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CrossFire Legends Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips

With the advent of Battle Royale, genre has increased sharply over the last 12 months. Now companies like Dice have adopted this style. CrossFire Legends game can switch between 3rd person battle royal and classic FPS mode by combining both old and new. CrossFire Legends Apk is a huge game of Tencent Games. A huge game titan.

CrossFire Legends Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

In addition to launching CrossFire for the first time in 2007, there were other games including League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Smite. The player’s goal will depend on the game mode, but the general premise is that each player follows a good old man, “Kill or Kill”. Battle Royale can see up to 120 players fighting in an open world that is slowly diminishing in the arena due to the death ring. PvP mode matches both teams in the race for the most murder or objective fulfillment for those who want a more intense and close quarters battle.

Both game styles combine a simple yet simplified HUD for intuitive gameplay with the best shooter graphics you’ve seen over time. Exclusive CrossFire Legends game beginner’s guide explains the best tips, tricks, and strategies to help you get to the top of your leaderboard.

1. Know the game call

Many games focus on in-game calls and crossfire: Legends are no different than a player chasing important gold and high-class gems to upgrade their gear. You can access four main channels: Winning Match: This is the easiest fun and the most effective way to increase your cash flow. Depending on how well you are in the game, the level of compensation will ultimately be determined. This also directly affects two of the other three channels


vary as you level up through games to provide items such as gold, jewelry, and weapon skins. They are suitable for a variety of rewards and are generally easy to achieve as long as you have enough game time. It’s a good idea to record these goals, especially since they help you level up more quickly when you first start. You can participate in games that are quickly ranked.

Leveling Up

This is a passive income source because the game achieves this goal. However, the level-up speed is affected by other factors such as mission and in-game performance.

Daily rewards

A nice little top for sign-in, these are great for calls, but it’s a good idea to use CrossFire Legends game items only up to the upper limit like 5 consecutive days. All currencies can be sent from packs and stores for game items such as armor components, weapons, skins and XP booster. The main focus of spending should be to increase the chances of survival and victory, mainly in guns and armor items. Any extra cash is worth consuming at an XP booster that gets you that level quickly.

2. Everything you need to know about battle royal mode

Players are given the option to choose whether to sweep the world into lonely wolves, duos, or squads. When you start a game with a team of four for the first time, there is more room for errors and game mechanics and getting used to the world. Land to where your teammates are to get the best chance of victory.

Best weapon combo

This depends on your style of play, but we found that there are two combo values that are of real value because it is difficult to target most mobile devices. Our favorite to see first place win in our first matchup was an assault rifle paired with SMG for long range and near quarter battle. You can move with high firing speed while pressing the enemy. Another good combo is an assault rifle combined with a sniper rifle. Provides incredible stopping power for targets that move too weak, and allows high firing rates with rifles at firing. close.

Know where to land in CrossFire Legends Game

It is best to team with a duo or squad. Staying together will greatly increase your chances of survival and increase the number of remaining team members. Solo players can land more because all players are not required to defend their teammates every time they come out for themselves, so when you glide you need to stay away from the main flight path. Reduce the number of enemies you have to face while trying to get gear.

Keep edge

Combat is always the most intense in the center of the map or in the big town due to the availability of equipment. Playing at the edge of the circle of death will help eliminate the number of angles you can be attacked. As circles shrink, go through the building for ammunition and upgrades and make sure they are geared properly before heading to the edge. This is one of the best ways to get into the final, but you can see much less action.

3. Time for intense PvP game mode

A race in which 50 people die is seen by a player on the other side fighting for the blast. The key to winning here is constantly moving. This reduces the chance of being attacked without telling other players their location. The best weapon in this game mode is an assault rifle that deals high damage CrossFire Legends game you can see the shotgun well on a solid map. The enemy forces are red when they spawn, and are invincible during this time, so you do not have to waste precious ammunition. You will find that you create too many enemies in the game and empty the ammunition. It is important to keep an eye on the level of ammunition and to have the enemy pick up weapons once every several times.


In the Attacker-to-Defender setting, the player must either remove the opponent team or retreat or plant the bomb. All weapons have a unique bonus in this game mode, but the sniper is better at defending against the entire lane of the map, but the assault rifle and SMG are best for defense. It is important to mix plant locations when attacking. Make sure the enemy’s position is normally in the initial round and choose A or B accordingly. It is always a good idea for the entire team to be there, as the defensive side is likely to be split.

This will give you the best chance of tipping the odds in your favor. Good defense is about lane control, and being able to block the main route to bombing will significantly reduce the chances of securing an enemy’s early power plant and helping you reduce your time. CrossFire Legends game when no one knows you are attacking on your side, attack your opponent to support your team on the other side of the bomb site against the enemy.

Bots battle

This is suitable for beginners. Become familiar with the controls and allow you to choose the difficulty of the enemy. In reality, if you play only one or two of these games, you are ready to deal with the other players. If you can beat the bots on difficult difficulty, you can do well in a PVP showdown. This is also a good place to try.

Rank match

If you unlock at level 6, the ranking game will not only give you an edge over other players, but also give you the opportunity to unlock exclusive devices. It is best to store all the best equipment you have already acquired for this game to provide the greatest possible benefit. Playing a large number of ranks will not only see you gain the spoils of raising your level, but also you will be confronted in the confrontation with enemies of the same caliber. We all reach the point where with our installation we reach the plateau and can not reach the next level.

This is when the time to consider gear changes is when the best player in the current game is trying to recognize the weapon they are using to advise the current team. I hope to follow CrossFire Legends game tips and trick guide above gives you the best settings and tactics for each game mode. Remember that assault rifles can never be wrong. If a team that works well together win together, you will win more than you can expect. Good luck and happy shooting.


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