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Into the Dead 2 APK Download Latest Version 1.7.2

Download Into the Dead 2 APK latest version 1.7.2 this is really good news for mobile gamers, especially those who have used previous versions of games that are already dead. Developers have released the latest sequel to this game titled Dead 2 latest APK 1.7.2 (9724).

In this sequel, gamers must survive in zombie attack and tracking and must run indefinitely without touching. It looks similar to the first sequel, but this second sequel shows a very different graphic, which looks updated and smooth. In this game, the player can drive a car to attack the zombie.

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They also have dogs that help to defeat zombies and wander together. Make sure the weapon is filled with bullets. You will need time to refill the bullet. Therefore, Into the Dead 2 APK would be better to discard the bullet intentionally. If you find that a weapon that you have not used before is at a level that has a side target, you may find a special weapon in some places at a certain level. Weapons include chainsaws, cutting tools and tools to kill zombie herds. Do not miss the trial every day. There will be daily trials to test and test new weapons. Depending on how many zombies you have killed, you will receive many rewards such as gold, silver and gun parts.

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About Into the Dead 2 file

  • Download Into the Dead vr 2
  • 2 Reviews
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  • Developer: PIKPOK
  • Version: 1.7.2 (9724)
  • File size: 32.1 MB
  • Uploaded: May 2, 2018 9:14 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: aab41b26d8b1f5e3de380feb1c08e8f5
  • SHA1: 96d30aeb2f7823a765136d3974c3c7eb8079c12b

Review Into the Dead 2 APK

Into the Dead 2 for Android offers a number of exciting features. In addition to the player’s car and dog features, it offers unique weapons and various background scenes. Developers also add story elements for players with many chapters. This sequel seems to be more interested in the story or conspiracy that led to the mission of rescuing the family from the zombie invasion. In addition to story mode, this sequel also has a daily challenge and a special event mode.

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The visual nuances of the background are getting colder and give you a nervous and creepy feeling especially when you play alone. Vision actually represents the actual situation. Into the Dead 2 APK character, James, has the same effect on the player as the real situation. It is scary to be trying to survive in a world filled with zombies and to be with your family. The game consists of 7 chapters full of 60 intense actions inside.

There are several additional challenging gameplay features such as slaughtering zombies during driving and various environments for backgrounds such as oil fields, military bases and villages. Be careful because you can not shoot all zombies only once. There are zombies that can be avoided than hitting bullets like zombies in armor. Gameplay is much easier with many weapons. In conclusion, there are pros and cons of this zombie game.

Advantages :

There are various functions. It gives a cool background that looks like real. The game is better than the previous story.

Change log

  1. A divided story event! New Stories, Gameplay and Environment:
  2. Play as Garcia Corporal and use the new Focus Fire ability to safely draw your team members.
  3. The new ASH-20 Breacher automatic shotgun has added tremendous damage to the weapon.
  4. Selectable difficulty. Play through the entire event at your level!
  5. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Older Versions of Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 1.6.1 (9560) Old APK
updated: may 2, 2018
Into the Dead 2 1.6.0 (9330) Old APK
updated: april 21, 2018
Into the Dead 2 1.5.0 (8962) Old APK
updated: april 12, 2018
Into the Dead 2 1.4.0 (8479) Old APK
updated: march 19, 2018

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