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FIFA Mobile Soccer APK v12.6.03

By name, we can sincerely hope that FIFA's latest 12.6.03 (154) mobile soccer APK is the soccer game. It is an association football simulation video game. As the most popular soccer video game, there are EA Canada and EA Mobile as developer and EA Sports as editor for Android and iOS. At first, the FIFA video game was released during Gamescom 2016 in August 2016. Then, the game for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows was released after October 2016. With the best feature, it comes with the Live Events themes that have the last real world event in the mini-games.

FIFA Mobile Soccer file information

Version: 12.6.03 (154)
File size: 71.8 MB
Uploaded: July 30, 2019 at 11:29 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and higher
MD5: fa425ea39358297b86f39993f9b821fe
SHA1: abb51d195ddb109bcc3acd0d4742c2fd90f1a9d1

Download FIFA Mobile Soccer APK 12.6.03

FIFA Mobile Soccer APK v12.6.03

FIFA Mobile Soccer Review

Although there are some rumors that EA Sports has the least perfected recipe on PCs and consoles, it will be different for the mobile version. It has better features for the mobile version. For the latest version, there is FIFA 17 as the new ambassador. It will be a bit the same and has been restarted from Madden NFL MOBILE. In addition, there is also the additional feature that is built for the FIFA soccer video game. Attack mode is the new feature that becomes a troubleshooter for the short period of play.

As the most popular soccer video game in a mobile version, the FIFA soccer video game has some professional features.


  • There are touch and touch controls that will make each player easier to handle. It also helps rookie players control the game.
  • The new version will also come with the perfect change.
  • As we know, there is an additional feature that is the attack mode. It will also help players serve more exciting moments.
    The most important thing for the latest version is the free package.


  • Although it comes with touch and punch controls, it will sometimes be inaccurate.
  • The attack mode is not entirely perfect to build, as it will lead to too many basic bones.
  • It will be the good side for some developments, but the latest version one; It will be more like Madden NFL Mobile. Therefore, you may lose some FIFA vibes for the latest version of FIFA 17.

How to play

If you are interested in playing the latest version of this game, you can get some tips to play FIFA mobile soccer for Android. First, there will be two ways to play FIFA, which are the core and the alternative.

For the primary, you can use the AI ​​control while you need a virtual button combo and paste it alternately.

Second, you must learn how you are. There are live events that have the quick challenge of winning coins, the attack mode that has the asynchronous multiplayer mode and the season game that allows you to choose the real-life leagues. Then, you can get more shapes after playing more and more FIFA mobile score.


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