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9 New HD 1GB Games For Android Of 2018

Today we are seeing the best high graphics 1GB games for Android in 2019 with 1GB to 500MB of open world based video games on the Android platform. These are huge video games where players spend a lot of time completing quests, customizing various characters, and most of all exploring the open world.

The age of smartphones has made gaming accessible. 1GB or more 1GB Game size Available nowadays, this article will focus on 1GB to 500MB games that can be easily played on Android. In general, users prefer games that offer valuable in-app purchases, challenging gameplay, and original goals.

So, we’ve created a list of the top 9 best high definition games for Android from 1GB to less than 500MB, including the best shooting games, RPG games, considering the factors that gamers typically consider while installing games on Android devices. This list includes less than 1GB of best HD Games for Android, high graphic games that can be easily played on Android. Here is the complete list of the best graphics android games.

1.) WWE Immortals

best HD 1GB games for android

If you are addicted to watching wwe, this game has been made for you. Take your favorite WWE superstar out of the ring and put it into the supernatural world of WWE Immortals the entire batch of different universes with fascinating characters is an incredible fun fascinating for you. Read more/Download here. Also see, WWE 2K Apk

2.) Modern Battle 5

best HD 1GB games for android

Get on the battlefield and answer the call with a title that raises your current expectations for your first individual shooter with cool design, powerful firearms, and great online multiplayer action. Create teams from 8 halves, mobilize companions for collaborative activities and test your skills in a powerful battle with the world’s online opponents. You can download Modern Battle 5 game here.

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3.) Clash of Clan

best HD 1GB games for android

It is one of the most popular games on Android. When you build a village, grow camps, and fight in the epic Clan war, join many of the world’s players! Mustachioed Barbarians, the fire that hired Wizards, and other kinds of armies are tight for you. This game is always Trending after the game is over. If you have not played this game, please click on the link below and download this game. After that, I realized why this game is the most popular game. Read more/Download here.

4.) N.O.V.A 3

best HD 1GB games for android

divinity. The Heritage presents the best science fiction encountered by the FPS in the magnificent first scene of widely acclaimed N.O.V.A. Adventure – 20 MB variants all shrunk. Our legendary Kal Wardin is N.O.V.A who resigned. A veteran summoned to wear his armor armor about the power of the Colonial administration. With the help of his AI agent, Yelena, Kal must enter the war zone against the outsider and ensure the fate of mankind and reveal the puzzle behind the sudden assault. You can download N.O.V.A game here.

5.) Asphalt 8

best HD 1GB games for android

This game was created for game lovers who have no PC and should try this game if you want to experience a high graphics car racing game. Asphalt 8 races in some of the fastest growing elite dream machines, from cars to bikes. Speeds to sail the world. From the explosion of the Nevada desert to the tight changes in Tokyo, you can experience the best of passion and fun on the streets. You can download Asphalt 8 game here. Also read, Asphalt 9 Legends APK Beginner’s Guide

6.) Dungeon Hunter 5

best HD 1GB games for android

Fate pushed the earth into a period of chaos that introduced a period of chaos. Today the general population must fight against criminals, creatures and unthinkable fears. There are not so many soldiers hired and affluent job seekers. This is the time to open the door without opening the open door. The reason is reasonable because it requires high cost. You can download Dungeon Hunter 5 game here.

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7.) Gangstar Vegas

best HD 1GB games for android

If you want to play a public game like GTA Series, this game is suitable. Fly dangerously fun and uncontrollably, and enjoy the abundant outpouring of the city of sin! Appreciate everything Vegas brings to the table, such as shooting an equal pack, racing the car in a strip, playing music in a gambling club, and adjusting string instruments. When you examine all the traces of this crime paradise, you may fly to heaven. This game is based on the GTA theme. Read more/download here.

8.) Real Racing 3

best HD 1GB games for android

Real Racing 3 is one of the most popular burning games. If you are addicted to racing games, this game allows you to gain another level experience of high graphics racing. Real Racing 3 is an honorary champion that sets another standard for portable hustling. You have to play for trust. Racing 3 includes a steadily increasing number of reliable tracks with 39 circuits in 17 authenticable areas. Includes 43 automotive frameworks and more than 140 challenging items of the top makers. Also real time multiplayer, social, leaderboard time trial, nightly cumbersome. Read more/Download here.

9.) Implosion Never Lose Hope

best HD 1GB games for android

Twenty years after the Earth collapsed, the rest of humanity will face removal. The time has come to legalize our reality. The perplexed creature known as XADA confronts War-Mech’s battle suit, the last weapon of mankind. You can download Implosion Never Lose Hope game here.


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