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Mad Skills BMX 2 APK Tips & Tricks

Feel the thrill of racing through your veins! Experience the true level of skill being tested and a whole new level of suspense not seen in Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk turborilla’s latest release is a sequel to the world-renowned Mad Skills, so it was a big success as expected. There are over 40 million downloads under the name of BMX same as like Pumped BMX 3 Apk, Mad Skills BMX 2 is available for free download on Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Mad Skills BMX 2 APK Tips, Cheats & Tricks

 The game offers interactive gameplay and eye-catching graphics in a very convenient package size of 241 MB. While this game does not provide a 3D perspective, it follows a 2D perspective approach, but it adds to the charm of the game, so you can see for hours that you are stuck on the smartphone screen. The concept of the game is similar to the first Mad Skills BMX with many new cool features added. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk now offers customization options for your character on the bike as well as the game.

Now you can get all the high scores you want while capturing the pure eye and riding on a very attractive machine. The game includes an extensive library of new bikes and you can choose from a variety of options to choose from. Adding a new cool stage is worth the upgrade to an absolutely amazing game. As expected, the game will be rated by players of all ages. Mad Skills BMX 2 is a reasonably well-compensated game that you have put into it. The learning curve is great for players with all skills.

If you’ve played the first game in the series, there will not be much change to the usual gameplay mechanics, so it will be quite comfortable during the sequel. However, even if you are a new player who has never played a stunt racing game before, game tutorials and a familiar user interface make you comfortable. The real difficulty starts when you deal with 7-8 checkpoints at all levels where the number is decreasing when you unlock the higher level.

At this stage, you have been overwhelmed by stage difficulty, and there is no option other than to upgrade your bike, buy another stage and start your progress at this level of difficulty. This, of course, is something you can do when you are playing without help, but after reading the tips mentioned in this guide, you should have a variety of options to see whenever you are stuck in a stage or lucky or overwhelmed.

1. Control your bike

Like all other stunt racing games, the most important skill in the Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk control the movement of the bike. However unlike other 3D racing games this technique is mastered in a different way. Because you can see the bike from a 2D perspective, the control is unique. Mad Skills BMX 2 has four directions in which the bike can move. These are forward, backward, tilt, and tilt. The first two directions are very basic and do not require a tutorial to master even new players. However, the title of the bike consists of a combination of forward and backward directions, making the bike’s movement unpredictable and a priority control to master these as soon as possible.

There is no independent control to move the bike up and down. The movement is obtained when a certain amount of accelerator or brake pedal is depressed depending on the degree of motion required. For example, to ensure a smooth landing after a bike has blown off a steep cliff, press the accelerator and brake pedal an equal amount to keep the bicycle in a horizontal position. Press the accelerator a little more than the brake pedal to lightly lower the bicycle when it touches the ground.

This radial landing position reduces speed loss as well as smooth transitions when hitting the ground for long periods of time when shocked to the ground. Likewise, if you want more extreme action such as flip, flip front, or several aerobatic flights, keep the accelerator pedal pressed to keep the front flip and tilt the brake pedal back. Because the Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk uses near real life physics, it is immediately apparent that it is much more difficult to perform a frontal flip on a continuous basis than to perform a flip over the same continuous time due to the additional resistance of the bike in the front flip action There is.

This feature can be annoying at times when you are desperately trying to get as many coins as possible by performing front flip several times. But this will teach you to master the bike control. As a true owner, you always know what action to perform when you achieve a small broadcast time and what action to take when you get a “big air”. In addition to regular action and special acrobatics, another important step in mastering bike control in the Mad Skills BMX 2 is knowing when to apply the brakes and when to hit the bike’s forward motion at a particular stage. Each level has its own difficulty curve, which increases when you unlock higher levels and purchase.

However, there is a pattern for increasing the difficulty of each step, and you may be familiar with this pattern with some level of practice. For example, in the first classical stage with green hills, there are about 4 to 5 steep hills with similar protruding legs. Now, this pattern is repeated over the duration of the stage, so the steep slope of the hill and the legs tend to shake much more. However, by developing skilled techniques that can apply brakes in a timely manner, these obstacles can be solved without blindfolding. Needless to say, mastering bike braking is always more informative than knowing comfort and throttle timing.

2. Achieve the highest score

The Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk only on top of the leaderboards, and only when you feel sharp to get high scores. Advancing as much as possible at a certain level is the best way to get a good score, but there is actually a way unknown to new players. This will help you achieve a high score in a relatively small amount. I put effort into the game. This technique can be divided into three categories, each of which is described below. You can follow one of these or combine all three to get high scores in the game.

The easiest way to impress a current high score at any level is to start an aerobatic flight while flying from the edge of the peak or cliff. The number of actions you can perform with “air” is not limited, and your reflexes are proficient and proficient. There are three main categories of aerobatics and you can practice combos by chaining multiple motions together to achieve a high score multiplier that will boost your score to a level.

The first kind of acrobatic flight in the game is the flip action. There are different kinds of flips in the game. Flip front, Flip, Flip neck and Flip front. The default front and back flip are done using the rate at which the accelerator is stepped onto the brake pedal. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk however, the other two flip flips can only be performed when the head is turned over and the neck is broken. Needless to say, the number of flips is limited by how many times the bike can roll after a bad landing and is three times the point value of a regular flip.

Avoid these flips at all times because you can get a lot of extra value through several regular flips rather than breaking your neck with a small fly boost. The best way to avoid neck flipping is to predict when landing and tilt the bicycle slightly tilted just before reaching the ground. This will allow you to land perfectly and your bike will not be shaky or unstable. Mad Skills The most common aerobatic flight in BMX 2 is “air” time. This behavior is very natural and occurs whenever a bicycle flew quickly from a cliff or hilltop.

Staying in the air for a long time is a very desirable type of exercise because it increases the magnification when flipping during standby time. The key to ensuring as much air time as possible is to always keep your accelerator on and walk the bike at full speed, even if you’re looking at a nearby hanging bridge or cliff. This will not only add to the excitement and rush of adrenalin you will have to experience, but will lead you almost to the “big air” time to covet.

This is the maximum air time you can get and you can connect with multiple gestures during this huge jump. In most situations, you should aim for “big air” but be careful only when your fitness is low in Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk every time you have low fuel, you step on the brakes in front of the cliff end because the refill tanks are mostly in shallow locations. And if you miss it you will end up playing for you due to lack of fuel.

Repeat level

Mad Skills BMX 2 has no limit on the number of times you can repeat levels, and you can always be ahead of the game’s difficulty curve by exploiting this feature. The biggest problem most players face is that they do not have coins that can be upgraded to purchase hard or even better bikes just opened or purchased. By repeating a certain level of easy accumulation of coins, you can keep the loop unconstrained as you continue playing the game. One example of such a level is Forest Stage. This is an ideal stage for making a lot of money in a relatively short time. This may be what you might have noticed, but the difficulty of this step is minimal.

Low difficulty is a huge help by helping you to perform multiple chain combo of acrobatic action without having to worry about lack of fuel or turning the bike upside down. With just a little practice you will be able to tell how many flips you can make in the hundreds of “big air” hours you can get on this stage. You can get almost 1 million coins from this stage and use them. Good play 15 minutes. Do developers need more incentives to get a real break from hiding in plain sight with such an easy way to get coins so easily?

Collect large coins in Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk

This is a technique that should be on a low priority list. If the two options mentioned above do not work well, try collecting as many coins as you can through any step. Coins start at a low face value and increase when you move further up to 5000 value coins on the stage. Now the main source of the highest score is to randomly distribute the coins. Sometimes you get lucky and buy 5000 series coins. This series will be much more propeller than the other two technologies, but at other times you may not get stuck with only 100 or 500 coins.

But if you feel too much adrenaline rush at high speeds and want to play safe games, it’s a good idea to collect expensive coins. Enjoy quiet and relaxed games without worrying about landing or aerial acrobatics. But do not expect to get far ahead of other players using the other two technologies to achieve high scores.

3. Wipe the reflexes

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a game that improves your skills to the talents of thousands of players around the world. To demonstrate the value of being a champion, you need to practice as much as possible in this game. An essential part of what is called the Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk pro player is having a killing reflex and a very short reaction time. This is a game that takes up to 10 to 15 seconds of bike racing and is the second game to decide what skills to use within a limited time. This prominent timing in many pros’ games and games is a tremendous effort and a lot of time spent practicing the game.

In the first few levels of the game, you will get the wrong judgment that the game tutorial has enough time to easily escape from all levels. But do not trust the developer because you have to work hard so that the developer can barely survive at a later level. At a higher level, your rivals will drive you out and you will lose them, so you will immediately feel the need to control your bike as quickly as possible. The key factor that needs to focus on development is to use technology. Instead of attempting a formidable biking strategy, choose a type you like or a type that you think you can do well.

Practice 2 to 3 hours to fully understand what each technique of equestrian strategy does. Some new members get angry when they start racing and start sending all the skills as spam. This is primarily due to racial discrimination with rivals. Another reaction you need to master is the sixth sense of detection in this game. This sense comes with time only when playing more games. Having a good sense literally means something is wrong and you may need to use a very fast aerobatic flight to get out of a tight spot. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk takes advantage of this sensation and becomes the best biker.

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4. Timing and combo completion

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a game that improves your skills to the talents of thousands of players around the world. To demonstrate the value of the Champions Story Builder, you need to practice as much as possible in this game. The essential part of the Mad Skills BMX 2, called the Pro Player, is a murderous reflex and a very short reaction time. This is a game that takes up to 10 seconds to 15 seconds of a race in a wave, and you have to decide a second time about which skill to use at a limited time, or what upgrade to take. This prominent timing in many professional games and games is a product of tremendous endeavor and endless time devoted to practice in the game.

Mad Skills BMX 2, like other arcade stunt racing games, will show off your skills and help you experiment with various types of combos in combat. There are many different types of combo that you can play in a game using the same skills you normally play. However, comboing can accomplish your goals much quicker and makes it very easy for you to complete multiple stages of Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk in the first few levels of the game, you will get the wrong judgment that the game tutorial has enough time to easily escape from all levels.

But do not trust the developer because you have to work hard so that the developer can barely survive at a later level. At a higher level, your competitor’s bike will drive you away and you will lose it, so you will be prompted to make the decision as soon as possible. The key to running a perfectly timed combo is to practice as much as you can, even at a stage where the combo may not be as effective as the other. When you start a combo, the opponent is exposed immediately after the attack, so you can deal more damage and you can not retaliate quickly because you are trying to recover the damage the rider handled.

The Combos Attacker is the most expensive but most useful and lethal type of rider in the Mad Skills BMX 2. To perform a combo in a game, you first need to determine the actual environment and actual objects that appear and appear on the screen of your smartphone at certain stages. In fact, if you set the time for this chain exercise to work properly, you can do it with the amazing power of the combo on Mad ‘s Skills BMX 2. Another important thing to remember when trying to land a combo hit is that you can not start another combo at the same time when you enter a certain multi-hit combo animation.

This means that you can link multiple comboes together since you can not change the launch display while the combo is started and the actual move is running. Game developers have introduced a multi-combo effect that, when possible, runs automatically when your combo is already running, so that it does not affect your practice and timing efforts to achieve a perfect combo. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk for example, when a street biker, heavy rogue, and freestyle rider are placed between empty spaces in a giant rival army, they use rider technology to obtain information about the rivals’ bicyclist’s movements, Plan your stunts appropriately so that you get the maximum points.

Even at a stage where the combo may not be as effective as the other. When you start a combo, your boss fighter is exposed immediately after the attack, so you can not retaliate quickly, so you can deal much more damage than usual. You can not retaliate quickly because you are trying to recover the damage that the rider handled. Experiment with as many combinations as possible and become the Ultimate Stunt Biker of Mad Skills BMX 2! When you reach level 10, you will be able to execute your first combo attack on the boss fight. It is advisable to mention that you must have at least 1000 gold coins to run this perfect combo.

Therefore, if you do not have enough coins until level 9, you will need to buy a coin pack for gaming or exchange your gem to get the necessary amount of gold. It is absolutely necessary to get a combo attack in the tenth stage. This is because they are the only type of attack that can cause significant damage to the boss in a boss fight. And Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk a unique game in this category. The boss is also fighting, and it’s better to prepare in advance. All other types of attacks, even strong melee battles, require at least two hits to destroy powerful boss monsters that come in large numbers after the tenth level. And you need a team combo attack rider with a bigger firepower.

Their disposal to deal with these abominable things. Keep in mind that combo attacks are expensive in the beginning, but do not rise as much as simple melee and range attacks. Therefore, it is a big advantage to keep this combo attack from near the first corner of the level, so that these combo attacks provide a wide range of launches at the entrance, and to gain more profits from the upgrade combo attack. The best way to deal with all kinds of bosses and win the game entirely is to place combo attack riders in all six corners and create alternate deployments of proximity and ranged warriors.

This can easily destroy all kinds of boss monsters. By defeating the bigger boss after the 20th stage and following all the tips and strategies correctly, you can eventually win the game. A key factor to focus on development is the efficient use of technology. Instead of trying out new riders every day, choose one of your favorite rider types. Or think that you can do well after placing it in rivals. Practice 2-3 hours to fully understand what each rider’s skill is doing. Some new players get angry when boss fights begin and all rider skills start to be spammed.

This is the main cause of many battles where the enemy boss ends badly on your side. Each rider has a defined range of effects, and if used beyond that range, does not harm the enemy’s boss. Combo attacks have the extra stamina and power ratios compared to normal stamina, so you should keep this ratio in mind before you use many combo attacks that you do not like, because it is the most expensive type of attack combo in Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk another reaction you need to master is the sixth sense of detection in this game.

This sense comes with time only when playing more games. Having a good sense implies that you need to bring in more riders to the scene, literally feeling something wrong and fighting against the giant enemy bosses. Use this sensation to become the Ultimate Biker of Mad Skills BMX 2!

5. Time is essence

Mad Skills BMX 2 requires reflexes and fast decision making while applying the skills needed to build effective strategies. At the initial level, you might not notice that there is a timer on the top left of the smartphone screen because it gives you enough time to make good decisions about BMX driver fate. However, as you move to higher levels, you are challenged to make decisions that complain about the game and gradually give you less time to jeopardize your success. It is easy to avoid this situation if you plan ahead of the stage before starting the stage and judge the strengths and weaknesses of BMX Rider.

You can see the type of rivals bikers at the start of each level of the enemy as well as the overall Heath and Bounty. If you think of this as a blueprint for your enemies, and you have access to the information you have provided, you should most certainly come out as long as the biker cares for all other requirements. Watching a timer all the time helps you measure the amount of time you spend on your enemy’s plan without destroying it, but it can help you build a much more effective strategy. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk you will focus on a strategy, that will allow you to finish your work on the time you have left on your watch.

For example, if you have enough coins and skill points in a very short time, it is best to run as many combo attacks as you can to completely destroy the enemy within the shortest time possible. If you hold a similar amount of time in hand but lack of skill points, the best action is to get as many coins as possible using normal flip and large balls. The shortest time.

6. Leverage maximum power-up and upgrade

I can not tell you how you feel when you cross the finish line. You can get this feeling by learning how to use power-ups as best you can. Mad Skills The BMX 2’s power-up consists of three main types: speed boosters, agility enhancements and obstacle shields. The first power-up indicates that you give a huge speed burst when you activate it while racing with the opponent. At the right moment, you can reach the first position from the end, and the best time to use is just before the finish line. Then you will not be able to doubt the victory at the level.

Agility enhancement improves your ability to avoid obstacles by jumping or sliding obstacles. In normal mode you miss lots of jumps and hit the wall, the speed drops sharply. However, if agility enhancement is enabled, you can make a much more accurate and accurate jump. Of course, there is no guarantee that the leap will be successful with active activity, and still have a good timing. Obstacle Shield is a defense-enhancing device that creates a halo that protects you from up to one obstacle.

You can pass obstacles without losing speed when the shield is in operation. This is very useful in situations where you are throttling your opponent and neck, and suddenly an obstacle climbs up with an obstacle shield to save you at the last minute. Therefore, use Power Ups wisely. No one else is worried about you. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk uses real physical scenarios, so you should think before buying or upgrading your bike in this game. If you want to go one step further and continue to improve, it’s a good idea to first identify your weaknesses and upgrade components that will help you overcome them.

For example, if it is difficult to climb a steep hill, it means you need the most powerful cyclist. So use coins to reach the level that bikers can upgrade. Likewise, if you have difficulty landing after a long wait, you should take your bike better and grip it. However, upgrading a bicycle’s grips increases the chance of sticking to the ground rather than flying at a faster rate, so you need to increase your wait time or decide whether you want to cover a longer distance in a shorter period of time.

The upgrade is also important depending on the stage you are playing and the particular characteristics of that stage. For example, if you are playing on a very low grip stage, such as a wood stage, skip the suspension of the bicycle and upgrade the road grip, and put all the coins in the biker power and frame upgrade. This is because the nature of the stage benefits you when you get as much “latency” as possible and the suspension and load grip upgrades have an adverse effect on your profits.

Likewise, if you play on the highway stage, you’ll want to prioritize road grip upgrades and create a balance between cyclist power and road grip upgrades, because the elongated length is open and you can handle a huge amount. When you need to ride a bike on the street. Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk to move on to buying a new bike, you need to consider the options here. Each type of bike has its own style, and you need to choose the bike that matches your game style so you can enjoy maximum enjoyment and benefits at each stage.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to place at least three types of bicycles in your garage to maximize the variety of levels you can easily try with each bike. In Mad Skills BMX 2 game the bike collection that players can use is huge and sometimes overwhelming, and if you know what you’re always looking for, you can easily avoid this confusion. In general, in all scenarios you will never go to an inappropriate bike. Needless to say, this bike is only used for games for the sole purpose of entertainment and laughter, but these bikes are by no means a serious advance on the stage and if you want to get your name on the leaderboard.

There are three categories of bikes left after removing this pleasure rides. They consist of “Mountaineers”, “Racers” and “Stunt Bikes”. As its name implies, the “Mountaineer” category includes a powerful version, such as the classic Hill BMX or Monster BMX, which allows you to run at a steep pace without sweating. These vehicles can be used at any stage of the game, but are generally preferred over other categories of stages that are made up of very sharp slopes, such as rocky hills or mountainous terrain. When you upgrade these vehicles, you will always focus on suspension and biker power over all the other two components that are truly climbers.

Likewise, racers feature bikes with excellent road grips that have very high top speeds and always have at least one racing bicycle in the garage for the long open level, such as the highway stage. Finally, stunt bikes are the absolute essence of this game, and this category ensures that you are the most fun. This category includes vehicles with excellent flipping capabilities that can perform multiple aerobatics exercises regardless of terrain and get huge “big air” times at all stages. So choose wisely and enjoy Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk!