananas are very short. Otherwise, you can save for costume. If you are looking for free Crystals, you can easily import 50 Crystals by linking your Facebook account.