Eternium Game Overview & Tips

Eternium Apk Game is one of the best RPGs for Android devices from Making Fun, Inc. In the Eternium, players play as warriors, wizards or hunters and fight against skeletons, zombies and many other creatures. If you are a beginner, check out the Eternium guide and tips to make it faster.

Eternium Game Overview & Tips for Android

With challenging levels, amazing gameplay, and regular updates, Eternium is still one of the best games for mobile devices like Score Hero Apk it is really easy and fun to do it, however, if you are a beginner, our Eternium game guide will help you progress quickly. Let’s start with the Eternium guide first.

Getting Started basic

The first step you need to do is to choose a hero. It is equipped with three hero classes; Wizard, Bounty Hunter, Warrior. Each hero has his own special weapon to defeat the enemy. In this game you start your adventure after choosing a hero. Explore the dungeon in the cave and loot gold and jewelry. Unlocks your spells, abilities, weapons, and strengthens heroes’ power as you progress through the game. This article explains the game in detail. Level ups, weapons and technology guides, hero guides, and more.

Hero guide

In the game, your hero increases power to the hero; You must be equipped with the best equipment, upgraded and equipped with the best abilities and skills, and you must build legendary weapons. I will explain in detail. How can you quickly raise your hero level in the Eternium? Level up in the Eternium game Apk unlocks new features and improves your hero’s performance in combat.

To level up, play the game and kill the enemy. The more you kill, the more points you get. You can track level points. Hero section shortcut – right above the hero, there is a bar. Defeat the enemy and complete the level and score for level-up. Earn enough money to level up your hero.

Hero Attributes

The main attributes of the hero are: Damage Power, tenacity, recovery. You can increase these attribute points by equipping them with the best gear, weapons, and armor.

Weapons and Gloves

Weapons are Armors There are many kinds. common, rare, epic, Legendary. It is clear that legendary weapons and armor are much more powerful than normal weapons and gloves. Levels are easy to start at the start of the game, and later harder and harder to defeat powerful enemies in combat, so you must equip them with the best weapons and armor.

Inventory of Eternium Game

Your inventory is limited to slots, so unlimited items can not be saved. Whenever you get an item from your chest or kill an enemy, the item moves to your inventory. Tap an item to see what it is. For example, if it is a weapon, it displays damage power or other attributes. Compete against items with equipment and equip them with the best items.

As mentioned above, you can not save an unlimited number of items because of the limited number of slots. It is better to increase inventory or sell goods. To sell items -> Main screen -> Play -> You will see the inventory -> Tap the sales button -> Select the items you want to sell. There is also an expansion option directly below the arm option. Tap it and expand the stock slot.


As mentioned above, legendary items are better than normal items or rare items. And you rarely get these things. Crafting is one of the best ways to get rare, rare and rare items. This feature is unlocked when the current level requirement is met. Tap the hammer icon. Just above the hidden icon. Tap the (i) icon on the left and select Crafts.

Sword, ax, hood, boots, shield, hat, gloves, hat, and more. Then drag items from the inventory to the production side and check the machining. Check the percentage of the output item before checking. Rare, epic, legendary or rare.


In the Eternium game the ability is of three types; Attack – Throw this one by tapping with one or two fingers. Passive Skill – Your hero uses this ability on his own. Utility-draws the code and throws it. The new ability is unlocked as the game progresses. Upgrade your abilities to improve your attributes or to defeat powerful enemies. Go to the Eternium Capabilities section; Drag the ability to one of the unlocked slots and start the upgrade.

Use coins and jewelry

You use coins to improve your skills. Inventory, a gem used to buy new slots for instant upgrades. There is a level bar at the bottom of the screen. I knocked at the enemy to use the basic attack. On the left you can see the ability / utility. – Cast and create a specific shape on the screen. V, Z, and so on. You can see the HP booster in the bottom left corner. Eat an apple, drink HP, drink a potion and recover HP. There is a helmet icon in the upper left corner.

Tapping the icon takes you to the Character Info panel. You can see the map in the top right corner. The green dot highlights the user’s location and the green dot highlights the enemy’s location. So this is an Eternium guide for beginners. This part describes the basic Eternium tips and cheats to help you get going quickly. Let’s start with tips and cheats without wasting time.

Explore all Rooms Eternium Game

Go to each corner of the map and find the treasury safe. This chest contains gold and powerful armor and weapons. Sometimes you have to open jewelry. Do not hesitate to open it. Upgrading is one of the most important tasks. Upgrades all sorts of abilities and improves hero’s combat skills and abilities. Look at your inventory and analyze all the items you have; Equip with the best armor and weapon. And use all the other sub-items to create it. And sell useless items to coins.

Use potion and HP booster

If a hero is injured, HP recommends using the HP booster. Potions and apples. Do not waste such booster, but use it in the right circumstances. Catch all the items after knocking down the enemy. Since it takes a few seconds for the cooldown process to be used in a timely manner, please use the casting technique / order in a timely manner.