Disney Heroes Battle Mode Game Guide & Tips

In the last two articles, we discussed how to unlock all characters and best characters in the game. Now on this page we’ve covered everything you need to know about the game. Disney Heroes Battle Mode game guide and Strategies to acquire tips, arenas and arenas, Elite Mode Stage, PvP, and ports.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Game Guide & Tips for Android

Before learning about the Disney Heroes Battle Mode guides, tips and cheats, learn about the basic tricks of the game. In Disney Heroes Battle Mode Android game the character will attack automatically. Choosing the right hero, using the skills in a timely manner, and increasing the hero’s stats is all that is needed. Most features or game modes, such as Enhance, PvP, Bibliography, Mission, etc., are locked at game startup. The player can unlock these modes by raising the player level or team level.

The fastest wake-ups (team and player) are in campaign mode several times. Each time you play in this step, you gain EXP, Team EXP. Another key point to take care of in this game is to build your best character team. You need to focus on the best characters. Do not use a coin to upgrade the skills of a useless character. Just focus on the “best” things. I recently shared a list of the best characters in this game. You can see here.

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The basics are: – Access more modes with 5 of the best heroes and level up. Start the Disney Heroes Battle Mode Apk guide and Tips. In this section you will learn how to unlock your character, skills, badges, modes, rewards, how to raise a team, markets, stadiums, and more.

How do I unlock my character in Battle Mode?

At the start of the Disney Heroes Battle Mode game are Ralph, Elastigirl, Frozone and Vanellope. The rest of the characters are locked. You can unlock all characters for free without spending money and diamonds. But it will take a few days (maybe a few months). To unlock the character you need to collect “chips”. For example, to unlock Jack Sparrow you need 10 Jack Sparrow chips. You can get this chip by completing the stage in the elite mode or by opening the diamond box, gold box, or through the market and surge stores (diamonds are required).

Recently we shared a full post explaining how to unlock all the letters. You can see here. If you do not want to spend money, focus on your primary hero. Ralph, Elastigirl, Yax, Jack-Jack and Vanellope. Before the battle begins; You have to choose the 5 best characters to choose the best character.

  • One tank type character
  • Three types of damage characters
  • One support type character

Tank type characters have good HP statistics. Damage type characters handle powerful attacks well. Support type characters are useful for supporting other team members Disney Heroes Battle Mode game check the type of character. Choose Menu -> Heroes -> Statistics -> Heroes -> Statistics -> at the bottom of the Statistics tab, click Detailed Statistics and check the “Roles” section. The enemy always targets the hero first.

So you have to include the tank type character in your team because there are better HP statistics. The hero automatically attacks. And they regenerate energy every moment. Once fully charged, tap the icon to make the most of your technology.

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Who will bill soon? A character being hit by an enemy.

You can get free rewards using the raid table. Way? To use a raid table, you must clear the level with three asterisks. Once you get three stars in one step, go back and tap the torrent option to claim the reward immediately. However, please use at the appropriate time. For example, in Elite mode you can get a “Hero Chip” by completing the stage. At this stage, use your raid ticket, get several “,hero chips” and unlock your character.

However, you can also use energy and play again. However, bonus item “EXP DRINK” will be provided free of charge if you attack. Use this drink to level up your character. Go to the Heroes tab, tap Heroes, Statistics, tap the + icon next to Hero Levels, then tap EXP drink.

Badge & promotion in Disney Heroes Battle Mode Game

Once you’ve completed the steps in Campaign mode, you’ll receive a badge as reward. Normal, elite. You can get rare badges by completing chapters. You can equip your hero with this badge and increase her attributes. HP, strength. Once you collect or equip everything, you can promote the character. Promoting your character will unlock the new slot (Badge) and improve your overall stats.

Skill point
Each character in the game has a unique skill. Go to the Hero Info panel and then the Technology tab. Skill Points and coins can be used to upgrade your skills. The skill points are regenerated every few minutes. When upgrading skill, power increases. Upgrade your skills to improve overall performance in combat.

Stadium, Market, Surge, Harbor
Fight the other players’ teams at the arena and get the stadium tokens. Use this token to get “Hero Chip” or other rewards.

Market -> Here you can purchase valuable items instead of coins.

Port -> Run this mode and enjoy EXP drinks. Use EXP beverage to quickly level up your character.

Surge Shop -> Reach team level 30, unlock bibs, receive bibliographic tokens, and use bibliographic tokens to obtain “hero chips”. Badges, credits, etc.

Team level – The fastest way to raise a team level is to run campaign mode and get steps. So, this is the Disney Heroes Battle Mode game guide for beginners. Now, let’s learn or check out Disney hero battle mode tips, cheats & strategies.

1.) Campaign mode is the key to unlocking everything
As you know, most features are locked at game startup and you need to level up to unlock these modes. Disney Heroes Battle Mode One of the best ways to quickly level up in a game is to run the campaign mode. Elite and normal, repetitive stages.

2.) every 2 days + 5 guild crates
There are four types of box boxes in the game. Gold box, VIP box, guild box, diamond box. All boxes can be opened for free except VIP crate. Gold Crates-> Get free “Hero Chips”, EXP drinks and badges. You can open the gold box 5 times a day for free. After that, you have to pay 10,000 coins.

Diamond Crate -> One of the premium boxes to get rare hero chips. A few days later (2), you can claim free or diamond spending. But before you write a diamond, check the spoils; If it’s a good thing, wait for it, otherwise wait.

Guild Box -> Join and unlock Guild. Must reach team level 15. Check in every day to get a guild token. Open guild box using guild token. You can charge for free every 24 hours without using a guild token.

3.) I want an EXP drink.
If you want free XP potion; EXP Drinks; Play in Port mode, drinking mini XP beverages, Grande XP beverages, Mega XP beverages and Turbo XP beverages. Port mode offers two battle modes. Dock, warehouse. To get a free reading drink, play in “Dock”. Play at The Warehouse and win a gold medal. timing; Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun [Dock]. Warehouse -> Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun.

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4.) Technology Upgrades
To win a battle, you must increase your hero’s strength Disney Heroes Battle Mode game Apk to power your hero you need to upgrade your skills and use new powerful techniques. [Read the Skill Guide above to find out how to upgrade your skills, skill points.] Activate your character to use the new skill (read the Promotion Guide above).

5.) 3 stars are important
Try to achieve three stars every step. Why? At this stage, please read the raid guide above because you can use the raid ticket and claim instant reimbursement.

6.) Stadium fighting
You can earn Arena tokens by winning in the arena. Build a powerful hero team, play in the arena, fight other teams and complete your daily quota. As you progress, you will be transferred to a high-level league, which increases the amount of rewards. Use the Arena tokens to get a “Hero Chip”, badges, and more.

7.) Do not waste your coins, diamonds
Your goal is to organize a team of 5 greatest heroes. So, just focus on those five “best characters”. Do not waste coins or diamonds to collect new heroes. Invest in the best people and grow your strength. Here you can see the best character list. If you want to play for free, concentrate on the basic hero when you start the game.

8.) How to Reset Disney Heroes Battle Mode
Read this section to start playing from scratch. Well, there are two options for you. Reset the game if your game is linked to a Google Account, use this guide to unlink the Disney Heroes Battle Mode game once the link is cleared, erase the game’s data and start from scratch.

Go to the home screen of the game, or press the avatar at the bottom left of the screen. Then select “Accounts” -> New Account -> Server. That’s all. So, these are Disney hero battle mode tips, tricks & strategy guides for beginners.