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FINAL FANTASY V is for Android! Final Fantasy V APK debuted in 1992 as the fifth installment of the Final Fantasy series. This hugely popular RPG is the first game with over 2 million copies sold. Many more new Apk games available to download free here like, Eternium APK,  Final Fantasy Brave Exvius APK & many latest Android apk games apps with free downloadable links.

This breakthrough title was able to customize the character with unprecedented freedom thanks to a new job and ability system that improved and improved the job change system used in FINAL FANTASY III. This title has enabled a more immersive play of the story by stimulating the player’s imagination with the introduction of a more detailed and expressive 2D character model.


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Earth, water, fire, wind … These are the four crystals that bring peace and prosperity to the world. But they have lost their power and are now on the verge of being destroyed. It all started with strange changes in the wind … Perceiving the ominous astir, and young traveler Bartz, his chocobo, Princess Lenna of Castle.

The elderly mysterious Tycoon and Pirate Captain Faris, who are suffering from amnesia, soon realize that destiny is gathering former strangers together. Due to strong will and captive souls, the four heroes began a bold adventure.

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