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MEGA Money Slots APK Download Free

MEGA Money Slots APK download free

MEGA Money Slots APK plugs in a huge Las Vegas casino theme slot machine from mobile entertainment! Get unlimited free coins and Mega Jackpots to earn as much money as you can with features like bank vault bonuses, coin showers and bling! Bling! A cash bonus mini-game for collecting virtual bonus items.

Playing many progressive skill levels on this machine will allow you to progress your HUGE Max wager up to $ 5000, plus fantastic prize bonuses and new features. Includes additional features such as spins on luxury helicopters, luxury private jet ride cash bonuses, 2x payout reels, lucky lines, super lines, multi-free spins and huge cash payments.

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Do you want to open Casino Bank Vault Door and unlock the last 6 reels to win the huge progressive mega-money jackpot wealth? Good luck The casino is waiting for you – the game is here! Improved unique slot gameplay and features. $ 5000 starting credit. Multiple payout lines. Bonus mini-games. Free spin bonus. $ 10000 cash bonus. Multiple stages of progressive gameplay.

2x Charmed payout reels feature. Unlockable sixth extra play reel. Two super pay lines, each paying twice the prize. The Lucky Line feature pays 5 times the prize money. Mega 5 and 6 reel jackpot! Wild symbols. Cumulative free spin function. Mini Gambling Cash Bonus. Variable bets. line. The maximum betting price has been increased from $ 500 to $ 5,000! Automatic spin button.

Help and payable screen. Continue / Resume game options. Best high-credit and permanent credit and machine status. Excellent quality theme graphics and realistic sound effects. You can not get only casino slots with real money. Play anywhere!

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