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Dual Space App Multiple Accounts & Cloner Apk Download

Dual Space App

It is the first application to be fully compatible with WhatsApp. If any other replicated application finds WhatsApp, is corrupted, select Dual Space app we can guarantee the execution stability of WhatsApp. Did you frequently switch to another social account in the same app on your phone? Have you used more than one phone to keep your account online in case of missing WhatsApp messages,?

Latest version of Dual Space App

Now, black technology, Dual Space has been released! It can solve your problem perfectly! Easily log in to multiple accounts with one phone and stay online all at the same time! Also, you do not have to worry about receiving messages and storing data in different accounts. They work independently and do not interfere with each other. Keep multiple social accounts signed in at the same time.

Keep your personal and business accounts online at the same time. Then you can easily balance life and work. Almost all social apps are supported as a second account in dual space. Data from different accounts do not interfere with each other.

Privacy area and app duplication feature

Can not find your secret account? Dual Space app builds a privacy zone without leaving a trace on the phone system. Private accounts are hidden and can not be seen by anyone, so data security is guaranteed and personal information is protected. Dual space is the latest technology to replicate applications. We do not install more applications on your phone, so your phone runs very smoothly! Fast switch to another account with just one key. Two accounts are running simultaneously on your phone, you can easily switch between them with one key, and you can manage other accounts effectively.


We have been working on tool software for many years and at the same time provide multiple accounts logging in to the service to ensure stable operation. Simple interface operation. APP file size is small and CPU is small. Low power consumption. Rapid replication, all applications can be opened twice. Privilege: Dual space App has as much system privilege as can be guaranteed to ensure that duplicated applications run properly in dual space Apk, For example, you can not use the camera feature if you can not acquire camera rights in dual space.

Some apps run in dual space. Duplicate spaces do not collect your personal information to protect your privacy. Malicious Virus Warning: We have found that some antivirus software maliciously pops up virus warnings due to dual space for system privileges. Do not worry if this happens. Actual space is absolutely safe application and there is no virus. Reminder: Make sure that the notifications feature of the duplicated app works well by adding double space to the whitelist of some Boost apps.

Download Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner Apk

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