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Farm Heroes Saga APK Download Latest Version 4.6.4

Farm Heroes Saga APK download latest version 4.6.4 King ‘s new game is mainly for gamers because of the success of Candy Crush Saga. The puzzle-themed game is Farm Heroes Saga’s newest APK 4.6.4 (300141).

Download Farm Heroes Saga APK  latest version

This game is fundamentally similar to previous games. The player completes through several stages. To win a round, the player must complete the given quest.

Farm Heroes Saga APK file information

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  • By King
  • Version: 4.6.4 (300141)
  • File size: 71.9 MB
  • Uploaded: March 4, 2018 9:40 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 2.3+
  • MD5: c0bf011e02906ffde27f9a1053ee991f
  • SHA1: 7a43831418b60212803388600eeaf5c2a2e77a65

Farm Heroes Saga APK reviews

Candy Crush Considering the success of Saga, the King that the developer intended will create a series of similar games with each theme or originality. This game uses gameplay similar to Candy Crush, a match-3 puzzle that can be played through browser, iOS and Android. Collect fruits, vegetables, sun, and water according to the given quest to match the quota. According to themed farms, there are also animal courtyards. In gameplay, the player is asked to slide and move to a specific space in order to match three or more of the same type in succession to match the fruits and vegetables. It can be done vertically and horizontally. Farm Heroes Saga APK free there is nothing special about gameplay and it is easy to follow. To win the stage, the player must collect quotas for the various pieces completed by the player with a limited number of actions.

In this game, there are special boss levels that can defeat the enemy through more than 3 games. If you meet the quota but some action remains, you will switch to hero mode. It is used to increase the score because the remaining action is given a higher value piece. The higher the level, the more new obstacles are created. Flowers, eggs, grass tiles, and ice. Some players have a very high level of difficulty, the level becomes too high, sometimes frustrating. There are variations of the game like free booster and cooldown timer. As the king’s standard, the appearance presented is not bad. A variety of cute characters and colorful schemes are available. With noticeable color differences, the player can easily identify the particles even if the sound effects are justified.

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Advantages :

Play fun and simple game with strategy Cool graphics of cute characters with a colorful scheme of farm themes Features are abundant.  Disadvantages Difficulty is so important between levels. I feel frustrated when it gets harder and harder. Fair Sound Effects

How to play Farm Heroes Saga APK

Whether you’re new to the game or not, you always need tips and tricks to become an expert at winning fast and easy at all levels. First, some vegetables and fruits in the game are displayed in numbers, not in other fruits. Then concentrate on the pieces in numbers because you can give additional points by considering the goals in the level. Also focus on the bottom plate. Keep the boards that are new to the board to allow new combinations. When the player reaches the level with the flower, remove the flower. It is because the flowers are designed to block the game. First, take care of them and follow your goal. Do not use the beans directly at the level where the kidneys are enemies. Farm Heroes Saga APK for android play all levels without investing in beans because it is not difficult to play. Investing beans makes it easier to level, but tips can save you more beans.

Older Versions of Farm Heroes Saga APK

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updated: march 4, 2018
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updated: december 13, 2017
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Download APK file 71.9 MB Get with Play stor
  • William baco


Fun & super adorable match 3 game – the only game I’ve kept playing for years (3-4?!) Variety of different mechanics and choice of animal helpers keep it interesting, and less frustrating than the Candy Crush games.