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Fruits Bomb APK Download Latest Version 2.6.3111

Fruits Bomb APK download latest version 2.6.3111 one of the popular concepts for games is match-3 gameplay. Arrange at least three similar characters and get points. Vertically or horizontally.

Download Fruits Bomb APK latest version

If you prepare 4 and 5, you will receive more points, bonuses and rewards. Fruit bombs Latest APK 2.6.3111 (263111) uses this kind of concept to provide simple gameplay but attractive colors. Characters are fruits such as grapes, apples, strawberries, oranges. You can also see bread, mushrooms, chocolate, pies and other food. They get more points and rewards and clear the levels. The basic gameplay is simple and the player uses a swipe to arrange the three fruits. After dissolving these fruits, others come down from the top depending on what level you play. The high level gives a variety of fruits.

About Fruits Bomb APK

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  • Developer: Mobileguru
  • Version: 2.6.3111 (263111)
  • File size: 16MB
  • Uploaded: January 29, 2018 8:50 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: bc4bd189980b0afaa5a23b94b3c6cf59
  • SHA1: 9e6daeb28e08fb41d599ea76a4a39b6838752dec

Review of Fruits Bomb APK

You can watch thousands of games with similar gameplay on Google Play. Well, more than 10 million users have downloaded it. It is enough evidence to show that this game is very popular. Delicious strawberries, bananas, grapes, blueberries and other fruits come in attractive colors. This is the reason for installing this game on your smartphone. You just need to arrange three fruits vertically or horizontally in the same color and shape. After that, the fruit will be depleted by the bomb. That’s why it’s called a fruit bomb. For your information, match-3 games are the game industry’s oldest game concept. Small developers can create this game with enough coding and technical skills. However, there is room to expand and create more engaging gameplay. The developer decides when to create the Fruits Bomb for Android.

However, this game has advantages and disadvantages. Fruits Bomb APK download free you can play on your previous Android version without much trouble. The game is light and low in game mode. Instead of playing a heavy and advanced game, you can use this to kill time for a long period of time. When reaching a new dimension, it does not reduce interesting and enjoyable aspects. Some players give this game the best star to give a rating because it is addictive. It is an easy game that is easy to duplicate for a small number of people. That’s because you can find the same game with three matching games. It’s a tough competition, but it shows developers that it’s worth the best list because it gives the player a lot of advantages.

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Advantages :

It has simple gameplay, attractive colors and characters. Not many resources. It can be played on most of the Android version. Disadvantages This game is not a new concept. It is usually a match-3 game.

How to play Fruits Bomb

You can see the score and move the bar at the top of the screen. Moreover, all the depleted fruits appear. You see the number of strawberries you just received. As mentioned above, there is not much trouble getting started and starting this game. Fruits Bomb APK for Android use a swipe to move the fruit from one point to another to find a match at another point. After that, the game will cause the fruit to explode automatically. In addition to fruit, the player must move to a new level by breaking ice, bread, and chocolate. Different characters show different effects when they are arranged in a fruit. It is a fun game with lots of spare time or traveling.

Change log

  1. 16 new levels have been added.
  2. Level difficulty adjustment
  3. Minor bug fixes
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