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Destiny / Grand Order APK v1.32.0

If someone is looking for a challenging strategy game, then the latest APK 1.32.0 (71) from Fate / Grand Order might be the answer. Especially for those who like Fate anime, they must have heard about the FGO game. Aniplex Inc., which also becomes the anime production house, finally launched mobile games with a turn-based fighting system. Its presence is able to attract the attention of many people, especially anime lovers.

Fate / Grand Order File Information

Developer: Aniplex Inc.
Version: 1.32.0 (71)
File size: 59.5 MB
Uploaded: August 30, 2019 at 1:37 PM GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and higher
MD5: 3a271fc463f0b29a9ae67212072226b3
SHA1: be8a960f64323c2abbee7709abcab008e6273ee4

Download Fate / Grand Order APK 1.32.0

Destiny / Grand Order APK v1.32.0

Fate / Grand Order review

Fate / Grand Order has the mission of saving humanity from extinction that is predicted to happen in 2016. Players will act as Masters who control a series of Servers. They will explore the past to discover the mystery of the event while saving people from extinction. For the game, the game base uses the CCG (Trading Card Game) system.

Players must collect the cards and update the cards through the leveling system. This system is very commonly used in similar games, especially the game of Japan. However, the fighting system in FGO for Android can be seen as more complicated compared to others. Before starting the game, the player must organize a party or unit consisting of 6 servants. Three servants are on the front line and three others as support. In battle, players will activate abilities with different effects.

They should also be wise to use it because everyone has more time to cool down. The pace of the game is also slower to increase the level of servant, teacher and story progression, which have a fairly large gap per episode. To maximize the server and teacher update, there will be weekly missions every day to earn money, update materials and more. Seen from the visual appearance, as usual, the Japanese game, including Fate / Order, has typical graphics for Anime.

With 2D animation, it looks like beautiful graphics of anime sprites. There are also some iconic servers that players can pick up. There are eleven types of servants in the game that are Archer, Saber, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster, Shielder, Berserker, Ruler, Avenger and Beast. It is also available to play for free with great anime settings.


  • Beautiful graphics typical of Japanese anime with a great background story
  • Many servants, who are iconic to collect
  • Free to play with the Gacha system
  • Fun to play


  • Complicated fighting system
  • It is quite difficult for beginners

How to play

The Gacha system is also applied in the FGO game. Gacha is a system that allows players to risk premium currency to obtain the desired unit or weapon. The premium currency is something difficult to get for free. You can even buy them with real money. To play intelligently, the first way is to log in every day. Games like this at least provide daily login bonuses. Do not waste it.

They also routinely do daily missions or missions. So, the premium currency is not impossible to obtain. The routine also follows the events of the game. Usually, the rewards offered are also interesting, including your favorite units. The last thing is to use the premium currency wisely and not waste it. Use it only when players are sure they will get something valuable.


  • Start of the limited time event "The Return of Nero Fest – Autumn 2019"
  • Game System Improvement
  • Several bug fixes

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