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Google Drive APK Download Latest Version 2.7.462.09

Google Drive APK download latest version 2.7.462.09 is one of our convenient Google services. It provides approximately 15 GB of free space for users to store files of photos, videos and document data.

Download Google Drive APK latest version

If you do not have enough free space already available, you can purchase more space for $ 2.50 for 25 GB of additional free space. In addition, this application allows users to access the website and phone. This application is known as one of the best competitors for similar applications like Dropbox and PCWorld Linux, but it can not beat Microsoft 7GB SkyDrive.

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 About Google Drive APK file

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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Version: 2.7.462.09 (74620930)
  • File size: 25.7 MB
  • Added: December 17, 2017 12:39 PM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 6e3b7c3c5019d07a6640f04f87e0d872
  • SHA1: a88ca449adee6c75f95fcb6c8bea4e7d00619292

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Review Google Drive App

Apps are very similar to humans in terms of perfection. No app is 100% perfect. This is because there are advantages and disadvantages in comparison between other apps. Google Drive for Android is used to organize files without your knowledge. For example, some documents disappear from the “My Drive” option, but can be assigned as an alternative. So you need to do an extra search. Here are some pros and cons.

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Advantages :

Powerful search capabilities. As for the image, Google Drive APK shows impressive work by recognizing people within the landmark or photo. For example, if you drop a few pictures of the Eiffel Tower, typing Eiffel will show all relevant images. Excellent integration. Similar applications work by copying files stored online, but this application shows high integration with this problem. Prevents users from downloading copies of records. Instead, you’ll see a file icon that you can access through your browser. Disadvantages Mobile support for other phones is limited. This app was originally built for Android, but it was also developed in other versions, such as iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Other versions of the app are not as good as Android. Also, the drive’s user interface is better in the Drive app than when opened using a browser.

How to use Google Drive App

This application is very easy to use. Please install Google Drive APK free if you have not installed it first or if it is not available on your phone. Then launch the app on your home screen to launch the app. Then click the arrow button in the bottom right corner and click “Done”. You are now signed in to your account. To upload a file to Drive, select the document you want to upload and then tap the “Share” button. When the option is displayed, select “Save to Drive.” You can allow Google to access your file and change the title or add a title to your document before saving it. In addition, when files are uploaded to Drive, you can share them with others via a shared link, or send files. Many sharing options are available, such as email or messages. If you want to see files that you share with others in the future, check the list by selecting the “Share with me” option.

Older Versions of Google Drive APK

Google Drive 2.7.462.06 (74620630) Old APK
updated: december 17, 2017
Google Drive 2.7.412.11 (74121130) Old APK
updated: december 10, 2017
Google Drive 2.7.412.08 (74120830) Old APK
updated: november 4, 2017
Google Drive 2.7.372.10 (73721030) Old APK
updated: november 1, 2017

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