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Download Doodle Jump APK latest version 3.10.8 is available in a new version of the platform game Angry Bird, a popular platform game developed by Lima Sky. This game, which was released in 2009, is becoming popular every year.

Unique and addictive performance. Genre is a platform type with two modes. Single player and multiplayer. The mode can be selected as desired. The rules are easy, swipe from right to left, avoid enemies, and climb higher and higher. Simple yet addictive.

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The way to actually play this game is really easy because you need to tap right and left and avoid the enemy. But there is something interesting about the character. Doodle Jump APK when a player uses the name of pocket god like pygmy, the Doodler is pygmy. If you enter a different word like a rabbit, the main character becomes a rabbit. This is what the player actually enjoys. There are a few things about Doodle Jump for Android that provide great graphics, unique gameplay, and addictive performance that make games more enjoyable.

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About Doodle Jump file

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  • Developer: Lima Sky LLC
  • Version: 3.10.8 (3910019)
  • File size: 60.6 MB
  • Uploaded: April 16, 2018 9:35 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: 0929af5dbf7ea495ee80d6a650b10011
  • SHA1: 966370cc36c60b8ef2ca3072ccdb8efc09ad823f

Review Doodle Jump APK

The way to play this game is to strengthen the endless platform for players. The objective of this game is to guide the character down to all platforms. The character is depicted in a design that captures an animal with four legs. It is called “Doodler”. On the journey of the platform, the player can get accessories including a short boost. Short boosts come from a variety of objects including propeller caps, jet packs, rockets, trampolines, and springs. There is an amazing thing to enjoy more. The graphic design has a unique style created by Elise Gravel’s illustrations. The protagonist is made like an animal with four legs.

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Each enemy is created creatively and consists of monsters and UFOs. Players using Doodlers need to avoid it. The way to do it is to naturally avoid it, shoot it, or jump. This game method is simply to tap the screen. Although this game is easy, once you hit a monster or select it as a UFO, you are done. As a fun game, it offers various modes with objects that fly straight with the screen. Sometimes it falls down due to gravity. There are no ending stories in this game. We will go as long as possible. I have to live longer. So what are the pros and cons?

Advantages :

Offers a variety of theme styles. There are extra love and things to improve the game. Disadvantages things and accessories need a coin. Coins can be purchased and used.

Older Versions of Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump 3.10.5 (3910015) Old APK
updated: april 16, 2018
Doodle Jump 3.10.4 (3910013) Old APK
updated: december 22, 2017
Doodle Jump 3.10.3 (3910012) Old APK
updated: november 17, 2017
Doodle Jump 3.10.2 (3910011) Old APK
updated: november 6, 2017

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