Helihopper Game Overview & Tips

Oddrok’s Helihopper Game is an amazing arcade game for Android and iOS. In this funny helicopter game you move from one helicopter to another, but it is not easy for the hardest player. Let’s look at all of Helihopper’s. The game begins with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. How to play, how to move from one helicopter to another, how to teleport hard work, tips are mentioned below.

The Helihopper consists of 70 endless modes divided into 70 achievements and 3 game modes. Easy, normal, and hard. Control is simple. Simply point out the perfect angle and untie it with the sling. Landing is often done on most missions in helicopters, and helicopters must land perfectly on other helicopters. While holding your finger on the screen, pull it, point it at another helicopter, and release it. That’s it.

Helihopper Game Overview & Tips for Android

Collect all the wrenches at each level of the helicopter, teleport the helicopter, and more. Complete mission XP. Get more XP to level your profile. Infinite mode is divided into 9 modes. 3 easy modes (unlimited side hops), 3 normal (limited side hops) and 3 hard (unspoken). A diamond is required to unlock this mode and the current level must meet the minimum requirements. For example, you must be in level 10 to play hard mode.

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How to get more life from a helicopter?

There are 10 different types of helicopters in this game, and each helicopter can be upgraded using H points (which can be gained through the game) and can increase the number of lives. Go to the game’s helicopter section to unlock the new helicopter, tap the + button and consume points.

  • Perfectly land on a perfect helicopter.
  • Improve your teleport activity.
  • Complete the mission easily.
  • Perfect landing on a helicopter

Helihopper game the main task of the game is to move the helicopter perfectly to another helicopter. First, check the work to be completed (top of the screen), check the wind speed and direction, and then make a perfect angle. Place your finger on another helipad and point it out.

Wind speed and direction

There are pillars between the two buildings (two helicopters) and there is also a windrock. Windsock represents the direction and intensity of the wind. Move the helicopter to another helicopter depending on the direction and speed of the wind. Teleport is one of the hardest tasks in the helihopper.

Instead of a normal takeoff, the player must jump the helicopter in the opposite direction. It’s simple. It depends on how you put out the helicopter. If you are in a favorable area, use wind speed, otherwise pull slightly and pull all the power. Upgrade your helicopter to increase your life.

Perfect mission for XP and level up, Keep playing with the ad / video feature even after you’ve lost all your life. Swipe left or right to take off perfectly. Helihopper game is a great offline time killer Android game. Full control of the helicopter makes it easy to solve any problem.