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Giants War Game Strategy Guide & Tips

The Giants War game a new product that tries to take its place among many other games in the popular idle RPG market. This game has many cool heroes, great game modes, robust visuals and generous free games as same as Primal Wars Dino Age game, the first time you start the Giants War, I greet you with many welcome items that will make your game easier for new players.

Giants War Game Strategy Guide & Tips for Android

A lot of gold, ether (what you need for level-up and evolving heroes), and a great amount of decisions (premium currency of the game) will be given to all new players, and they can make things over a solid team of heroes. Regarding game mode, the Giants War features a clear selection of classic modes found in many other similar titles. You have a single player campaign filled with terrible missions to defeat. There are also arenas for high-level players who already own a powerful hero team and want to test against other players.

Finally, there are occasional PvP battles while exploring in single player campaigns. With regard to video, the Giants war game can not be described as the absolute beauty and standard that other games can reach, but it provides a certain quality of in-game effects such as detailed characters, colorful environments and explosions. On the other hand, lack of colorful visual means that you can play games on almost all the latest devices, and the Giants War Apk anyone can play.

The game, which arrived just a few weeks before the Giants War, does not offer game modes and gaming methods, but as time goes by, the Giants War has numerous new game modes as well as daily and weekly events. At this time, you can unlock the arena to run your campaign and fight against others, and you can follow the event to receive the prize money. The game also provides a basic building, but for now it is very rudimentary and with other resources available, you can upgrade your base freely without having to worry about coins for navigation. Heroes.

The current Giants war game quite generous to the free-to-play player and can be a very powerful hero team that can be patient and time-consuming to defeat an enemy with a perfect rating. We have been playing games for over a week and have found better ways and better ways. Finally we finally have some nice tips and tricks to share with you all. Find out how to organize the best heroes team in the Giant Wars with us.

1. Crystals are exclusively consumed exclusively in new heroes and cores

Giants War provides a basic building and you can use the crystal through the game to complete the upgrade immediately. You can also use crystals to gain additional hero quest slots and more. Do not do that. Crystals are relatively easy to acquire, but they can not be used in everything that the game offers. Instead, save the crystal and use it to summon a new Hero.

The first couple of subpoenas (each 1000 decisions) must provide at least one 3 hero (you can get a higher hero by developing your current hero). So it is best to summon two heroes (you need to get a pair of enough crystals, consuming 700 crystals to get the cores used by evolving heroes.) Summon new heroes and use crystals only to buy cores do it.

2. Local exploration until you defeat a single opponent

There are no monsters on the classic level in Giants War. Instead, you can choose to explore coins of a certain amount in each area, then collect the rewards and fight the enemy. Since the game offers many different enemies in each area, you will not be able to beat them all without much exploration Giants War game the good thing is that if you already defeat an enemy of a particular group, you will see a short description above each enemy icon (you can see the star rating if you defeat the other, or above if you’re new), if they defeat you , Their icons, etc.). Rather than tame the enemy, it is better to simply reward them, skip low-level enemies and focus on the new and the bosses.

You have been defeated in battle with high-class enemies that provide valuable items (ether, crystal, hero core, etc.) but have not achieved a 3-star rating. If you make all of the enemy’s groups available in a particular area as an ace, you will receive a reward for the crystal, so it is reasonable to earn three stars for each group. If a particular group of monsters is too hard for the current group of heroes, you come to evolve and upgrade them, and later destroy those who destroyed you.

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3. Remember that all heroes provide quests

Each hero has its own set of quests. And do not open additional quest slots because they are not worth it. You must always choose an active quest, defeat the enemy, and explore a specific area a certain number of times. Quests that involve raising a hero to a certain level must be completed immediately after activation. Spend ether because you have to level up your hero to make your party stronger.

Also, sometimes these quests are completed immediately because these heroes are already high enough. If these quests and heroes, including evolving heroes, have evolved or are high enough, they will be completed immediately Giants War game the easiest quests are quests that involve exploration and chest gathering, so they offer advantages when choosing a new quest.

4. Do not activate your Hero’s powers as soon as they are replenished

Each hero of the party has one active force and many passive forces. Active Power Refill can be used more than once during battle if you have enough time to refill. Because each power has a different effect, you need to read and know the active power of each hero to learn how and when to use it. For example, a tank usually has the power to attack an enemy. This is cool power, but only when other heroes are attacked and start to lose their health.

Also, if you have ever started attacking your opponent or you want to remove the negative effects of your hero, you must use healing power to support your hero. Study each active force and use it according to its effect. Next, each hero has one special finishing action, which is a much more powerful attack than a normal attack. Because heroes are not equal and have multiple roles, it is best to activate each hero’s finishing work and check the hero’s role. Then you should use it exclusively after discovering which is the most powerful.

For example, Orc Warlock had a powerful attack on each enemy. All enemies have done terrible damage. So we’ve always used it as a finishing touch. Of course you can use other actions in different situations. Our warriors have a finisher that can do terrible damage to a single enemy. We use it when fighting one boss or when one group of enemies is left.

5. Focus on the five strongest heroes in Giants War Game

The Giants war is based on a five-player hero party, so focus on the five strongest heroes. Upgrade your cores to just use the ether, wear the best armor, wear equipment, and use it to develop the ultimate hero. However, please wait a moment before you choose the ultimate party of 5. As I already mentioned, before saving a new decision, you need to save 2,000 crystals and summon two new heroes. Summon these two heroes and see if they are stronger than the rest of the team. After summoning these two new heroes and creating the ultimate team, use Ether to level the hero only. Next, keep only the cores available to your current heroes.

Unless you are planning to spend real money on Giants War, you will collect a few heroes and most cores will become useless. You can use it freely to upgrade other cores that can actually be used to evolve your own heroes. Keep in mind that cores are not only rare stars, but also because of their rarity. It is especially important if you have a rare core that matches one of your current heroes, because your hero will be stronger than if you spent a common core (gray) to develop your hero.

6. Log in to the Giants War several times a day

The Giants war game still a new game, so there are plenty of prizes. Since we knew that we received a lot of money in the game each time we logged in, log in at least three times a day. Daily items can also be picked up at the Giants War, as well as incredible prizes from time to time. The prize money is not huge, but it is enough to explore the area dozens of times or raise the most powerful heroes a few times.

7. One word or two about PvP combat

This game offers PvP combat, and you will stumble upon other heroic parties as you explore other areas. Each victory gives you a score, and if you get enough, you will be promoted to a new league. Each promotional offers a coin and more importantly a crystal. You can defeat a player with a higher battle rating than yourself and lose to a player with a lower battle rating. It’s up to you because you are the choice to fight or run away. It is relatively easy to find opportunities for a particular opponent. Just follow these rules. First, check your opponent’s Hero Rare.

If the other player has a blue or purple (epic or legendary) hero and does not own a rare hero, it is best to skip that battle even if the hero is several levels below him or less than 1 star. Your most powerful hero . Next, look at the star ratings. If your star rating is lower than you, you can defeat a hero party made up of high-class heroes. There are two 3-star heroes and two 3-star heroes in the enemy. All are 2 levels higher than heroes, but if you own 3 heroes and 2 heroes, you can attack freely.

If the star rating is the same, or one of the party members starts a higher rating and the enemy hero is a parent, the match is skipped. In general, you should focus on rarity first and focus on star rating, and hero rank third. Of course, this only applies if the enemy party has the same battle rating as your party, or if you make a difference of two hundred points. If the enemy party has a significantly higher attack strength rating of 200 points or more, you can skip the Giants War game if you have a better hero.


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