Forces of Freedom Game Overview & Tips

Forces of Freedom Apk game is one of the best action games for Android. It features a 5v5 team multiplayer mode in which your goal is to defeat the enemy and catch the flag. A Guide to the Power of Freedom check out the trick to win, The free power of BRAVOCOMPANY Ltd. is an online multiplayer game for mobile devices like Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 APK currently, in development is in initial access mode and only one game mode is available.

Forces of Freedom Game Overview & Tips for Android

It features real-time multiplayer mode and can be played with four other players, the only goal being to eliminate enemy teams or catch flags. Your contribution is really important to winning. Forces of Freedom game begin with the guide before continuing with tips, tricks and strategies.

Getting started basic

The game begins with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. Movement, goal and shoot, flag collection, and much more. At the end of the tutorial, just tap the Start battle button and enter the open field where you have to shoot down the enemy. In this game, your goal is to eliminate the enemy team, and you can not achieve only this goal. You must hold the flag, defeat the enemy, inflict damage, and protect your team members and contribute to the team.

There are certain time limits for combat. The team wins all enemies and immediately wins. If both teams fail, the win is determined by the percentage of the area captured by the team. Forces of Freedom Android game the primary goal is to remove all enemies within a certain amount of time. If the team fails to remove all opponents and you have a few seconds left, move towards the flag and take control of the area.

Battle view

In this section, we will talk about the battlefield. It’s a public field so you can go anywhere. Under the bridge can be hiding behind rocks, houses, trees. At the bottom of the screen is a map. Tap on the map to see a clear view. Flag, position of team member, enemy. There are three control options in the lower left corner. You can use the Joystick to move, zoom, and run characters. You can see health from the bottom center of the screen.

In the lower right corner, you have two options. Changing location or mobile phone; Tap to contact your team member. Forces of Freedom game you can ask your command for help. Catch the flag, well done, more than that. You can check the status at the top center of the screen. Time left in battle and number of team members or enemies in the battlefield.

Power of Freedom

Your health is limited. If you are defeated by the enemy, you can return to the menu or see how other team members handle combat. If the team wins, you will receive a trophy and other compensation based on your participation. There are many ways you can contribute to your team.

Catching flags, Kill the enemy. Detect the enemy. Help your team members. Protect them from enemies who are aiming multi at range. Force of Freedom Let’s start with tips, tricks, and strategies.

 Select the right weapon of the Forces of Freedom game

As mentioned above, it is currently in early access mode and does not feature many weapons and soldiers. But there are still three choices. Scouts, snipers, riflemen. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you have to choose who you are comfortable with. Sniper – Single Fire, Rifleman – Rapid Fire, Scout – Fast Runner. If you select Soldier (Sniper), you can shoot an enemy from a long distance. Effective and accurate, however, there is only one disadvantage of fire. It will take almost 2 to 3 seconds to reload the gun after firing it.

If you choose a rifleman, you will not be able to kill the enemy from long range. But you can fire continuously. Scout – Select Scout to run faster. So choose a soldier wisely before you start combat in the Force of Freedom game. Choose Main Screen -> Soldiers -> Soldier. Switch to a globe for more options.

Strategy change according to the soldier

You can not run one strategy with all the soldiers. Forces of Freedom game Apk for example; Choosing a rifleman causes a sudden fire. If you choose Scout, you can run faster. If you have a sniper, you can shoot down enemies in range. So if you choose a sniper, you can target a target because you can climb a hill or stand on top to attack a ranged target. If you have chosen a rifleman, use a quick fire; Go closer and aim and shoot.

If you select Scout, you can run it quickly. Because the speed of the target rifleman or sniper enemy is slow; Find them, let them do it, get close, give a surprise and start shooting. If you choose a sniper, keep it away from the enemy because it takes time to reload. It would be better for long range attacks.

Master Control

Shooting games. If you spend too much time on the goal and shooting, your opponent will benefit from your weaknesses. Continue the game, strengthen your goals and acquire skills. If you do not shoot well, do not get close to the enemy and press the fire button to improve the sharpness of the shot.

Follow Team

When the battle begins, do not go along with other teammates alone. If you go on your own, you are likely to be the target of many enemies and it will not be easy to deal with two enemies at a time.


You need to contribute to the team to get more points or trophies. There are many ways to kill the enemy, catch the flag, discover the enemy. If you just avoid the enemy, do not hesitate, do not hesitate, move further away from your team member and start shooting.

Goal Setting

Plan your strategy before you start a battle. How to defeat your enemy? donate? like; I will follow my teammates. Go to the top and target your enemy. Forces of Freedom game select a specific enemy and target him. Wait till the end. If both teams fail to remove the team member, move further toward the flag to capture the area. So this is a power guide for freedom and power tips for beginners.


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