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Last day on Earth online game for android. Post apocalyptic can survive in the world. In this game, you will find yourself in a land that has turned into a vast wilderness by a nuclear explosion.

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Your mission in this game will be to survive in a coalition company and base yourself on it. Manage survivor groups, expand and strengthen the foundation, and extract useful resources. For this purpose, complete weapons to protect your enemies using numerous items and modifications. Whatever you pay, strive for survival and attack your opponent’s base to seize territory and precious resources. Play with your friends and create an invincible alliance.

The Last Day of the World The survivor is in the age of eschatology. In 2027, the world saw the emergence of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all humanity. And I did not stop there. All of the dead began to turn into zombies, and a few survivors who resisted the blood were once trying to survive in the ruins of a huge world. Now the character’s survival is your strength! Use your character’s life status, such as hunger and thirst, to watch and collect valuable resources for crafting, crafting weapons and various types of transport: bats or road signs.

Everything will be useful to kill hundreds of things … Hundreds … Zombies! Not only by your power, but also by the cunning way, it aligns the intruder with your land. Fortify with traps or attack other survivor’s territory for sacrifices and resources. After all, everyone can do anything to survive. Hardcore fans have a lot of work to do in difficult season seasons. Before going on a desperate journey, hunt wildlife to survivors and equip the most crushed weapons to eliminate mutant zombie herds.

One can reach seasonal locations on the means of transport available for production. You can also enter the online location by crossing the wall from the west of the map and interact with other players in a special place. Explore the big, deep Last Day on Earth APK! Upgrade heroes, set up equipment at home, capture abandoned territories and hunt wildlife and other survivors. There is a new rule in the new world.

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