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MEB E OKUL VBS APK download latest version 2.2 the Ministry of Education of Turkey announces the official application of E Okul latest APK 2.2 (12). Since the announcement by the Ministry of Education, we can expect to be related to the Turkish education system.

Download MEB E OKUL VBS APK latest version

This application is designed specifically for parents to monitor their child’s progress. In the app, parents can see if their child is attending classes. Most importantly, your child’s grade in all school subjects will also be upgraded from the application. This application allows parents to track their children in school.

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About MEB E OKUL VBS file

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  • Developer: T.C. Ministry of National Education
  • Version: 2.2 (12)
  • File size: 3.3 MB
  • Uploaded: August 7, 2017 10:31 GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.0+
  • MD5: d37ba71956b90c01a20db0c97b35798e
  • SHA1: 6234cabb302916aa5529a3446dabd08c4ac38467

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The developer of this application knows that there may be a problem with the parent when manipulating the application. Therefore, the application is designed with a simple user interface. This user interface allows parents to easily distinguish between menus in their applications. Each menu offers different types of services. The menus available in this application include attendance information, test scores, school bulletins, and books borrowed by children in the school library. In addition to a simple user interface, this application comes with easy operation. Most parents who already use the application state that the application provides all information their child needs to know at school. The application is also encrypted.

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This means that parents can handle their children. Parents have a user name and password to verify their child’s achievements. If the parent has two children, the username and password are also divided into two accounts. Therefore, accounts are based on students instead of parents. The only drawback to this application is related to the small font size. Some parents may have difficulty seeing small font sizes. MEB E OKUL VBS APK therefore, the words of this application may be inconspicuous. The proposed color scheme is too soft. The white background used in the application is light blue. By contrast, the color schemes are designed a little easier for parents to read. The advantages and disadvantages of this product are as follows.

Advantages :

Simple user interface Easy operation  Disadvantages Small font.

How to use MEB E OKUL VBS App

E School for Android is relatively easy to operate. First, you need to know your child’s username and password. As mentioned earlier, if you have more than one child, you may need more than one account. Your username and password can be obtained from the school. After that, you still need to download the application. If you have a user name and password, you can log in to the application. MEB E OKUL VBS APK will be directed to the student. The student must be your child. Tap on your child’s avatar icon to see more information about your school progress. Go to school grade to see grades for each subject. Click on the subject for which you want to see the grade. You should mention your child’s test scores and test scores.

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