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Google Street View APK Download Latest Version

Google Street View APK download latest version some people may not be familiar with Google Street View’s latest APK android apps download apk unlike pretty much similar apps around the world, there are many features and benefits to awaken your adventure spirit.

Download Google Street View APK latest version

This app has been downloaded by over 2 million people around the world because the collection of photos is huge. With the new launch in September 2017, new panoramas can be created or photos can be taken easily. It is true because a good picture is so good. You can divide them into the world.

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About Google Street View APK file

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  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Version: (32289)
  • File size: 54MB
  • Added: December 17, 2017 at 9:17 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.4+
  • MD5: bb65f9c35b5fd7dace2bbc0cec2d72d0
  • SHA1: 3350bb2e9701c024b41da347abc6c03c5626889b

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Review Google Street View App

In fact, the user interface is simply a lightweight interface. The button is big and easy to understand, so it does not confuse users. There are four buttons that are clearly described below. In conclusion, using this button will allow you to explore the world and get into many places you never imagined. For your information, users can create their own photos and share them privately via maps or as usual. You can customize your user account to attract people’s attention.

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Advantages :

The user interface is easy to understand. In addition to searching based on your interests, you can also capture and share your own Street View and Panoramas. Disadvantages This app requires at least 4.4 Android Kitkat version to maximize performance. Some debug issues need to be fixed.

How to use Google Street View App

It has a very easy and light interface to give you full information at a glance. There are four buttons. The first collection. From this collection button, you can view the developer collection for street and panoramic views. The second is the navigation button. Use this button to navigate to the place you want to view. The pictures are so perfect and fun because they use a 360 degree camera to give you a wider view. You can customize your account on the profile button to easily enter your name and email address. It also becomes a gallery of Street View and panoramic photos. The private button guides you through some settings for your account. If you want to explore the world, it’s a good idea to share it with Google Street View APK for Android. Sounds fun, does not it?

Change log

  1. Use the new “video mode” (Street View’s trusted photographers and local guides only) to walk, bike, or easily
  2. record Street View.
  3. Quickly preview video mode collections with immersive 360 videos before posting to Street View
  4. View the video mode collection as a track on the map with the total distance you traveled.
  5. Some bug fixes and other improvements
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