Mafia City Game Overview & Tips

Mafia City Apk game is one of the best strategy games for Android devices. In this game, your role is the boss, you have to defeat the enemy and manage and expand your base. Our Mafia City guide and tips checkout. If you have played a strategy game like Clash of Clans or MicroClash APK, you can easily understand the mechanism of this game.

Mafia City Game Overview & Tips for Android

You must build and upgrade buildings, train units, conquer enemy cities, and complete quests. This article covers everything you need to know as a beginner. Let’s start the Mafia City game guide. As usual, begin with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. How to play Mafia City on upgrades, buildings, attacks, and more. At the end of the tutorial, you can manually process any kind of work you want. In Mafia, players have to deal with a lot of things.

Buildings, armies, leaders / you, enemies, and much more. When you start the game, you just complete your goal to finish the chapter. Here are the steps you should follow in Mafia City Apk. Check your quest and start working on it Upgrade buildings to increase resources, power, and work. Train your troops and upgrade your units to secure high level troops. Enemy to attack in other words, cities need to be developed by adding and upgrading buildings.

Hospitals, clubs, investment centers, etc. You can also create and upgrade camps to create powerful tiers. Gunman camping, biker, camping, bulker camp. The role of each building is different. For example, forged buildings produce cash, and cargo hubs produce cargo. So you have to watch every building.


The mansion is the main building of the Mafia City game upgrading Mansion will not allow you to use new buildings and features, and upgrading will speed up theft. To upgrade, you must meet the requirements. Cash, wall level and amount of resources. Simply click the Mansion -> Upgrade -> Upgrade button. That’s all. As you proceed, the amount or number of resources increases. So it is better to upgrade other buildings. Counterfeiters, cargo hold, wall, etc.

Investment center

The investment center is one of the main buildings. Since you all know that training takes time, cargo and other resources are used in many upgrades, and the power of the crew is important in many battles. So if you want to improve your overall performance (income from training speed, resources, power, attacks, etc.), go to the investment center and choose one of the assets and invest. It is one of the best ways to increase the strength of a gang. Continue your investment. Upgrading Invest Center opens a new property.

Hospitals of Mafia City game

The hospital is a place to treat injured troops / troops. You send your army to attack your enemies. When the battle is over, you must battle the wounded army before you can fight again. Due to certain limitations, you can not treat an unlimited number of troops at once, and you can upgrade your hospital to increase the total number of wounded troops.


You need to upgrade your club to increase your training speed and training. Upgrade all clubs built in Mafia City game to improve your training speed and abilities.


Radar has two functions. Spies and enemy status. You can tell the name and destination of the Officer of the Criminal Action, detect the enemy’s resources, defend the enemy, and detect weapons. Upgrade to know more about enemies and warnings.


All members can not attack enemies, but they have certain limitations / abilities. Upgrade this building to send more troops to attack your enemies. Upgrading a restaurant increases the capacity of the largest criminal employee.


Equipment can be exchanged here. Upgrading a Pawnbroker building will increase exchange rates and reduce check usage. This building protects your resources; Please upgrade to increase protection strength. Black market, Here you can exchange resources for gold and other rewards. Check out the best offers everyday. Pirated market, You can exchange resources with other members here. Place where arms are produced and stored. Upgrades will produce more.


Manufacturers produce metals. Upgrade to increase production speed and storage capacity. So is the building of the Mafia City.

Keep your eyes open.

Booster, cash and gold are the main items in the Mafia City game Apk ne of the best ways to get these items for free is “tap”. You can get useful items such as booster, cash, gold, energy points and so on by pressing the citizen on the road.

Mafia city babe

Press Mansion -> babe -> to see the girl. Play games and get favor. Keep collecting points of the arc and release the skill. Tap the Skill Options to see a list of unlocked skills. Get the points of the arc to unlock. These technologies increase production of resources, defense, and so on. You need a rose to play the game, and you can receive it as a reward.

Focus on Upgrades

This game is to upgrade all buildings. You need to take care of every building you build in order to make it faster in the game. Instead of focusing on the mansion alone, upgrade all other buildings.

Increase the power of your gang.

There are many ways to increase the power of gangs. Invest in investment centers. Attach weapons -> Press an avatar -> Select and mount weapons, import weapons from pawn, Military training, Upgrade your training center to open a powerful army.


  • When the battle is over, treat your army.
  • Upgrade your hospital to treat more units at once.
  • Upgrade your restaurant to send more troops to battle.
  • Complete the daily contract work for compensation.
  • You can get a lot of rewards when the game starts. Go to the Items tab and use items to speed up.
  • Continually train the army.

So this is a Mafia city guide and a mafia city Apk tip for beginners.


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