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Hopeless Land Fight for Survival Apk Tips & Strategy Guide

Developers who develop interesting and unique PvP games such as SEGA Pocket Club Manager Apk, at hero entertainment are introducing a new Android exclusive battle royal game called hopeless land fight for survival Apk play before. Play a solo or find a team and fight on a huge map filled with over 100 players. The game with its unmatched range of weapons and vehicles to discover, provides space for many actions and strategies not seen in the battle royal genre.

Hopeless Land Fight for Survival Apk Tips Cheats & Strategy Guide

If you are a huge fan of battle royal games, or if you are trying to put your goals and strategy skills for testing, this game will be a game that solves your thirst. battle hopeless land fight for survival game drops you and 120 other players in combat from a linear moving aircraft. You will choose where to fall and fall to the area you choose to fight for survival. Armed with your fists, you have to find weapons, armor, ammunition and other items and loot them to battle against other players.

As the danger zone that constantly increases your health increases, do not keep your eyes on other players and the safety zone should not diminish. Continue to test wit, strategy and shooting skills until there is only one player or team left. There is a quick and simple tutorial at the start of hopeless land fight for survival Apk that provides basic controls. It is actually quite short, but enough to give you a good feel for how to control your character, how to aim and shoot, how to get items.

The interface is user-friendly, but can have difficulty mastering controls and menus. Partially depends on the size of the device. If you are struggling to survive in each battle or are doing well enough, but are still looking for ways and means to climb the path, our Unholy Land: Warfare Survival Strategy Guide can help you reach a higher ranking. short time.

1. Find a squad or join one

Before joining each battle, you will either choose to play solo or play in four squads. The obvious choice here, of course, is to team up with three other people. There is no advantage to fighting 120 people on their own, but at least they will be in the same arena as others. This is helpful when starting out first. It is one of the unfortunate people that you have to die early and leave the battlefield because the whole performance of the team can be of benefit to you. If you have a friend who can play or invite you to join the game, that’s the best choice.

As with any multiplayer game, having a pretty good friend gives you a good advantage in terms of strategy formulation and implementation. Not only can you identify the weaknesses of each player, but you know what each member can do to get better results in each battle. If you do not know who you can play with, playing with a randomly playing player is a much better option than playing solo.

Even if you do not have the potential strategic advantage, and you think you will meet a player who is better or worse than you in hopeless land fight for survival Apk there is still an advantage. Regarding restrictions, you can free up things to do when you’re on a team. You can also communicate effectively with your team members to build strategies more effectively. To get better results, you can wander away from your team. If you did not do well enough and one or two of your squad members developed enough in combat, it was easy to get points and get more rewards with your squad.

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2. Strategy before you jump off the aircraft

Depending on your fate, you may reach the top ranks or be the number one player in each battle, but in order to get good results, you must devise mastering skills and the right strategy. So taking a strategic approach will lead to a better start and increase your chances of survival. Therefore, before jumping off the aircraft, you must click on the map at the top left of the screen and mark the desired exit point. It is not easy to reach with a parachute, but at least we have an idea to go ahead as soon as the battle begins.

With the size of the battle map of hopeless land fight for survival Apk there is enough drop zone to choose from before flying off the aircraft. Explicitly, there are three types of approaches you can choose when determining drop-off points. You can fall as fast as you can, aim for a resource spot, fall to or near it, or settle in a more remote area of the map, waiting for the drop time to end. First, you can put the aircraft down as soon as it is allowed. With this method, you can touchdown and theoretically use your equipment to arm yourself before anyone else.

A significant amount of players perform this task. Keep in mind that this approach works best with players with large-scale experience in Pro or Battle Royal games. Prepare lots of gunshots because you may be surrounded by enemies on all slopes if you jump into the battlefield like this. In fact, you can also participate in the fight before the gear rises first. So, if you are doing this, be prepared to do a sponge and fan smashing. Also, because you are lucky in the battle royal game, you will not feel good when you encounter the enemy with a gun only when you have a frying pan.

It is not often seen there, so it is time to have a frying pan to fight. Next, you can easily find loot equipment by choosing a good resource location, and you can be with yourself before fighting. Hopeless land fight for survival Apk there are numerous resource locations on the map, and there are more weapons and equipment in each area to arm you for combat. Sometimes, you will not have enough ammunition and equipment for yourself; If you search long enough, you can pick out your preferred weapons and equipment. This area is relatively dense compared to a building or structure, so it can be a good base if you are already in a safe zone or if you do not need a rush.

As a result, as with the first approach, as many players choose this strategy, opportunities for encounters and total combat can also increase. If you are not comfortable in combat, you can leave it to mid-level players and experts. Finally, at least not as far as possible a feasible approach is to wait until the flight is over before jumping into the farther, more rural area of the map. If you choose this method, you can select a location far away from most players. You will not find much equipment, but the longer the time, the longer the survival time will be.

This is especially handy for beginners and new players who are accustomed to control, including aiming. But do not be shy. Because there are a few veterans who can survive long. The goal of the game is to survive and, in many cases, escape from chaos and intense firefighting, and it is the most strategically sound policy in battle royal games.

3. Learn to use each type of weapon in hopeless land fight for survival Apk

You can have your favorite primary weapon and secondary weapon using the existing shooter game. You can decide to switch back to a set of weapons that you think will do your best before you use one or two other weapons in a game. Actually there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps this is probably the best way. In this basic shooter game you can also choose weapons before promoting your weapon.

In a battle royal game like Hopeless Land: Wight for Survival, you have to master only two weapons that you can throw away and think you can reach the highest point with your favorite weapon. Considering that there is no idea of a weapon to use when participating in any battle, you should be prepared for the worst every time the battle begins. So use every weapon you find each time you try to spend time and figure out how to use each effectively. To increase efficiency, you need to know how to win against people with everything in your inventory.

4. Shrinkage Check the safety belt regularly

Compared to other battle royal games, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival appears to reduce the safety zone faster. You will be surprised that you can stay away from dangerous areas. I took the risk, took the risk and caught up with you. Well, sometimes you’ll see players dying this way during combat, but they should not be one of them. You can check the map regularly to check the status of the safety zone and hazard zone.

You do not have to be in advance. Rather, when the previous location begins to shrink, it should be located at a point sufficient to make it easier to travel to the next safe zone hopeless land fight for survival Apk as an additional tip, keep a high level of attention during this time because there are players who consider it an opportunity to kill another player.

5. Stay as close to the team as possible

The whole point in the squad is actually working together to achieve a common goal of being the last person or standing people in this case. Coordination plays an important role in helping a team perform better than the rest of the team, as it is very common to find a team of random players. It is not surprising that squad members are fighting in their own separate way, like solo players. However, trying or trying with squad members can have many benefits.

One, the revival by a team member after being knocked down by the opponent is a huge enormous plus. On the same battlefield, there is a second chance that you had to play the game in a different way. Also, if you are in an alliance with someone else, you may want to shoot with another player. If you are forced to battle against two people, your survival will end.

As you can see, it’s funny that a fellow squad suddenly falling on your hands and knees can tell you that an enemy sniper should be in your sight. In fact, your colleagues can lengthen you instead of being on the ground. Stay on the battlefield. The goal in hopeless land fight for survival Apk again is to survive. So if the squad members choose to stay away from their desired area, try to be together.

6. Learn how to use the environment

The Struggle for Survival does not have a huge map to get lost, and boasts a variety of vehicles that can expand into water and the sky in battle. If you are lucky enough to find a vehicle with a teammate, you can become a pilot / driver, while others can attack your enemy. With this innovative technique, various strategic approaches and tactics are further developed. Do not forget the environment itself, as the game’s terrain and structure itself can be itself, since using a car can come from the next practical thing that helps you defend yourself or use it aggressively. Survival tools you can utilize. A common example is a building where resources are created.

In many battle royal games, good-structured camping for ambushing upcoming enemies can lengthen your survival time. Especially when the safety zone is in this area. Take advantage of this because the puddle has many areas that can be easily squatted and almost invisible. You can swim in lakes and rivers in games that will be especially difficult targets if you are far from the coast. In some areas, you can stand under water’s legs to ambush undoubted opponents.

7. Learn as much as you can while speculating

You can always learn and improve your grades as you continue to play. However, no matter how good you are, there are times when you will be out of battle in front of your teammates. You can leave the battlefield immediately and start lining up the queue for the next battle. However, doing so may result in the loss of additional points that the team can achieve. More importantly, you miss out on good opportunities to learn from them. If you can see the battlefield from a different point of view than you can gain from your own experience, you can gain valuable insight into how you can approach each battle differently.

Your colleagues may not necessarily be better than you, but you can show you what you have not found yourself. And that’s for our hopeless land fight for survival Apk tips strategy guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it, and you learned it. If you forget to mention tips, tricks, or strategies, please do not hesitate to write a line in the comment area!