Massive Warfare Aftermath APK Guide & Tips

Massive Warfare Aftermath APK attempts to differentiate players by providing one of the wooden vehicle classes same as like Clash of Clans APK, and MicroClash APK, each has its own positive and negative set. Instead of limiting yourself to just tanks or helicopters, you can choose tanks, helicopters and interestingly hovercrafts.

Massive Warfare Aftermath APK Guide & Tips for Android

We have not actually seen the hovercraft used by many other snipers and say we really like to include this amphibious vehicle. So Massive Warfare: Aftermath game can only launch multiplayer games without the option of providing the resources necessary to upgrade war machines before exploring in a single-player campaign or battle with others, providing the knowledge necessary to control other vehicles There is.. Some people can think of this as a disadvantage to the game. But Massive Warfare: Aftermath offers simple and explosive multiplayer.

This is because online games are focused on a single goal of creating a good online game. And it appears as soon as you start your first online match. In the near future, all three vehicle types are competitive and each vehicle type can overwhelm other players Massive Warfare Aftermath APK while each vehicle has a unique negative aspect, its advantage is that it is not as important as its negative aspect can be if you use the advantage to the maximum. For example, a tank can be an annoyance because of its modest speed.

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However, if you use it as a way of keeping your vehicle between mazes in a building, you can always try to avoid another player, lock your opponent and fire from a distance, and the tank may be a moderate murder machine, but it can be a fairly slow machine. As already mentioned, the game comes with a multiplayer game mode and is restricted to deathmatch (free) mode and special game modes that often appear until you join the alliance. This is interesting. Because each one has a special goal beyond killing others.

Piñata, for example, collects scattered gold across the current active Piñata branch, trying to kill other players at the same time and avoid destroying itself. This special event provides the game with the variety you need for this kind of bare bones multiplayer title. Now Massive Warfare Aftermath APK guide & tips there are about 6 maps in the aftermath and most of them look alike. However, there are two completely different battlefields that favor different tactics than most maps.

While most of the games attempt to maintain many buildings (most maps are designed as labyrinths of the city with lots of buildings, tunnels and narrow aisles), almost all buildings and their unfavorable maps. There is an open environmental war in which players are having a hard time hiding from others. Massive Warfare: Aftermath does not get a top-of-the-line rating, but because the visuals are not appealing, it looks cool enough not to skip the game and works well on test devices equipped with Snapdragon 835.

We have no stuttering and a low frame rate, which means it is one of the most important features in multiplayer games. It provides excellent frame rates and everything is as flexible as possible without freezing or poking. Now that we’ve talked about the game, explained the key features, and talked a little bit about the video, we’re going to share about a week of massive warfare: the tips and tricks we’ve played in the aftermath. It’s worth noting that this game is a classic free-to-play title.

You can stalk everywhere with a small transaction. But in our experience, at least in the leagues in which we are involved, there is no need to buy gold to remain competitive. Bronze, silver, and gold for the last few days. Massive Warfare: Find out how the aftermath and how you can take advantage of multiplayer battle pumping adrenaline. you can read more about Massive Warfare Aftermath APK tips, tricks, and Tricks in the complete strategy guide below.

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1. Exercise is the key

When we say this, we do not mean that you have to turn around the map as if your car is equipped with a twin-turbo engine with bricks on the gas pedal. We mean you should not be sitting there waiting for another player to destroy your vehicle. But sometimes there is the best way to sit and do it Massive Warfare Aftermath guide tips, Cheats & strategies to destroy your enemies let’s look elaborate. In a closed map (a building filled with many buildings), the best way is to hide and hide in the corridor, which is destroying the target and clutching for a few seconds.

Find healing power, move to it, and then find another target. But if someone targets you, running is the best strategy. It is a good idea to escape the maze of the building, especially when the other party is having trouble hitting you. Always be on the open map. In this map all the people and dogs are aware of you and move your cannon in your position, so when you slowly lean on your body, the duck turns. The best strategy, here is to shoot at the enemy while moving.

If you receive a critical hit twice, you will not be able to reveal it to anyone else because the debris will be left in place quickly Massive Warfare Aftermath APK it is quite difficult to avoid direct fire in Aftermath. No matter which goal scheme you choose, the goal is almost automatic. But there are a few things you can do to get away from the enemy. First, cut the corners. This means an attempt to make a sharp turn near the building and cut off the enemy and the field of vision. Next, grab the nearest cover and disconnect again.

The third strategy is somewhat illogical, but we have found that this can be very effective. Do not flee from the enemy, just step on the gas pedal and start moving forward, then move them away and rotate them 180 degrees to chase and shoot you. We are fast moving 180 degrees and aiming at the fleeing enemy is a very complicated operation because the controls are not accurate, so most players simply keep us from kicking it out.

2. Do not limit it to one type of vehicle

The aftermath is centered around multiplayer combat between three types of vehicles: tank, helicopter, and hovercraft. The tank is a powerful nation, characterized by a slightly stronger attack power, a more prominent armor, and a lower speed than the other two vehicle types Massive Warfare Aftermath APK they are good for players who do not want to think about strategy and defense, but who want to go head-on to enemies without focusing on how to avoid damage. Next, we have a helicopter. Helicopters have great advantages. This gives them the best mobility, but it is not the best thing about chopper.

The best thing about them is that they can be placed just above your opponent and this game is based on a different version of the automatic aiming system. Even the manual aim control system is locking the other party. This means that when you control the helicopter you can place your bird over a person who shoots you and stop you from hitting you. This also means that you can not shoot them, but at least you have a dominance, and the helicopter is the fastest of them all, so you can keep your opponent away from you and hitting you.

In addition to having a very strong defense, the helicopter is the fastest car grade and wears the weakest armor. As for the offensive power, they are placed under the tank and at the same level as the hovercraft. Finally, there is hovercraft. This amphibious vehicle is noticeably faster than the tank, but lacks the maximum speed compared to the chopper. Their armor is weaker than the tank, but slightly higher than the helicopter’s. And finally, when they attack power, they are in the middle of the crowd.

Their unique abilities are advantageous over tanks because they can cross water at full speed. They are the best vehicles in terms of overall package quality because they pack up a considerable maximum speed, are characterized by a powerful attack, and are not short on armor. When you start a game you have to choose one vehicle type, but do not limit yourself to that one vehicle type. Massive Warfare Aftermath APK there are two types of maps in Aftermath. The first type is a maze map with lots of buildings and no space. The tank is best suited for this map because the speed is secondarily important.

What really matters is attack power. Also, because they are wearing the highest armor, they can get out of sight because they can withstand the enemy’s pounding. The second map type now consists of a map with a large space where the helicopter and hovercraft are a better choice than the tank. Tanks can actually be strong and beaten, but if placed on this open map, they will simply escape the enemy at a modest pace and will simply become a duck. So, get the main vehicle for free. But get a second vehicle.

At least get a tank, a helicopter and a hovercraft. Make the most effective choices at least for both types of maps during the initial game. As you know, starting cars are only 15 gold each, so you have enough resources to get two types of vehicles. And you have to choose a second (or even hell, even all the wood) boot vehicles. Because when you approach a more expensive luxury vehicle, you have to start all before reaching the second rank.

You have to try everything (because you do not want to buy gold for real money) because the starting vehicle is relatively cheap, but the secondary car is noticeably more expensive, so you can not get two cars Massive Warfare Aftermath APK you should have your favorite class before you get on the second floor.

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3. Do not spend too much money

Do not spend too much money to save money and upgrade your departure vehicle. Even if you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in two upgrades, you can still dominate the starting league (bronze) of the game and receive next-league tickets with a lot of skilled players. A few upgrades to cannons and armor will be fast enough to qualify for the Silver League, as one of the first three places is enough to guarantee a final. The money you save will be spent on upgrading your chosen two-stage car. Because a better machine is quite expensive and will have to grow gold for about a week before it can be collected, so if you make money you will stay for a while. It is enough to get them.

So save money and upgrade your new and glittering two-phase war machine as soon as you buy. As with starters, armor and offensive upgrades are the most important factors and should have a clear advantage over upgrades combined with speed (you can upgrade two stats at once, but this upgrade is for individual upgrades of individual stats).

4. Armored skills are much better than flanks

When you start the game, you can research your own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the first upgrades are only a prerequisite to the two final requirements, and there are benefits, but they cost you to lower other metrics. And much better between the first two cavalry units Massive Warfare Aftermath APK this gives you better armor and a slightly more powerful attack power. While the armor upgrade is noticeable, the speed bump is not high, so it is worth the price you pay. The second starting skill is called Flanker, which gives a higher critical hit rate to hit. It’s a good deal if it’s easy to beat, but it’s not.

To record a deadly hit, you must hung the enemy’s back. However, it is quite tricky to constantly escape because the deadly hit is extremely limited in size. It is also virtually impossible to record two critical attacks against a helicopter in succession. Because the helicopter is moving fast, it lowers the possibility of hitting the back (a small tail space that is very difficult to attack). Therefore, it is best not to change the regular heat power. I missed the Flanker skill.

5. Test two control systems in Massive Warfare Aftermath APK

Massive Warfare: Aftermath features two control schemes, both of which have drawbacks. The first goal is an automatic goal, which gives you greater freedom of movement, but makes it harder to pin one enemy in more than one opponent group. This control scheme uses an automatic sneaker, so you will jump between enemies while moving, and you will not be able to select or move one in the group. To do so, stop and aim at them, then press the lock button to become vulnerable to fire. The second uses a manual goal.

You move your screen with your fingers and aim at your opponent, but as a result, your freedom of movement is weak. This means you will have trouble tracking your runners and will not be as effective when launched from a helicopter. On the other hand, this scheme gives you greater freedom when you shoot and fire your opponent. You need to try about 12 matches for each control scheme, because both controls take time to get used to and you need time to decide which is right for you.

6. Some advice for being streamlined

When you start a multiplayer game, there are a number of tactics that will take you to number one when the game is over. There is a winning game Massive Warfare Aftermath APK you must always strike the enemy’s side. This makes it easy to get rid of important hits, but it is not easy to choose the Flanker skill. It also means that the opponent may lose a few seconds (more depending on the specifics) before the opponent finds you. Try each side whenever you can, but remember that if you think clearly. Please do not stand side by side with other people. Also, remember that Massive Warfare: Aftermath distance does not represent some disadvantage.

If you get a clear shot, the damage is the same whether the opponent is next to you or at the very end of the map. Shooting faraway enemies can be a good strategy in open maps. Because they will be hard to find you. Then try to hit someone who has already been hurt. With this method, you have to think about who should get the fire, and half of the opportunities will not pick up half of the cases. Next, this will give you free kills, make sure you land the last blow. You can wait until the cannon is reloaded and HP’s bar is low enough.

Then the HP bar breaks down the same moment. If you are not fast enough, someone else will kill you. This is not sportsmanship but leads to another advice that will give you more killing. Try stealing from others Massive Warfare Aftermath APK this is not the right thing, but it can be proven to be an effective strategy to give you many first places after the game. Stalk other opponents that have attacked but do not fire. As with the advice mentioned above, wait for the HP bar to drop as low as possible and then kill it once.

This will not give you any sympathy from other players, but it will give you a higher chance to finish at the first place when the game ends. Skip the remaining debris after the opponent is destroyed unless the bonus in question is money or a match point. Money is shown as a green dollar bill and needs to be upgraded, so it should always be imported, even if it can be easily targeted. If you are lucky, you can earn thousands of dollars by collecting the remaining money. Next, the match points will be marked as Silver Start, and you will be rewarded by receiving additional match points.

In fact, it is not too bad to double your points to destroy your opponent. Finally, you can skip the power-up selection except for increased damage or healing power. The first ATK gives about 25% higher ATK. This ATK can be fatal and can completely change the outcome of the game. It is very self-evident to go to healing power. Now that you have a full HP bar, but you still want to find healing power, simply place the vehicle beside it and shoot at someone else. Then, when HP reaches 50%, it simply improves healing power.

It is a handy tactic that can give you a second wind and a couple of extra spells. There you are! I hope that this Strategy Guide will help you become a dominant force in Massive Warfare Aftermath APK the aftermath leads to a higher competition league. As you advance to higher grades, you should always aim for the upper league because the better you are. Thank you for reading and enjoying the game!


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