Idle Zoo Tycoon Game for Android

Idle Zoo Tycoon everything you need to know about games. Idle Zoo Tycoon how to play tips. To operate a successful zoo, you must have an animal that is a great facility for visitors. right? Begin the zoo as a beetle in the game. Beetles produce more beetles.

Idle Zoo Tycoon Game for Android overview

You earn cash by selling this beetle. To gain passive income, you need to add facilities for visitors to zoos, such as drinks, baths, and forest animals. Passive income helps you get more animals, and the more animals you have, the more cash you can earn. You need to add more animals to the zoo to get cash. To add more animals, you must complete the minimum requirements.

For example – to add a turtle you need $ 6000 and Geckos. The spider gives birth to a spider, the frog gives birth to a frog, and similarly the rest animals give birth to more animals. For example – if you have 70 beetles, they do not have to buy more because they always produce more. You can sell in cash. Use cash to make more animal enclosures. And expand your business.

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The animal’s birth rate and mortality should be maintained. The birth rate is the rate at which animals are produced. Mortality means mortality. If the birth rate is lower than or equal to the mortality rate, it means that you lose money. Good situation – the mortality rate is low but the birth rate is high. Idle Zoo Tycoon game to increase the number of slots for a particular animal, you must upgrade the enclosure. For example – By default, each enclosure can store up to 100 animals. Upgrade to get a bigger enclosure.

Increased birth rate – You can consume cash to increase your fertility rate. Decreased mortality – High mortality means loss. You should use cash to lower your mortality rate. Rising sales prices – If you have a large number of animals, you may want to increase your selling price. Just tap the upgrade button next to the specific animal you want to upgrade.

Who wants to keep working? no one! Improve your improvement or increase the number of visitors by adding facilities to the zoo. The more you have, the more you can get. I knock one animal at a time and it annoys me. You can increase sales volume by switching to * 10, * 100, and * 1000. There is a transaction posting feature, which requires the use of cash. Once unlocked, start trading in animals with cash or fossils.

How to get rare animals such as mermaids, unicorns, etc.? To get these rare and epic animals, you must have a fossil. Use trading features, opening gifts, or watching ads. Idle Zoo Tycoon game is a great Apk where you can do lots of things like buy, sell, trade and more.


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