High School Escape 2 Game Overview & Tips

High School Escape 2 Android game a sequel to Goblin LLC’s popular escape game High School Escape, is available for mobile devices like Score Hero Apk one the best game on Android. If you have trouble completing the level, check out the High School Escape 2 practice to complete the level. High School Escape 2 is a new escape game for mobile devices. In this game, the player must solve the puzzle to escape the room.

High School Escape 2 Game Overview & Tips for Android

The game features 18 levels. Level 9 is free (as per the game instructions). In this post we will solve puzzles and complete levels; Step by step guide / Take a photo tour. High School Escape 2 game Apk Level 1 Walkthrough at this stage you have to open the window and leave the room with a hook and rope. We need these items. Key to unlocking bags, hooks, ropes and handles. Let’s start the High School Escape 2 Level 1 exercise.

Press the wall (top edge). There is a poster. Double-tap the Eiffel Tower poster and get the key. Now press the left corner or zoom in on your suitcase. Use the key to open the locked suitcase. Bring the rope. Tap the bookcase area to get the hook. Hook Use a combination of rope and hook. The handle is under the pillow (bed 2). Use the handle to open the window. Use a hook + rope to escape. That’s all. High Schol Escape 2 Completed Level 1.

Level 2 Exercises

High School Escape 2 Apk game Level 2 at this level you have to enter the room. The room is locked. So we have to open the window to get inside the room. This level 2 requires ropes, column cuts, and two sheets of paper. Let’s start the High School Escape 2 Level 2 exercise. Tap the box to lock it. Tap the lock and use this symbol -> A C A B. After that, remove the piece of paper and the cutting pillar from the box.

 Tap on the side of the bucket and bring up another sheet of paper. Now there are all the pieces. Tap the wall (left corner) and use the collected pieces together with the piece. Use the cutting pliers to obtain ropes / wires. Tap the wire in the inventory list, then tap the paper. Return to the main view and go to the window. Use the rope / wire with the window and go inside. That’s all. High School Escape 2 Level 2 Walkthrough is complete.

Level 3 of High School Escape 2 Game Exercises

High School Escape 2 Level 3 Walkthrough you are in the music room. Your goal is to open a locked door. You need a card and certain items. You need a stick and a strap to get a card. Let’s start the High School Escape 2 Level 3 exercise. Press the box (wire attached). Now you need to change the wire / color. Just change it as follows: After that, you will get a certain item, use this item with the lock. Hint – Tap the wire and switch colors.

Tap the instrument and bring the stick. Return to the main screen and tap Other (Wall). After getting the tuning key, return to the main screen. Use the tuning key on the guitar (near the sofa). Gets the string. Combine the stick with the stick. Tap the right arm of the couch and use the stick to get the card. Enter the door and insert the card and its specific items. That’s all. High School Escape 2 Complete Level 3.