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Left to Survive Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Left to survive Apk immersive action game created by, & no, developers were not adamant about the action part of the game! same as like Hopeless Land Fight for Survival Apk, at the same time, however, the game turns out to be surprisingly fun (and of course there is debate). This is where the addictive part of the game comes in. When you play, you really can not help but want to keep playing. This is despite the fact that some players may be a bit creepy (not us) in background music!

Left to Survive Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

Left to Survive, a zombie shooting game with no real character movement controls, still offers a great sense of action. At the same time, you have city building elements to deal with the game. And as you can see in the title, there is a PvP element in the game. The fact that you have to make a really good decision is because the other options do not work for your benefit! The obvious and immediate question is what is such a good decision. The biggest problem for most players is the “first mistake”. Yes, it does happen to all of us, so do not claim! left to survive Apk can definitely be left on the same boat.

This game has questions about what to build, what to upgrade, what to shoot, and when to do it. Straight forward ideas, right? Again, it is a good time to make mistakes for the first time now! Do not worry. Left to Survive the beginner’s tips and tricks guide has strategies and tactics that anyone can use.

1. building and upgrading your base, camp

As I mentioned, there is an urban architectural element associated with Left to Survive. Naturally, when you are able to use a thing, it is more likely that you will lack the necessary things if you make things randomly. Please note that you can only build or upgrade one building at a time. There are several options for placing items to defend against the basic surprise. However, most are based on what you prefer. However, there is a better way to order and upgrade buildings. First, the farm is displayed in the middle bottom of the above screenshot. It will be the first building you get. It should also be the first building you want to upgrade as much as possible.

The problem is that the game is energy-based (in this case, food). In order to continue using the campaign map, we must continue to provide food. It is therefore a good idea to place your farms at a higher priority than headquarters. We are in the next rank in the upgrade priorities in left to survive Apk you will not simply upgrade other things without it. This is not just another building / upgrade related to this. Weapon unlocking is also included. The next line for camp building / upgrades is armory. The arsenal provides scrap metal to upgrade your weapon.

This applies to all weapons, including helicopter weapons. More and more powerful weapons are needed for campaign maps. If your weapon gets stronger, you will not hurt your feelings in PvP mode! But the problem is that we do not leave scrap on the campaign map. The next item in the priority list should be an oil rig. Upgrading our headquarters will eventually require oil. You can get a lot of resources to create and upgrade things on the map.

However, you should not rely on 100% time alone. The next line will be the factory. From there, it is a matter of storage and defense building. Resources that produce resources can hold so much. At the same time, you do not want to leave things open wide when an assault comes at your door!

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2. Survivors and your benefits

There will soon be a survivor. Each survivor of left to survive Apk has a certain talent. Survivors can be placed in buildings. The first survivor is an engineer. It can be placed in one of two buildings. This game should be placed on the farm because it is the first survivor that can be easily obtained early in the game. You may want to increase your food production anyway. Other survivors can learn at the store. Note that it is not “earned” or “obtained” as “learned”. In this store you will find a place to get other survivors. Most are from wooden boxes.

Knowing that there is no information available to get a survivor means that the survivor is not available depending on the current location / level of the game. As mentioned earlier, each survivor of Left to Survive has a specific talent. The first survivor is an engineer. Therefore, when you place a survivor in a building, you receive a bonus for that building. In most cases, there is an increase in production or an increase in HP (Hitpoint) in buildings. Go ahead, of course, to improve your production!

It is the first thing you do not get based on resources. This placement comes after food production. Since I want to play as many games as possible, I am sure the farm survivors are placed. If you try to increase the building’s HP first, an upgraded weapon will perform an HP boost in an impressive amount of time during the raid. Building HP enhancements is often a waste of effort and should only be considered if there are no other options for deployment.

3. Campaign for your benefit in Left to Survive Apk

Left to Survive’s campaigns are a bit tricky, but they only contain the information you need. Campaigns are divided into basic stories, sub-quests, and purchase maps. Unlocking your campaign area will allow you to download it. Some people refer to this download setting as a device space saver, others call it a waste of time. It’s all about the way you are looking at it. The decision here is to decide when and where to play. This is based on weapons you have and have upgraded enough. Each map must have a specific weapon rating.

The map currently selected in the screenshot above will show the melee combat map, requirements, and successful completion rewards. It also shows that this map is the only map available in the region. At this point the weapon was not upgraded enough to play another map. That’s why we’ve given priority to upgrading the above mentioned weapons. You need scrap metal and money to upgrade your weapon.

However, if another map is available, we will give you the highest reward depending on which map to use and when to use the map. Play the story map as soon as it becomes available.

4. Weapon upgrade tips and tactics

You must upgrade your weapon to play Campaign Maps in left to survive Apk helicopter weapons can be upgraded by default. The opportunity is after you are sure you have enough resources for it. That’s all good and fashionable, but there’s a certain order for upgrading weapons. It depends only on the weapon you are upgrading at the time. And do not get the clips and the magazine skills. Yes, we know the difference, but we mostly know not to care about the game! The ADR Assault rifle is already undergoing an upgrade from the screenshot above. Note that the critical damage has not been upgraded yet. Because you should not rely solely on deadly damage.

Critical damage is damage done to a target when a critical hit (critical shot) is recorded. Critical shots are displayed in different damage colors and give more damage to the target. There is only a chance to hit a critical shot. It’s not usually a good opportunity. A weapon’s critical damage rating does not increase that chance. Clip size is the first thing you need to make a weapon upgrade command in left to survive game this is very true for all of the above screenshots and weapons. You really do not want the ammo to fall too soon. It is a good way to lose if you do not step back!

When comparing damage and reloading time statistics, you should always consider first that there is no shooting back problem! It is best to have high damage rates at first. But if it takes too long to reload, you will not like it. The upgrade sequence should now be about clip size, reload time, and damage. Most weapons in left to survive Apk have the same upgrade options. This still leads to firing rate, critical hit rate, and bullet spread. When comparing the ratio of fire to critical, you must first focus on the percentage of fire. A faster firing rate means a faster firing rate. You can fire three bullets per second compared to others firing one foot per second (sample numbers only).

This increases the chance of a critical hit. Finally, there will be a reduction in bullet proliferation found in the shotgun. This compares how much shotgun firepower is distributed throughout the house. The more gun fires are concentrated, the more damage you do in a single area. The recommendation is to prioritize the reduction of bullet proliferation to critical damage.

5. Survive basic acquisitions for data collection

What good is it if there is no way for urban building elements to attack them ?! In Left to Survive, it’s not a matter of unlocking a basic air raid. It is also a matter of survival. A surviving basic raid is how you get the most from them. Destroy the base of someone else’s base during a basic attack on Left to Survive. The goal is to destroy 100% of their base. Of course the target base will provide everything without just surfing! So you have a problem with enemy targets around that base.

To make your helicopter more interesting while wandering around in order to destroy your targets, your guns may overheat and become defenseless. While you’re walking around, you’ll probably think everyone will blow up the resource building as soon as possible. It is okay if you do not want to leave that much! Look at the base because you have time.

Whatever they are, achieve your defensive goals first. If you are in a defensive building, fire the missile first. If it is a human goal, use guns. Find out where your shooting is taking place so you can kill things faster. Yes, you are not easy to work around. left to survive Apk hit anything that is left behind after killing a defensive target as soon as possible.

6. How to get the most from PVP

In general, PvP mode is considered a “fast and sad” problem. In Left to Survive, this is partially true. The overall PvP mode depends on several factors. But considering everything, PvP mode is not only endless fun, but it also has many benefits! The first element is the initial setting. As shown in the screenshot above, entering a PvP match without a med kit is not a good idea. However, if you know how to move and have some luck in getting them in the game, you can run away with it. Regarding weapon setup, it all depends on how long it takes to get your game. Your opponent with a stronger weapon will match you. left to survive Apk will have time to match you with a better opponent than you.

Left to Survive’s PvP game is a draw and do not always bother you. In fact you can still win. Again, it affects all decisions during the game. For example, if you decide to “back up” during a match, you can start shooting immediately by deciding to run targeting immediately. It would be amazing how many people could “stand up” and just stand. It’s really a map-dependent move and the second one is up to you, not when you get there! It’s not just standing, it’s a really good decision. If you’re staying in one place, it’s a great way to finally kiss your opponent’s grenade!

Yes, they hurt terrible things! You can still die or die completely depending on where you hide or stand while matching PvP. Certain objects can explode, and some objects can escape. As for “fast and sad”, this is a very important part of the game. Again, it is not the only part. Of course, you can do it faster than others. But if you can not attack the broad side of the barn with a nuclear explosion, welcome to the sad category! Now you need to consider both speed and accuracy.

This is where the emulator can help you. During the use of the emulator, much more powerful hardware is typically installed on the PC than the mobile device. This creates a much smoother gameplay. A worthwhile emulator includes a key mapper. This keymapper allows you to set the firing and pan control of the mouse and keyboard. If you want to play at a fast pace, consider a gaming mouse and keyboard. These are designed for speed / fast response times. The key mapper can also be used to set keys for reloading.

It is a big decision, not to reload frequently and keep your head open! It is only your problem to hit the target instead of spraying the horizon there! Left to survive Apk PvP mode is also a waiting game. If the opponent knocks his head down, he usually works if he decides to wait side-by-side. But if you wait too long, welcome to the sad category. Now notice the “s”. As a result, a better improvement in PvP mode occurs in 2-by-2 play. There is a problem that does not stay as a group. If you are grouped with a PvP partner, there is a good chance to kiss a grenade or two.

It will be a good opportunity to shoot you for the reason your opponent is in the wrong spot. This is too long at the wrong spot and it is there. If your opponent has waited long enough to target a lot for your partner; It will open you wide and attack them. Again, make sure that you are not close to your partner anywhere in that situation. You will be surprised how often the player tries to concentrate on a person who is a terrible idea in two big matches!

7. How to get resources

As a result, much of this information was already included in the left to survive Apk strategy guide. See upgrade builds and suggestions for the campaign map to play above. Please note that there are more references to using 2 vs 2 PvP matches. The fun part is that the given tips and tricks are not the limit. The first thing you get is simply not spending randomly. Spending is clearly visible before you jump into the situation. That’s right. Even players who spend real money on games do not want to waste real money through careless spending. However, free players do not want to waste resources at all. The first example of bad spending in Left to Survive is the free box.

Of course, you seem to be able to do something fun. When you look at the rewards in the free box, you will find that you can simply play and get most or all of the item. It is not easy to give favor to yourself and to save money. Another example of bad spending is the purchase of supplies from stores. You can get most or everything while you play. Some of those consumables can go without you! Saving supplies in certain game modes is a trick. For example, using a kit or grenade on a campaign map is not a good idea.

There is a huge difference when used in PvP mode. Another example of “Do not” is to build upgrade speeds. Do your best to avoid doing it! Stay in PvP mode or wait for the rest of the day. In terms of good spending ideas for Left to Survive, you have a weapon to buy. But even that should have a choice. The recommendation is to buy a weapon that regenerates HP when you kill something.

Please check the effect of each weapon before purchasing it. You need to complete the quest to get more profit. This is another look before you jump into the situation. If for any reason you can not complete the quest by accident, skip it and wait for the refresh. Do not waste time trying to speed up the refresh timer. Instead, handle other things in the same section. It’s all you need to know to be successful in the game! If you want to know more about left to survive Apk tips, tricks or strategies, ask us for free.


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