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Dead Island Survivors Apk Tips & Strategy Guide

Dead Island Survivors is the spin-off title for a popular zombie game that has been a huge success on PCs and consoles. Dead island survivors Apk offers a completely different experience. Instead of focusing on first person action across zombie-driven tropical paradise, Dead Island: Survivors offers a completely different experience.

Dead Island Survivors Apk tips & strategy guide for Android

This game is a mixture of classic tower defense games and top-down hacking action games. While you try to collect as many survivors as you can on a boat, you will kill thousands of undeads and travel to other islands where you have to do the same. This game summarizes the single player campaign of the game, which includes numerous islands where it is more difficult to kill the zombie crowd. This game shake some things instead of integrating classic campaigns made with linear levels. At any moment during the game, you can choose between two missions on any island. There is a mission to ask the player to collect resources, defend survivors, collect items, and finally grant new survivors upon completion of the mission.

Each island has a Survivor Meter and if the meter is full, or in other words, it stores a sufficient population, the undead flock turns into hell and then travels to tropical paradise dead island survivors Apk has a classic tower defense formula that allows you to build the longest path zombies can take and install them in various towers. In addition to this tried and true mechanic, the game is lethal to you, giving you one special combatant equipped with special weapons and adding 12 towers.

This is an exciting gameplay that does not take the time to wait for all the enemy waves to finish before the level is over. Instead the towers are weaker than the classic tower defense games, so you should always know the enemy. Dead Island: Survivor: Your hero will do most of the murder and become the first and last hurdle to jump before the zombie reaches the gate or kills the hero. When you have completed both of these, you must finish the game and restart the level. Before the end of the level, you will have free Gate 2 violations, but each enemy must be monitored because each group must enter and attack most of the time.

So, on a dead island: The most important thing is to prevent survivors from watching over their enemies and traveling over the last defense tower. This is because there is less chance of killing before invading the gate. The game offers great visuals and looks like AAA titles for mobile devices in fact. Everything is abundant in detail, and the environment is amazing. Even though dead island survivors Apk pretty tired, everything feels like a little comic. And although Dead Island: Survivors is a Freemium title, we can do a lot without giving up a penny. Let’s get started.

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1. It’s all about moving constantly, but minimap is so important

This game is about a hero rather than a defense tower, which means the camera is always following the hero. And because you can not shrink the camera, you do not have a free camera fan, and the camera covers a very small area of a given level, you need to constantly move and identify the enemy’s position. Of course, there is a small mini-map in the top right corner, but I rarely see that mini-map in the middle of the operation. Instead, you have to constantly move around and check the gates around often in case a zombie crosses the defenses.

Especially when a new wave starts to enter the gate, go around and check the area near the gate while all the waves are running. And do not forget the mini-map. That’s right. It’s small and not easy to read, but it’s helpful if you can not go to the gate because you’ve killed it dead island survivors Apk if you remember the point where the defensive line ends and the red dot crossing that point runs as fast as possible before breaking through the gate.

2. In the case of gate-intrusion, three grades can also be achieved

If the number of zombies that can reach the gate before the level drops is a survivor, it is pretty harsh. The base number is three enemies and is beyond poverty. However, you can double the number after two upgrades. The six enemies are still quite harsh compared to other tower defense games, but at least they can leave the waves on board (the tower can not kill everyone without your help, or you have to pass three) I still get a three-star rating.

This is because if you have more than three gate intrusion counters, you will give three stars to the game. Do not worry that the last undead in the last wave will kill your hero until it kills it over the door. If the infringement counter is 3 or more, you will get a perfect score and you will be given a prize.

3. You can build a fence, not just a national tower in Dead Island Survivors Apk

The fence sculpture is the most important. It becomes more powerful as a small part of the formula. You can not use more than one route because you can direct zombies to your liking. So remember that there is a piece of fence that you can use before you use the defense tower as an obstacle.

4. Always try to make one major route to the one you take

Each Island in Dead Island: Survivor features a map that means that all survivors and resource missions will face the Undead repeatedly on the same map. In other words, you should spend a lot of time learning how to create the best path a zombie can take. It is always a good idea to make the tower as efficient as possible by creating a line that converges at one point. This convergence point must be concentrated by the defense tower. It is best to build a powerful tower that has a once-activated enemy near the convergence point, build an AoE (effect range) tower, such as a flamethrower, and build a tower that emits burning rubber after the route has converged.

It is better to let it go. enemy. The cannon must be deployed by pushing the enemy into AoE towers or traps (eg, spike pits) dead island survivors Apk also, if there are enemy new attack paths, it is always better to change the layout of the defensive towers because there is not enough current layout. And always make the enemy’s path as long as possible so that there is enough time for the hero to kill many enemies before they reach the gate.

Also, do not be afraid to try different defensive tower combinations or build different levels of towers (for example, fill a map with a flamethrower for a mission with a lot of less powerful enemies, And create cannons and machine guns for missions featuring larger and worse zombies.)

5. Always make volunteer missions before collecting survivors

Resource missions are much easier to give to survivors, so you need to do a lot before you collect survivors. This will give you a lot of metal to build your desired tower and you will still have a lot of resources to build additional towers. Also, once you fill the Survivor Meter on the current island, perform the Survivor mission and perform some resource missions. So as soon as you travel to the new island, you can build all the towers possible. The last thing. 3500-5000 metal is enough before you go to the new island.

6. Upgrade only frequently used items

After Dead Island Survivors have a card-based leveling system. This means that there are enough items to upgrade, but you can not have enough cash for every upgrade. Therefore, upgrade towers you use continuously. For example, gates are always worth upgrading, as are flamethrowers and machine gun towers. If you have an epic defense tower next, upgrade as soon as possible. Do not use any consumables, just upgrade them. We have upgraded our health regenerated beverages because we use only one consumable.

Play your character with all new characters and upgrade only if it fits the play style. If you upgrade a character you do not play, you are doing it wrong. The same is true of weapons. Try them all and upgrade what works best for you. All right, everybody. I hope this guide helps us to cruise several islands in dead island survivors Apk so I can destroy the nomadic herd that infected the previous tropical paradise. Thank you for reading and enjoying the game!


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