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F1 Mobile Racing Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips

F1 Mobile Racing Apk there are many mobile racing games focus on Street Racing 3D APK, & have focused on Asphalt 9 Game, in the past. But what about games based on Formula 1? Codemasters are famous for Boom! Tanks, Colin McRae Rally and many other F1 inspired titles have recently launched F1 Mobile Racing android devices and this game gives you the opportunity to create your own F1 car and compete with others.

F1 Mobile Racing Apk Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

Compete against real drivers and teams in the 2018 F1 season. Because it is an official F1 license product, you will be given the opportunity to test driving skills in one of the 21 official circuits of the 2018 season, and all F1 drivers of the current season will be included in this game. Ferrari’s Kei Raikkonen and Sebastian Vetel Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. This game is one the mobile gaming experience.

It will be a new experience for those who can become veterans of the F1 game for other platforms. Likewise, we have suggested tips and tricks for this F1 Mobile Racing Apk beginner’s guide. If this is the first time you’ve downloaded the game for the first time, keep in mind 10 things. Just keep reading and you can move from the lowest tier league to the next league, or step two faster than expected!

1. Game basics

Most Formula 1-based games (at least consoles and PC games) sit in the car seats of your favorite team and compete with other drivers throughout the entire F1 season (or later), and F1 mobile racing is designed specifically for mobile gamers It seems to be. Maybe by name alone. While you can compete with other real drivers in the F1 season of 2018, this is only possible in one play and as there is no compensation when competing against the AI version of Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel It looks. , Lewis Hamilton, etc. At the heart of the game is a duel mode where you try to knock down another driver, compete to win other players and avoid interference with AI-controlled cars. pack.

There are many different races that can participate when playing in duel mode. This can include Grid Start. Coldstart is lined up on the grid with other drivers at the start of the race. Sprint Race allows you to start flying while you’re ready to start a new rap, F1 Mobile Racing Apk this time with Sprint Race, which is a “ghost” that appears when you approach all other drivers, but it can not actually crash.

This duel type is randomly selected by the game, so be prepared in any way! All duel lasts for one lap and the final position at the end of the knee is technically unrelated. The important thing here is to get ahead of others and get more points as a result.

2. What does a winning duel do for you?

Now that you know what to expect when you play F1 Mobile Racing, let’s move on to the league system of this game. When you complete the tutorial race, it will be placed in League 8, the lowest ranked League 8. It may be the lowest league in the league, but if you create a league you can have three new tracks on the Canadian Race Track. After winning the race, you will be able to get 15 new R & D parts as well as 10 R & D slots. As mentioned at the end of the first tip, you will get points after winning the duel.

However, if you lose the race you will get similar scores. So it is important to always upgrade your car properly as we will discuss it in the R & D tip. After winning 400 in League 8, you are promoted to League 7 and you can already win three tracks (Austria, Belgium, Russia), 15 new parts, and 2 new R & D slots F1 Mobile Racing Apk get ideas here. More win means more points, more points means better leagues, and a better league means more opportunities to unlock more things and improve the car.

3. Always aim for a perfect start in the grid race

As mentioned earlier, the grid start race will be the closest match to this Formula 1 racing experience. You can start like a real F1 driver on a time-based grid in a qualified session. Qualifying elements are excluded from F1 Mobile Racing’s Grid Start race (Qualifying is a standalone race type). The opponent and the opponent are then normally placed in the middle of the 20-car grid.

The key to a strong start in this race type is to make the perfect start by releasing the clutch button as soon as the final light turns red to signal the start of the race. This will give you some advantages (assuming they can not make a perfect start), so make the most of this boost and widen the gap sooner and later. Often it is harder for your opponent to pull out for more than 2 seconds!

4. Avoid contact because all drivers do not play fairly

Formula 1 is, of course, another completely different type of NASCAR race. It is said that “friction is racing” which is a popular expression for old fans F1 Mobile Racing Apk in other words, you should expect others to move from time to time. If the driver is in orbit and pushes back to the right, either (in most cases) will not be inflated. It’s not the way it actually works in F1, but in F1 Mobile Racing you should expect players or two to hit, slip, or try to get out of the track altogether and use cunning tactics.

We have met by chance many times. If you accidentally push your opponent, you may lose valuable time, and vice versa. The same applies to artificial intelligence drivers, but the cars that run at either speed are generally better than others F1 Mobile Racing Apk the easiest and simplest way to solve this problem is to avoid contact with other cars. It’s not always easy, but avoiding contact improves lap time.

5. Follow the arrow

If you have fully enabled the Driver Assistant setting in the game, an arrow appears in the track and it is best to follow the path to ensure a better time. These arrows indicate where you should drive to get the fastest speeds, especially for clear items. When the arrow turns red, you need to prepare.

6. Get an edge on your opponent

For those unfamiliar with racing jargon, slipstreaming drives another car for some speed up and then moves to an open space to catch up with the other driver. This mechanic, fortunately, has been in F1 mobile racing, driving behind other cars (including human opponents) and using slipstream to beat the opponent and gain the additional advantage needed to win the duel F1 Mobile Racing Apk has its own way of providing speed enhancements that can be used once or twice in a race and appears in the form of a DRS button that sometimes appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you think this button is the same as the Nitro of the game in a street racing game, this time only nitrous oxide is actually not used. The best time to hit this button is when you are in straight. If you press the button during the turn, the DRS function will be wasted. Because it is natural, good handling is needed on the turn. speed.

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7. Single race mode is essentially for practice

Do you have to play the game for the next duel? Tap on a single tab to race on tracks you’ve unlocked so far and compete with the all-AI grid in grid start, entitlement, or sprint race mode. You can also choose the number of laps (1, 3, 5 or 10) and difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard). Single mode should not be confused with season mode. The point of this mode is to give you the opportunity to practice your skills without the associated stakes.

Yes, if you want to compete with the actual F1 driver (AI format) you want to play in the league but you will not get or lose your league points. Get new blueprints or other rewards. There will not be an option to deliberately record a DNF! This mode is about polishing and polishing technology.

8. Do not stop the car in F1 Mobile Racing Apk

Sometimes in duel mode, you can mistakenly judge something wrong enough to hit the wall, or even find your car stopping without actually stepping on the brakes. If that happens, the race is over and marked as DNF or Not Complete. It should not happen too often if you have fully (or almost completely) enabled the driver assistance setting, but it is dangerous if you want to turn off a particular driver assisted setting to lose a few seconds of lap time.

It is therefore important to ensure that you have practiced well in single race mode before disabling driver assistance. Eventually, you may end up paying for the duel. Of course there are drawbacks.

9. Be careful when turning right

In the tutorial stage, the game informs you that you can tap and hold the center of the screen to apply the brakes even if the driver is fully active for brake braking. This is a good way to avoid hitting the grass when turning a sharp direction, but sometimes you accidentally hit the brakes. The break button also appears on the right side of the screen. Normally, the handle can turn right on the same part as the right arrow.

This can be very disappointing and can result in a second or second (or more) cost if you are not careful! We’re not sure if this is a bug that needs to be patched in a future version of F1 Mobile Racing Apk but now we have to be careful every time we start racing and move to the right. When you should not, you may be applying the brakes!

10. R & D Function guide

The tips mentioned above can help you get a few seconds of lap time in duel mode, but if you do not improve your car statistics with the R & D blueprint, most of you will still be disadvantaged. . If so, how does this part of the game work? And how can you increase these statistics to provide the paper excellence you need to defeat most opponents? First, you can easily win a new blueprint by winning in the race – you can beat the power train, aero, steering and suspension, and rare brakes and electric blueprints (Regular, Rare or Epic) at random.

The higher the rare layer, the greater the impact on the statistics of the car. Depending on the blueprint you obtained, the blueprint will click on the corresponding car part and then drag the blueprint onto one of the available spaces. As you move from league to league, new blueprint slots as well as new types of blueprints are available. Either way, each blueprint in the car improves one or more of the five statistics (Power, Aero, Lightweight, Brakes and Handling).

Power refers to the speed of your car, Aero is for aerodynamics, lightweight is the weight of your car (the lighter the better), the brake on braking ability, and the ability to negotiate the turn is. As you can see, R & D is key to making cars better, but you will not get any blueprints unless you win in a duel F1 Mobile Racing Apk you can also purchase R & D packs from in-game stores, but this will charge you a credit for the game’s premium currency and will be explained in detail in the next F1 mobile racing guide.