Idle Tuber Empire Game Overview & Tips

Idle Tuber Empire Android game is another idle game for mobile devices by Futureplay, creator of the Idle Farming Empire game. Idle Tuber Empire Apk tips will help you increase your number of subscribers and win the Star Challenge. The concept of an Empire game is similar to other Idle games, such as Idle Factory Tycoon and Idle Miner Tycoon.

Idle Tuber Empire Game Overview & Tips for Android

You start with zero and earn millions and billions of dollars by hiring a lot of people. This is characterized by the social media platform concept, your goal is to stream live from fametube, to be a celebrity to hold live events elsewhere. The more you host and win the stars, the more subscribers you have. In this post you shared the Idle Tuber Empire game Apk with the Idle Tuber Empire tips and you can get up to speed quickly. It starts with a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the Idle Tuber Empire.

Provides information on how to play, upgrade, and customize. At the start of the game you have 100 gems and use gems to buy clothes. Here are the steps you should follow in the Idle Tuber Empire. Purchase accessories, jeans, tops and heals to enhance your style. Since you have 100 gems at the start of your game, you will spend your wisdom and increase your current style when you buy that item.

  • I like more and get a coin.
  • Character Upgrade
  • Hire another aide member
  • Troubleshoot your fan
  • Live video streaming from fametube
  • Increase subscribers
  • Unlock new location
  • Improved star ranking
  • repeat

First, let’s learn about the basics of games.

Tap on the screen in the Idle Tuber Empire game Apk to get a taste. You can see the bar at the top of the screen. At the end of each step you will get a coin. After completing the stage set, you must defeat the star in the star challenge. When you complete the challenge, you will be given a lot of coins and you must use this amount of coins to upgrade. Players must complete 6-star achievements to post streams to fametube. Most features are locked when you start the game. Quickly level up your character and unlock it.

Your goal is to improve your star rankings because you want to be a celebrity. And you need a huge number of subscribers to do this. If you want to increase your subscribers, you’ll need to fix some stars. That’s all.

How to unlock a new location?

In the Idle Tuber Empire Apk you can unlock new locations by earning subscribers. How to hire other aides? Unlocking the new location will allow you to hire other side members. In this section, we will talk about the idle TB empire cheats and tips. Level ups, defeats, challenges and so on. Let’s start the advice and cheating of the idle TB empire.

Energy drinks are free items in the Idle Tuber Empire game and are used to charge the skill. Level up to unlock the character’s new skills. This skill is unlocked when it reaches the milestone level. 80, 125, 250. You only need to tap the skill to activate it. However, after one use, you will have to wait a few minutes to re-enable it. To solve this problem, use energy drinks. You will see a green can on the screen every few seconds. Tap and watch video ads. This will impose your skill.

Use the right time

The initial phase is very easy and you can easily defeat the star challenge. However, after a certain level, you can not defeat a star in a star challenge without using technology. So do not waste skills at the normal stage, and use technology from the star challenges to get a tremendous amount of coins and likes.

1st upgrade

As you know, you can upgrade your recruited members to increase your favorite number per second. And its performance is better than you. But these members can not help you in star challenges. Do not ignore character upgrades. Always upgrade her first.

Gem Strength of Idle Tuber Empire Game

What you like is important for solving normal stage and star problems. Your favorite number per second is very important. To improve performance and increase your number, use jewelry and buy character accessories, tops, jeans and costumes. You will receive a bonus. Style bonuses and sport bonuses.


  • Tap on two fingers on the screen to increase your favorite number per second.
  • Feed the cat to claim compensation; Extra favorite things, pile of coins, energy drinks, etc.
  • Level up and upgrade all members
  • Use technology in a timely manner.

Always open an idle TB empire game through an active Internet connection and double your offline earnings by viewing your ads. If you struggle in defeating the stars from the star challenges; Impose all your skills and go.