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Download Datally APK latest version 1.4 at first, Datally was released as Google’s Triangle. This user-friendly and stylish app for Android has the ability to fine-tune your mobile device’s data usage.

Data The latest APK 1.4 (3127) is currently available for download worldwide. With this app, you can analyze how data plans are used and reduce usage. Provides details about apps that spend most of their data and how much time they spend. We also suggest ways to reduce data usage with routine habits.

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It also provides a close Wi-Fi network connection. In addition, the application provides a variety of tools to track data usage and store data at all possible times. Datally APK provides real-time information about the amount of data used by the app at that time. A simple interface is available for app-based control. Turn data usage on or off for selected apps. If you need a Wi-Fi connection, use Wi-Fi suggestions. Therefore, this app will suggest a connection whenever there is a Wi-Fi network nearby. It may not be necessary if the data plan is unlimited. However, if you do not want to waste any more data, we recommend you avoid Datally Guy for Android. It also makes it ideal for travel because it allows you to use the data you need while traveling abroad.

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About Datally file

  • Download data
  • Review your data
  • Change log
  • Previous version
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Version: 1.4 (3127)
  • File size: 5MB
  • Uploaded: May 2, 2018 9:16 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 5.0+
  • MD5: 161825a42bc845f5d5dcb1f8e9695c81
  • SHA1: ed5b9ce4ea62bb196cf92b5b0ba7c53173aa9224

Review Datally APK

The latest version of Android includes tools to track and manage your mobile data usage. That’s where this app comes in to serve your needs. If you have been using Android for a long time, this app probably will not excite you. Almost all features of the app are already built-in. But since they are embedded in the settings, the user has to explore more. These are individual apps, so you can easily find them. Speaking of the user interface, it has the ability to prevent the use of background data. This is a way to control which apps are active with mobile data. Pop-up notifications let you know how much data your apps are running on.

In most cases, you will need to control the selected apps to prevent data from being used in the background. If you have enough money to use additional mobile data, you definitely do not need to use it. Reducing background usage affects your phone’s overall experience. Some apps do not start push notifications or refresh in the background. However, if there is always a problem managing your data plan, Datally APK can be an easy solution. You can understand the source of data problems.

Advantages :

You can reduce your data usage. This function controls which apps can use background data. It analyzes how much data is used in each application. Download Datally free APK you have a reminder to track your daily usage. Disadvantages If you reduce data usage, some apps will not refresh. It reduces the overall phone experience.

Change log

  1. Improve onboarding experience
  2. New ways to rate Wi-Fi

Older Versions of Datally

Datally 1.3 (2987) Old APK
updated: may 2, 2018
Datally 1.2 (2787) Old APK
updated: april 5, 2018
Datally 1.1 (2617) Old APK
updated: february 28, 2018
Datally 1.0.1 (2377) Old APK
updated: january 24, 2018

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