Hi Farm Merge Fun Game

Hi farm: Merge Fun is a new farming game for Android in Hi studio. Here are some things to know about Hi Farm.  Farming game is the best time killer game. Over the last two weeks, there’s a good farm game released from the Google Play store, including Farm Dream, Farm And Click

Hi Farm Merge Fun Game overview

Hi Farm: Merge Fun is another new agricultural product for Android, a strategic farming game. Use farm resources efficiently. Hi Farm: Merge outlines, guides, and tips from the game, you just merge, upgrade, merge and swipe harvest. For example – plant tomato crops on the farm. To increase or upgrade tomato crop production, you need to combine two tomatoes. And it should be in the form of a pair. For example, a Level 2 tomato can merge only a Level 2 tomato, not a Level 1.

The next is to complete the command. Complete your order to get gold coins. Course, Plant, Bottle, Coin Acquisition, Farm Expansion, Purchase and repeat resources. You have to use your farm efficiently. There is limited land for cultivation that needs to be fully optimized efficiently. You can expand your farm by purchasing more land, but it will be wasted when you start playing.

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Planting – Planting is easy, but you need to use coins effectively. For example – planting tomatoes is a waste because tomato production is very fast compared to other crops. Merge and upgrade – Increase your crops to get results faster. If you merge, you will be able to use the land efficiently and help you level up. Level up means more production in less time.

There are no fixed time limits to complete an order. Do not waste coins for specific orders. Be patient and follow the process. – Plants ⇒ Pull out the bottle. Bring a coin. – Expand your farm. – Purchase and repeat resources. Restricted orders – do not order again. You have to wait for your next order. Do not spend diamonds on the next order because diamonds can be useful later on.

Hi Farm: Merge fun, you take care of these tasks

  • mind
  • absorption
  • Collecting / Harvesting
  • sale

You can sell plants for coins. Just press the bot and then the delete button. You will not get the book value of the plant at the point of sale. Hi Farm Merge Fun game to combine fun, click on the Home option to view the crop stock. You can see the amount of all crops. Do not plant excessive amounts of crops already. Leveling up is required to unlock or access more features. Level Up – Expand crops, animals, and farms with more resources such as bakeries, juice factories, and more.

Please use the land efficiently. Merge can save more space while planting more. Save some coins. Do not spend more land because you can easily manage cultivation in the main space. But you have to spend more when you open more crops. Please prepare next – after level up you will receive an order for a new crop. For example – most orders after level 4 are for carrots. In this situation, you should not consume grapes.

Similarly, when you get close to level 6, stop spending on tomatoes, grapes, and potatoes. Hi Farm Merge Fun game is a great farming game but has drawbacks such as minimal order, speed of production, limited coins and more. Efficient use of resources is key to expanding your farm.


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