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MMX Hill Dash 2 APK Tips & Strategy Guide

Racing on a closed track may take a while longer. When it comes to pure thrills and technology, nothing surpasses the gambling monster truck race MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk the sequel to the hit racing game Hutch Games created for Android and iOS devices same as like Uphill Rush Racing Apk,this time you can expect bigger trucks and all rough terrain tracks.

MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk Tips & Strategy Guide for Android

Test your skills in tropical, canyon and polar orbits. As for off-road racing, other racers are the least of your worries. You must focus on overcoming dozens of obstacles, including hazards, climbing, jumps, loops, bridges, and ramps. Do not forget to upgrade your truck. You can get the best players in the world. Do I need to climb the leaderboard? Check out our MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips and strategy guides if you want to make it to the top!

1. Maintenance of truck control

One of the biggest challenges facing MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk in control. Rugged terrain, jumps and changing slopes make it difficult to keep the truck stable. It’s not just about speed. If you concentrate too much on going faster, you will get a car crash before you get to the finish line. To maintain control of your vehicle, you must master some tricks. One of them knows when to accelerate and decelerate. Try alternating gas and brakes to keep your truck balanced when flying off the ramp. This will allow a smoother landing.

After landing on a hill, you must release the gas. If you continue accelerating, it will end too soon on the way down. Just wait for gravity to do the job and reach the flat part of the orbit before you hit the gas again. If it’s still too fast, beat the brakes to regain control of the truck. You can use the flat parts of the track to create momentum, so you can easily climb the next uphill slope.

2. Vehicle upgrade

Although technology plays an important role in your success, having a truck that is easy to drive will not hurt. There are a few upgrades you can use to improve your truck. Truck speed, grip, stability and sand tires can be upgraded. The upgrade speed will make the trucks faster, of course. This allows you to climb uphill and jump easily. Maximum speed and acceleration also increase. Stability ensures that the vehicle will not be shaken too much, regardless of terrain. Grips prevent the truck from slipping. Sand tires, on the other hand, help keep you from muddy terrain.

To determine which statistics to upgrade first, always specify a speed priority. After that, stability, grip and sand tires can be upgraded in this order. Do not forget that you can bring your truck to the next floor with Prestige Currency. To do this MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk first upgrade your truck to the maximum possible stats for the current stage. As you move your truck to the next level, you will be able to upgrade more and more powerful than ever.

3. Unlock the new vehicle

MMX Hill Dash 2 game starts with Micro, a reliable starter. The rest of the trucks are Monster, Supercar, Quad Bike, Amphibian, and Tank. Of course, you’ll want to get a better truck as soon as possible. It will not be easy though. Locking a new truck in this game is not as simple as grinding if you buy what you can afford. The game requires you to prove that you are worthy of the next truck. To unlock a new car, you must meet certain levels within a certain time.

That’s why you need to make sure your micro is upgraded properly. A good truck is needed to win the record needed to unlock the remaining trucks. The other way to unlock new trucks is wearing mad volumes of premium calls on them. But where’s the fun in it?

4. How to get a new track in MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk

While dealing with the topic of unlocking, there are 35 tracks that can be unlocked in the game. Some of them can be easily obtained. To open the next track, just complete the previous one. However, certain time requirements must be met. If you want to know what time you need to win, tap on one of the locked levels to let you know. In addition to having fully upgraded trucks, the key elements that meet the track’s time requirements are mastered. To master a track, you must play it repeatedly.

This will help you memorize all the twists, turns, and jumps the track has to offer. It is much easier to complete after you have anticipated and learned the dangerous parts of the track. As an added bonus, you also get upgrade tokens in the course.

5. Customization is long

Finally, with MMX Hill Dash 2, you can customize your vehicle and have the advantage of doing so. Before entering the arena, check the various parts that can be attached to the truck. You can get higher stadium scores by attaching parts with multipliers to passenger cars. The better part is that you can purchase these parts with Workshop Spanners. No luck. MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk you can also get some of the wine from Highway to Wealth.

That’s not all. If you feel like mixing and matching, you are for treatment. The game has bonus features that you need to match your truck to a matching part. For example, if you paint a truck’s body with a specific color, you can paint the Rim and Topper the same way to activate Set Bonus.

6. Catch it  for free

In this game there are several ways to get free items, including advanced currency like jewelry. One of the easiest ways is to use pop-up ads that appear when the race begins. Be careful because it appears on the right side of the screen. You can also get 500 gems to connect your Facebook account to the game. When you are in the car customization menu, you will receive an ad offer that offers a random free upgrade. If a crash occurs after clearing checkpoints, the same ad coupon will be displayed. Use them all.

7. Take the well way expressway

How can you refuse that name? Highway to Boo is an unlocked lucky draw mini game after you complete the first two stages in MMX Hill Dash 2 Apk when you play, you can get a reward card by sending it in a lucky way. You can get a super jackpot by going 30 miles on a lucky road. When you receive the card, you will receive four unknown awards. If you choose one, the item will be released. Remember there is a bomb card.

If you accidentally choose one of them, you will lose everything you got to that point. Once you receive the actual product, you can continue driving. The prize money obtained through the lottery can be freely submitted. At least try to get at least three items before giving up.