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Good Lock APK download latest version 24.0.16 do you want to customize and customize the look of your phone? If you have a Samsung device using Marshmallow OS, we recommend installing the latest APK 24.0.16 (240016) for Good Lock.

Download Good Lock APK latest version

With the new application, you can create options for personalizing colors on your screen, and applications you use and access frequently. If you want to enjoy it easily and easily, this is a feature for smart devices.

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About Good Lock file

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  • Developer: Samsung Electronics
  • Version: 24.0.16 (240016)
  • File size: 19.8 MB
  • Uploaded: November 13, 2017 11:42 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 6.0+
  • MD5: 04aa54505a63b1bd332a573fdcee3bb4
  • SHA1: 7ff76227a3814895d01604281177b63d6e9641b6

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Review Good Lock App

In addition to managing your settings and how you use your app, you can also control how you receive notifications or control everything without unlocking your screen. Even if the screen is locked, a list of various apps and widgets will appear when you lower the special widget area down. Simply add, edit and irritate! You’re done. There’s a cool new feature for Good Lock APK download free for Android. New notification organizations can be managed from the lock screen. You can also put categories, save them, and set reminders. If you have a lot of usage but the alert is on the screen, you can check it later with the safety option.

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You can freely manage categories to see which ones are for personal use and which ones are for business use. If you do not want to forget that you have saved the notification, set the alarm button so that you do not miss it. This application is packed with all nice and convenient things, so you can improve your efficiency seriously. The routine is an interface that helps the user to make the device work better. Want custom colors? Do it freely. Manage app tray? Why not? It can be a heartbeat. Do you want to customize colors or customize your phone? Feel free to experience the unique and edgy effect.

Advantages :

Managing your apps and widgets is easy. You can manage everything quickly and easily. Updates are provided once every two weeks, so you can expect better performance and smooth operation. Disadvantages The home button responds slowly. Just press twice instead of once. Battery drained quickly. Some people experience the loss of 4G connections. It does not happen to all users. Only some of them.

How to use Good Lock APK

After installing the app, select the ‘App Tray’ feature to customize it. App Tray has a handle that can be pushed up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll then see the areas you want to keep your most frequently accessed apps and the option to edit and add them. Use these two options to remove or add the app you want. This application tray is very fast and easy to access, so there is no problem in modifying the application. App Tray is for beginners, so try a different set of features.

Change log

  1. Applied Customer Feedback (add functionality)
  2. Added interoperability with the latest Samsung Pay
  3. Support all notification cancel buttons (fixed position)
  4. Blue light filter support (for upgraded notebook 5)

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