Jurassic Survival Game Guide & Tips

Mishka Production’s Jurassic Survival game is now available on both platforms. iOS and Android. Launched last year at the Play Store, we’ve had over 5 million downloads in the Google Play store in a short time. Jurassic Survival is an MMO strategy game where you make items, hunt crafts and attack your enemies same as like Jurassic World Alive APK, there are many things you can do in this game. That is really addictive.

Jurassic Survival Game Guide & Tips for Android

In this post, we covered everything you need to know about the game. Let’s start Jurassic Survival Apk guide, tips & Strategy exercises. The only purpose in this game is to survive. You also have to build your own house, make gears, food resources, water resources, vehicles, weapons and crafts. Guns, bombs, and so on. However, it takes a long time to transport buildings, unlock new areas, and make and build weapons. Start the Jurassic Survival guide and tips. When you start the game, you can find yourself on the island.

You are the only human there. The rest are dinosaurs and zebras. At the bottom left is a joystick. Use it to control your personality. Dinosaurs can attack you and you will lose your HP. Health / HP is limited. Once you lose everything, you have to start the game from the beginning. On the right is combat control. Equipment usage, item selection, position changer, building options and more. On the top right corner is a mini-map where you can track locations and enemies.

At the bottom center, tap the bag icon to access your inventory and touch the craft icon to manipulate items. To go to the world map, cross the island border and the following screen will appear: Jurassic Survival click the location you want to move and select one of the options Jurassic Survival game Apk walk or run. If you choose the option to run, it will cost you energy, but you will visit that place in a few seconds. On the other hand, if you choose the walk option, you will have to wait a long time. Please note that energy is limited.

So, before you go to the islands (filled with reptiles, dinosaurs), make sure you have enough energy to get home. You can create hundreds of items in this epic survival game. Tap the machining icon in the bottom center. Here you can see a list of all the items you can operate. Hold down an item to learn how to import it. When you start a game, most items are locked and you can not make it, even if you have all the items. You must level up to unlock these items.

Level up guide

You can see the current level at the bottom of the screen. EXP is required to level up. Experience can be gained by doing items such as item selection, tree cutting, killing dinosaurs, and more. Once you get enough experience, you will raise the level and make the items.

Automatic mode

Close to the joystick and with the automatic mode option. When this mode is on, the character will automatically collect all items on the island. Tap the “top” icon to create more items and furniture. So, this is the basic Jurassic Survival game guide for beginners. Now, let’s start with Jurassic survival tips and strategies.

Build a small house first

The basic task of the Jurassic survival Android game is to “build a small house” first. All you have to do is to collect Bamboos from the island, press the top icon, choose a formation, and build a small house. Keep all workbenches, small boxes and other items.

Food recipes water resources

One of the main challenges of the Jurassic Survival game is to maintain food and water conditions. If you do not give food and water your character will die. To get food or water resources at the start of the game, explore the island and get closer to the bush. You will get a mango from there. Eat mango, tap on the sack icon and tap on the mango. But this is a temporary solution. Make the following items as soon as possible so that you can prepare food and water.

  • campfire
  • Garden Bed
  • raindrop

Prepare a bonfire to make drinks, freshly cooked food, and more. Plant fruit using a garden bed. The rain gutter helps to collect water. You can also keep your thirst using fruits and vegetables. Taking these items will also improve your health. Begin making recipes / food items. Campfire -> Drag and drop the ingredients to the left and wait for the results.

Best way to restore health in Jurassic Survival Game

Use this tip -> Level Up to regain health immediately in a Jurassic Survival. Level up will restore your health. Please read the level up guide above. You can build an incubator and grow a dinosaur on board. Requirements -> iron stick, palm board, stylish bamboo, nails, duct tape. Dino Egg -> Collect eggs from the event, dino position. When you go to the global map, you’ll be notified about the current event.

How to unlock a new location

To find a new location in a Jurassic Survival Apk, you must visit Watchtower. Hunting skills are required to visit dinosaur locations. One of the best ways to learn hunting skills in the Jurassic Survival go to global map -> Move to Palm Bushes location -> kill all dinosaurs and find the bag / document from there -> go closer and click the hand / build icon (near attack option). That’s all.

Last tip -> Try to make weapons as soon as possible. Use windows and axes as weapons at the beginning of the game. To equip a tool or weapon -> Go to inventory -> Tap weapon -> Equipment. Here are the steps you need to follow in this game for fast progress and new item development.

  • Resource collection and item creation and production
  • Level up and unlock new items
  • Go to the world map, visit the new system, and plunder resources such as food, wood, metal, and so on.
  • Build and expand your shelter
  • Production of weapons for animal hunting
  • Build transportation to explore new areas
  • Visit the watchtower and discover the new island.
  • Hunt dinosaurs or kill dinosaurs to learn hunting skills.
  • Crafts shoes, pants, t-shirts, improved armor
  • Participation in the event
  • Catch air bubbles; These bubbles will be notified when you move to the global map. Grab this loot, dress for
  • free, claim your valuable resources.
  • Stay alive.

So these are some basic Jurassic survival game guide, tips and strategy practice tricks for beginners. You can also download the game, click to download Jurassic Survival Apk.