If you have just started the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Apk game on your mobile device, you may not know the rising rush strike and your character’s primary abilities. Learn about the main powers of all characters and how to exploit the rising rush in battle.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Game Guide & Tips for Android

Rush is a powerful attack of DB Legend game. In this attack, all characters of the party use special skills or art to target the enemy. You can easily defeat your opponent by using a rising rush at the right time. If you are fighting with your opponent, you can escape from a tense situation due to a sudden rise. DB Legends Let’s learn how to land a rising rush in a game.

To activate the Rush in combat, the player must use 7 art cards with the Dragon Ball icon. See the figure below DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game you do not have to worry about this card. They come automatically. On the left you can see the Dragon Ball slot. Each time you use this type of card, you will have one Dragon Ball. Collect seven dragon balls for raid attacks.

Since there is no time limit, you can use a rising attack at any time. I would recommend you to use the rush that rises at the last minute or when you are struggling for victory. However, please activate as soon as possible. Switch to characters and use the Dragon Ball icon art card.

Major abilities

In this section, you will learn about the main skills of all the characters that appear in the Dragonball legend game. What are the main skills? How to use key skills? There are many benefits to using your main abilities to restore your character’s health, increase trade damage, improve your attacks, or gain from combat. However, each character’s main ability is different.

How to use key skills in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Game

The main ability is activated after a certain period of time, or you can go to the Information section to see the counts. To use the main character, just tap the character icon. Charlotte’s main skills: – Warrior’s blood. Advantages -> Restore 20%, 20% of your life and regain allies’ attack and explosive power for 15 timer counts. Requirement – 10 timer count elapses.


DB Krillin’s main abilities in legend: – Recover your health by 25%. Requirement – 5 Timer count elapses.

Son Ogong

Koku’s main powers -> Combat instincts -> Enemies are given an additional 35% attack damage during a 20 timer count. Requirement – 10 timer count elapses.


Yamcha’s main ability regains 40% vanishing gauges. Requirement – 10 timer count elapses.

Major abilities – Saiyan has risen to the Earth and has + 40% damage from damage caused by a + 15% timer count. Requirement – 5 The timer count must elapse.

Gohan (Kid)

Major ability -> Courage to master -> 10 times is the time to pay for the timer. This ability reduces the cost of art cards.


Napp’s main power -> Ki recovery rate for 17 timer count + 35% requirement -> 15 timer count must elapse.


Lord ability -> 15 Timer counts and deals 30% more damage to enemies. Requirements -> 5 Timer count elapses.


Key Abilities -> Draw a sleeping art card as “blind”. Requirements -> 15 Timer count Complete the elapsed time to activate.


Dragon Ball legend Tien’s main ability -> 40% chance of a 25 timer timer counts your fellow critical strike rate to +40%. Requirements -> 5 The timer count must elapse.


Piccolo’s main function is to restore 25% health and treat abnormal conditions.

Tien (Extreme)

Key Capabilities -> Key recovery speed for + 17 times timer count is + 35%.


Key Abilities -> Farewell Tien -> Next, “artillery” by drawing an awakened art card.


Lord ability -> Prince ‘s pride -> 50% chance to deal damage from 20 timer counts.

Super Saiyagoku

Super Saiyan Goku’s main skills in the Dragon Ball legend game -> Next, draw the ultimate art card “super dragon fist”.

Mercenary Tao

Mercenary Tao’s main ability -> 30% chance of possession + 20% chance.


Raditz’s main power -> 15 – 15 Timer Counts for Blast Art. So this is DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game guide for beginners. Requirement -> 10 timer count must elapse. In addition to major abilities, characters have Z abilities and unique abilities.