Junkyard Tycoon Game Overview & Tips

Junkyard Tycoon Apk game is one of the best simulation games for Android. The Google Play Store has more than 1 million downloads and is still popular like World of Goo Apk, this garage simulator game will always be busy! This article covered everything about the game. Junkyard guide. Let’s start with the Junkyard Tycoon guide first.

Junkyard Tycoon Game Overview & Tips for Android

As usual, it starts with a tutorial (you need an internet connection to play Junkyard Tycoon). This tutorial covers all the basics you need to know. You can purchase a car, move to a park area, and take off. After the tutorial, you can do everything manually. In this game, you purchase a vehicle at a reasonable price, then remove the parts and finally sell the vehicle parts at a high price.

Your goal is to grow your garage. Add parking spaces, vehicle lamps and other buildings. It takes a lot of money to achieve this goal. Here are the steps to follow in the Junkyard Tycoon Apk. Purchase Scrap Vehicle, Separation of automobile parts. Collect other items, scrap materials, and other parts. Engine, battery, Sales of vehicles by cash, Garage upgrade, repeat.

Most buildings are locked when the game starts. With money you can open the building. In this section, we will talk about buildings in the Junkyard Tycoon game you must keep an eye on all these buildings and ramps. If there is a free slot available, go to the parking slot first.

If not, you can not buy a vehicle. How do I add a slot? First of all, a level up profile, once you reach a certain level, you can see the purchase options. Tap it and add a new park slot. Collect the parts of the vehicle to get the level points.

Vehicle ramp

This is the place to separate auto parts. Click Vehicle parking and then tap Go option. This action can move the vehicle to a vehicle slope and isolate the vehicle part from it. Once the removal is complete, parts, items, and scrap materials can be collected.

Car packer

This machine converts parts of a vehicle into scrap material. Tap it and then select the part. When finished, you can collect scrap material. The job moves the scrap material to a warehouse where it can be sold for a certain amount.


Junkyard Tycoon game warehouse capacity is limited. You can upgrade the warehouse to increase capacity. All other items and scrap materials stored here. All items stored in the warehouse can be sold in money / cash. Since the capacity is limited, please sell the item at the maximum. price.


Junkyard Tycoon sells vehicle parts here. In Junkyard Tycoon Apk casinos use casino tickets to get free rewards such as car parts, casino tickets, items, money, energy points and more.

The arena is another building of Junkyard Tycoon that you can bet on. To bet on the stadium, you need to repair it. The repair cost is $ 50,000.

Here I compete with other players.

A learning hub where students can learn the parts and systems used in a car and how to maintain and correct it correctly.

Here you can make useful items as scrap metal. The repair cost for this building is $ 5,000. This is a bogus guide for beginners. Start with Junkyard Tycoon tricks, tips and tricks to earn thousands of dollars.

Please use your casino ticket

There are 10 casino tickets at the start of the game. Go to the casino and open the tool case. This case includes energy points, money bag / goods, casino tickets, scrap material, items and so on. Use all tickets and open tool cases. Ask for a free casino ticket every 10 minutes. Casino tickets are one of the main items of the Junkyard Tycoon game it can be purchased by exchanging diamonds. If you need free, please collect it every 10 minutes. Tap the Receiving icon in the top right corner and sign up for a free ticket. Use it to open the toolbox at the casino.

To get double benefits, sell at maximum price

The price of an item or auto part in a game changes every few seconds. Sometimes it goes up during the crash. Check the maximum price of the car you can get and wait until you get the price. Yeah! It takes a lot of time, but if you stay patient, you can get a double fine. Similarly, the warehouse changes the price of scrap materials and items every few seconds, waits for good value, and then sells the items. In other words, pay attention to the price and sell at a high price.

Get a free diamond from the store

As you know, diamonds are one of the main items in the Junkyard Tycoon. You have to pay real money for this item. You can get it for free through level-ups or watching video ads. Go to the store section -> Tap the ‘Get a free diamond’ option and watch video ads for diamonds.

Expand your garage business

At Junkyard Tycoon game the main purpose is to make more revenue and expand the garage business. To accomplish this task; Add more park slots, Add More Car Lamp Slots. Warehouse Upgrade, clearance, Unlock new building. Consider energy points; Do not buy too many vehicles. Because it consumes energy, you can not do anything else. Separation, scratching. So, these are tricks, tricks and tricks for the novice.