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Google Camera APK Download Latest Version

Google Camera APK download latest version was developed by Google Inc. to help you create great photos quickly and easily. It’s a really fun and easy way to capture your special moments. This app is free from Google for all Android phones. There are many interesting features inside.

Download Google Camera APK latest version

This application has a light and minimal design. A preview is provided in a specific full-screen mode that provides comfort and range when operated for taking pictures. You can also perform a photo preview of the picture you took by scrolling to the right with a bright screen. You can also quickly scroll through the screen while taking pictures to find various menus, settings, and unique camera modes.

About Google Camera App APK file

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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Version: (41362666)
  • File size: 36.5 MB
  • Uploaded: December 5, 2017 3:39 GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 8.0+
  • MD5: cf429852e26d709fa2c661f6a55bce40
  • SHA1: ced015adf9b33b2f694005ffdedd8c07ade6e7de

Review Google Camera

Google Camera APK for Android Developers has a unique uniqueness when compared to a number of applications that are widely available to developers. Its uniqueness includes Photo Sphere, Lens Blur, Smart Panorama Shooting, and Video Direction notifications, helping you optimize your photoshoots as well as being easy to use. Photo Sphere is the shooting mode in this app. This mode can be used to take full indoor pictures. When you take a picture using this mode, it takes a long time because you take one picture at each angle. You can get help through the guidelines. In addition to Photo Sphere, Panorama mode is required for all camera applications. You can easily get large objects such as landscapes, beaches, landscapes, and city lights.

It is also easy to take pictures horizontally or vertically. Although Panorama mode existed in other Android camera applications, its presence gives it full functionality. Video orientation notifications are another interesting and unique thing to find in this application. With this feature, you can get notifications that consist of a transparent icon that shows the camera’s position when you record a video, and remind you of the direction of the video. The presence of this feature is very useful when applied to YouTube because it records video in a vertical position and leaves blank space on the right and left of the video. In conclusion, here is a list of pros and cons of this app.

Advantages :

Be fully functional. Photo Sphere feature. Has a simple interface Disadvantages At least Android Kitkat (version 4.4 or later) will only work.

How to use Google Camera App

Whether you’re using a panoramic, wide-angle, or fisheye lens, this Android camera application is simple and easy to use. Google Camera APK download free you can take a variety of landscape scenes that blend the photo shots automatically. First open the camera and tap on the panoramic picture. To take a panoramic picture horizontally, tap Landscape and other settings, and then follow the symbols. When you tap a photo shoot, press and hold the circle above the gray dot on the screen until the dot disappears. Move the camera to the next gray dot to stabilize the lens. Repeat until the gray spots disappear. Press the picture at an angle of the screen.

Change log

  1. Camera Shutter Mute – Turns off the shutter sound in settings (this option is only available in some locations).
  2. Self-flash – Turn on the flash when using the front camera to improve the picture from the dark to the front.

Older Versions of Google Camera APK

Google Camera (41343466) Old APK
updated: december 5, 2017
Google Camera (41331786) Old APK
updated: november 14, 2017
Google Camera (41320906) Old APK
updated: october 17, 2017
Google Camera (41174009) Old APK
updated: october 14, 2017

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